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Comment Re:Flu Shots are Ruining Vaccinations (Score 1) 482

Three points:

1) What about your friend's and coworkers' toddlers, grandparents, etc.? What about society in general? Herd immunity and helping stop the spread of disease is a good thing.

2) Actually, it might kill you. In Alberta this past season, we've had a strain of H1N1 that reportedly hits people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s harder than seniors, with a number of deaths. GlobalNews article

3) Even though you'll probably live, it still sucks to get the flu. Personally, when I weigh getting the shot against a somewhat higher chance of getting the flu, I'd rather get the shot.

Comment Godwin's Rule (Score 1) 256

Although it appears (from TFS) that both sides are referring to the other as Nazis, I'm not sure Godwin's Rule applies when you're actually talking about armed conflict. Hopefully the diplomats that actually represent the respective governments can rise above this and avoid (further) loss of life, but I'm getting less and less hopeful.

Comment Re:I am a White Male who attended the MIT CS progr (Score 2) 353

I think you both have a point. As I see it, both TFA and your comment point out that people often make assumptions of others' ability based on their appearance and the image they project, using stereotypes.
Some people, naturally or not, play into these stereotypes by projecting knowledge, confidence, etc.
Some people's image, perhaps because of their age, skin color, sex, or some other irrelevant factor, may project an image that doesn't match the viewer's stereotype.
I think the point is that people use image and stereotypes more than they might think. As such, it is something that we should be aware of and try to guard against in our own behaviour.

Comment Dying with Dignity (Score 1) 961

My godmother is dying from ALS, and she's at the point where she probably won't see Christmas. They say it's one of the worst ways to go, as your mind stays sharp as you gradually lose the use of your muscles. She lost the use of her arms a year and a half ago. She's at the point where she can't swallow anymore and can't get out of bed. Throughout, though, she has kept the same high spirits with visitors, and still worries about the comfort of anyone coming by to see her.
While she has asked that no special measures be taken to keep her alive, as far as I know she hasn't considered suicide. What bothers me is those who imply that she is dying without dignity. I fail to see how how her suicide, whether assisted or not, would ever be referred to as allowing her to "die with dignity". Would a overdose on coke (as someone suggested above) really be more dignified?
I'm not trying to argue whether or not people should be allowed to make their own choices when terminally ill. I just want to make the point that suicide is not the same thing as dying with dignity.

Comment Be Proactive (Score 4, Insightful) 361

I had a similar situation once in which I was working away as a contractor, but the manager wasn't really aware of everything I was doing.

The best advice I received, which came from an outside source, was to start emailing the team leader and the manager a quick "status" update every week. Just a quick email about what I was working on that week, what I accomplished, and any issues they should be aware of or handle. It worked very well, and it tended to cut down any interruptions from them wandering by asking me "how's it going?" As time went on, they learned to trust me more as a professional, and it became less of an issue.

Now, I hate mandated weekly status reports as much as anyone, but if the perceived problem on their end is that they don't know enough about what you're doing, I would much rather start sending them email with the relevant information. Otherwise, you might find you have to start filling out detailed weekly status reports, attending regular status update meetings, or something else more painful that a quick email.

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