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Comment Re:It's OK. (Score 1) 352

You're correct. The "sensor" referred to in inviolet's post was a button behind glass right next to the fire doors with the text "In case of fire break glass" around it. Breaking the glass (like an explosion would) would cause the door to shut, but you could just go up to the button and press it to reopen the door.

I'd be fine with getting trapped like that if it came with an explicitly-stated game over. Also, I would think that if those fire doors were unopenable, that you would've been given an explicit game over because that's exactly what you got if a vital NPC died (e.g. one needed to open a door with a retinal scanner).

Comment Wrong thing to talk about on the d-pad (Score 4, Interesting) 150

The change they made to the d-pad doesn't sound like it addresses the crappiness of the existing d-pad at all. I don't care about disc versus plus, I care about things like its tendency to register a diagonal press when trying to press a horizontal direction.

Seriously, take a 360 controller, hold left on the d-pad, and at the same time try to rock your thumb toward the up and down directions. It moves a lot! Using one on Windows, you can see in the controller properties how easily it registers diagonal presses. Now do the same thing with a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2, which has a very similar d-pad. It's far less finicky than the 360 pad.

So really, how is this new d-pad supposed to fix that?

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