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Comment Re:Correlating LinkedIn data with my PC (Score 1) 48

The endorsements, by contrast, are done by people who have no clue about what you do.

I get these all the time. I never give them out, as it feels like I'm be compelled to. So long as I never do it, the excuse of "I barely use Linkedin." works for any time anyone asks me why I never endorse them.

But no one's ever asked. It's a pointless exercise, meaningless to the nth degree, and no one cares.

Comment Re:$$$ Workstations (Score 1) 310

Yep. I do 3D modeling/rendering, VR, and that sort. So I built a new one... but my last PC was a AMD X4 thing with 8GB of ram. It would have been fine if not for that. Computers are always useful, so I stuck it under the TV and use it to play emulated games.

The old computer before the old computer (Dual Core Pentium, 2GB of ram) is stuck in the back of the house, dutifully acting as a DVR for a security camera... but it's still snappy and responsive for pretty much any typical consumer task.

Thinking about it, I may have built my last PC for the next 10 years, the motherboard isn't nearly maxed out on ram yet (32 vs 128), better video cards still come out every year, and when the time comes to start fresh, the market may be completely different. The next system could be some floating image beaming out of a tiny slab connected remotely to a unimaginably fast cloud computer somewhere. I may not even care that the traditional PC market had died.

Comment Re:Just let them use the browser (Score 1) 79

I speak for myself, but there's no one on Facebook that I really care to talk to on a "Hay I see you're online checking your updates, but let's chat chat chat about nothing" basis. Not having it on my mobile browser has improved my mobile Facebook experience.

Comment Re:Eradicate them!!!! (Score 1) 125

Your joke is horrible, but I wouldn't put it past the North Korean scientists. I'm sure they've developed their own VR solutions at this point. Hell, they've built viable nukes with scotch tape and rubber bands; it's relatively easy to roll your own VR solution these days.

Comment Re:Limitations of VR (Score 1) 125

I agree with you completely, I'm also a former Cave jockey and current Oculus user. Tim Cook was right, AR is where it's at. My current place of work is keenly interested, and there's some others in my industry that are going all in. And that reality is making me very happy.

Comment Re:IMHO the embargo was unconstitutional. (Score 1) 342

Lots of people break laws they disagree with, whatever.

What we take issue with are hypocrites who secretly break laws they actively promote and expect others to follow.

Political crooks like that will promise, pass, and campaign for the thing, while doing it on an industrial level in the down-low.

Less competition means more for them, and they're okay with using big government to put you little guys away for the same shit they do.

And you compared this to anti-war activism... man get a clue.

Comment Re:No, not creepy or Big Brother at all (Score 1) 68

On one hand, I don't think that Microsoft can be trusted with sensitive government data, and that the government will probably have to pick a new operating system or make their own in order to help ensure their security.

On the other hand, I don't believe the government can be trusted with sensitive government data.

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