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Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 1) 307

having the computer locked down so that only OS maker-"approved" apps can run might be mandated by law because "only hackers would run un-'approved' software" or some other such BS.

I sympathize with your cynicism, but I don't think it'll come to that. Though I stay current, I still have older Windows machines that run almost everything, like most computer geeks. There's also Linux, Haiku, weird custom student built OS's, and a plethora of off the shelf hardware you can use to build your own machine (I build an entirely new desktop every 3-5 years.)

To get what you're talking about, you need a regime every bit as restrictive and micromanaging as North Korea, and if it comes to that our last concern will be our computers.

Comment Re: So it makes Obama look good? (Score 1) 233

If the FBI- or really anyone- had dirt on Trump, it would have come out.

Not during an ongoing investigation.

Enjoy the next 8 years buddy, it's gonna be a wild ride.

This is correct. Trump can be impeached, resign, commit suicide, disappear, lose in four years, or win reelection. It doesn't matter. We're in for at minimum a decade of fuctitude. The only solution is to fight where possible but also work to avoid getting caught up in and victimized by the whirlwind.

Whether America is fucked beyond repair or beyond recognition are the only two possibilities we have in our national future.

Cast off your dependence to the state (welfare, student aid, insurance, etc) and to your employer (become self employed and/or a rugged survivalist) and you might be okay.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

This accusation is only effective against people who aren't anti-Jewish in the first place. It's intended to guilt-trip kind people who've aligned themselves with a group you oppose. Their hearts are their weakness, so accusing them of being Nazis can be pretty effective.

I think the fact that you see nothing wrong with defending a Jewish ethno-state particularly telling. Your idea of a one state solution probably involves busing all the Palestinians out to Jordan, because if they were to become full citizens, Israel will nolonger be a Jewish state.

Comment Re:Why is Default Not an Option? (Score 2) 491

I knew a friend of a friend, a girl, who had recently left school with a useless degree. She had gone in default on her student loans, and I was trying to tell her that the whole thing was avoidable, and that there still were things she could do to deal with that, repair her credit, and avoid wage garnishment. She insisted on being hopeless, deciding that she'd join the military on some hope or prayer that it would forgive her debt.

Though you're not able declare bankruptcy, there's still things you can do if you can't pay back your student loans. Something I use to help is called Income Based Repayment. With that alone you basically have no excuse to let things get that bad, and if you pay it consistently, your debt is forgiven in 20 years - less if you work in education.

Comment Re:I'll never vote over the net (Score 1) 117

Our Constitutional Republic is considered a form of Democracy. A Direct Democracy is also a form of Democracy. The fact that a Constitutional Republic isn't a Direct Democracy does not mean it's not a Democracy at all.

I think the people that make the fallacious point that we're not a Democracy do so in response to people complaining about their government not representing the will of the people. It's a statement in defense of a representative system clearly failing to represent, and a rejection of the idea that the government should only operate with the Consent of the Governed. Wikipedia contrasts this with the Divine Right of Kings, which unfortunately is how some of our leaders prefer to operate.

Comment Re:Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 1) 481

I'm betting the Slashdot readership is older... and that it has more engineers than Ars. I'm not completely sure, but engineers are supposed to be more conservative than scientists and artists, and I figure a forum full of grey haired engineers would be pretty conservative. I mean, you have some really low ID numbered folks with decades of experience and six figure incomes denying it here.

They're not stupid people... it's just a reality that science has to be politically acceptable in order to be accepted at all. So long as conservatism exists, it'll be debated. So long as it's debated on political merits, there will always be some doubts from 1/2 of the total population. And so long as that is true, we'll be too divided to take any meaningful action on it when we still can.

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