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Submission + - Godot Game Engine 1.1 Released (

goruka writes: After half a year of work, Godot, the most advanced open source self-contained game development environment reached version 1.1. This game engine is a community developed effort to produce an open (and no strings attached) alternative to large commercial software such as Unity and Unreal. This release focuses on improvements to the 2D engine so all features used by modern 2D games are implemented. A video showcase with all the new work is available.

Submission + - Google Maps adds support for 8-bit devices.

An anonymous reader writes: Today Google announced that they will be adding support for one of the most popular computer systems ever — the NES. Google Maps' youtube page has more details:
A preview version is available at by clicking on the "Quest" layer. The preview also hints that there may be several hidden easter eggs around the globe such as this one:,-4.4032&spn=0.026825,0.077162&t=8&z=14
I'm sure all of this has nothing to do with the upcoming (or already happening, depending on where you are) April Fool's Day. Happy Questing and look out for those monsters out there!

Submission + - Linux run on a 8-bit microcontroller (

dmitrygr writes: "Shown here is linux (kernel 2.6.34) running on an 8-bit avr microcontroller on a hand-soldered board, finally putting to rest the question of minimum system requirements to run Linux. Source code and instructions to reproduce this are provided, as well as video."

Submission + - West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams (

An anonymous reader writes: A new study examining nearly 40 years of satellite imagery has revealed that the floating ice shelves of a critical portion of West Antarctica are steadily losing their grip on adjacent bay walls, potentially amplifying an already accelerating loss of ice to the sea.

Submission + - Cops Can Crack An iPhone In Under Two Minutes ( 2

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: Micro Systemation, a Stockholm-based company, has released a video showing that its software can easily bypass the iPhone's four-digit passcode in a matter of seconds. It can also crack Android phones, and is designed to dump the devices' data to a PC for easy browsing, including messages, GPS locations, web history, calls, contacts and keystroke logs.

The company's director of marketing says it uses an undisclosed vulnerability in the devices it targets to run a program on the phone that brute-forces its passcode. He says the company's business is "booming" and that it's sold the devices to law enforcement and military customers in 60 countries. He says Micro Systemation's biggest customer is the U.S. military.

The Internet

Submission + - Akamai to offer IPv6 to all in April (

netbuzz writes: "Akamai says that it will offer IPv6 services to its entire customer base beginning next month – a long-awaited move that is expected to be a major boon to the adoption rate of the next-generation Internet Protocol. Akamai hoped to release its production-grade IPv6 services by the end of 2011, but the task proved more difficult than originally anticipated. Akamai has been beta testing its IPv6 services with key customers since last fall."

Submission + - Google bid Pi for patents! (

mikejuk writes: Google mystified other participants in an auction for patents last week by their choice of bids. They weren't the round regular numbers that are normally expected. Google lost the auction — but was that a deliberate ploy?

Submission + - Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Richer Than Google Founders ( 2

Mightee writes: "Mark Zuckerberg , founder of the social media giant Facebook, has become richer than founders of Search Engine giant Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

His total worth now is estimated at $18 billion — which at the start of 2011 was at $13.5 billion. ;)

Zuckerberg overtakes Page and Brin in the rich-list after GSV Capital Corp bought 225,000 shares in Facebook at an average price of $29.28 each, earlier this week."

Submission + - Wikileaks to sue Visa/Mastercard (

An anonymous reader writes: After 6 months of financial blockade by Visa and Mastercard, during which they claim to have lost over $15,000,000 in donations, Wikileaks and Datacell are filing a complaint against the two financial giants, with plans to litigate should the block not be lifted. Wikileaks stated, "On June 9th a the law firms Bender von Haller Dragested in Denmark and Reykjavik Law Firm in Iceland acting on behalf of DataCell and WikiLeaks told the companies that if the blockade is not removed they will be litigated in Denmark and a request for prosecution will be filed with the EU Commission." It has also been repeatedly noted that both financial companies still allow financial transactions by the Ku Klux Klan.

Submission + - LulzSec phone-bombs FBI, HBGary (

Revotron writes: Anonymous hacker group LulzSec has begun to harness the power of the crowd in their latest griefing attempts. After a day of numerous DDoS attacks on a handful of famous MMOs, LulzSec's phone lines lit up with an estimated 20 calls per second. Using a fairly simple phone redirect, they sent all of their incoming calls to various offices, among them the FBI office in Detroit, Blizzard Customer Support, online retailer, and most recently, the corporate offices of HBGary.

Submission + - EVE Online taken down by LulzSec (

An anonymous reader writes: LulzSec claims via twitter to have wiped out EVE Online login servers and the EVE Online website.

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