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Comment Re:Health Care/Social Plan To Fix Everything... (Score 5, Insightful) 572

Of course you're describing exactly the system that the US has already. How clever of you.

Except you've omitted one tiny fact: the US system costs the US government (and thus US taxpayers) approximately 4 TIMES MORE per citizen than socialized systems, and the quality of care is demonstrably lower.

You don't do socialized medicine because it's kinder to poor people (although it is)
You don't do socialized medicine because it creates a healthier and more productive population (although it does)
You don't do socialized medicine because it removes the profit motive (i.e. denial of care) from the healthcare equation (although it helps to do this)

You do socialized medicine because it's cheaper.

Anyone who tells you that socialized medicine is more expensive, and/or will lead to a poorer standard of care, either works for a US insurance company, or is willfully ignoring all the evidence from every other industrialized 1st world country, or, like you I suspect, is just a fsckwit.

Comment Answers for you (Score 1) 931

>>Can a teacher ask a student not to retain knowledge?

No, that's a stupid question. To be more specific: yes a teacher can "ask", but what possible good would it do?

>>How does IP law relate to teaching and sharing knowledge?

It doesn't, unless there is a contract between you and the institution. Is there? That thing you signed when you became a student, perhaps?

>>Whose property are those notes?

Yours, unless you agreed before the class started that you wouldn't keep any notes you made.

Why is this stuff "hard" or even "interesting"?

Comment Novels rarely make good movies (Score 1) 396

Novels rarely make good movies, mostly because they are simply too long and involved.

The good movies that come from novels are (almost always) films where the director has told a different story with the characters/setting of the novel. This is why we use the word "adaption" when talking about novel -> film.

Lord of the Rings is a classic example. It's (thank god) not the novels. Master and Commander is another excellent adaption, again, it's not any one of the 20 novels, but rather an independent story within that "universe". Blade Runner is another good adaption -- yet again the story being told is not the novel.

If there was a report saying an Asimov short story was being developed, I'd whoop for joy.

But color me skeptical that either of these will be anything other than I, Robot all over again.

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