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Comment Re:No, not creepy or Big Brother at all (Score 1) 56

On one hand, I don't think that Microsoft can be trusted with sensitive government data, and that the government will probably have to pick a new operating system or make their own in order to help ensure their security.

On the other hand, I don't believe the government can be trusted with sensitive government data.

Comment "Bonus Internet" Story: (Score 1) 57

Around 2006/7 I had a used Tmobile Dash with a voice/text plan and no data. At the time, my university ran a 28kbps dailup internet service that students could use for free. It was a relic of another time, but it was still there.

On the Dash/Excalibur (and presumably other Windows Mobile devices) you could dial into these services with the built-in modem, and since I rode the bus a lot (at least two/three hours a day), I used that service.

It was hilariously slow, but it worked. I could visit websites, read articles, and chat. By turning off the images, it could be done with reasonable comfort.

Don't underestimate the value of being able to log on at any speed.

Comment Re:A flaming phone icon would be better. (Score 2) 117

Honestly it should just shutoff. The thing is a fire hazard, and if the system knows this and persists in operating without user intervention I can imagine a lawsuit painting Samsung liable for damages. We don't know how long an interval would be between a bad battery icon and an exploding battery. It could be days, hours, minutes...

Comment How to ruin you child's chances at anything: (Score 2, Funny) 314

...give them a black sounding name.

Just don't do it. Give them a chance to at least make it to the interview on their qualifications and merits. At least in person a better first impression can be made beyond "Oh, I see you're extremely black."

Come back next week for: "How to tell a parent doesn't give a damn." (spoiler- It's the same lesson), and "How to make yourself look un-black if you're black." and "Cars you really should avoid if you don't want to be pulled over (with any color)."

Sign up for my 5 week seminar and you'll could win a fake pair of glasses and my professionals guide on buying small Japanese cars.

Comment Re:If you're on SlashDot and driving a Hyundai (Score 1) 224

What cars do successful programmers drive? When is it too late to try to become one?

I made the mistake of dropping out of college with just an associates degree, to pursue a job outside of that industry that was offered to me. It was a big leap for the time and I was quite happy. Now I see what I've managed to do with it, and I'm no-longer so happy.

Comment War on Access (Score 4, Interesting) 96

Ludicrous. I wonder who will have the honor of being the first country to exact the death penalty for file sharing.

Accessing files by working around the state protected gate keeper? DEATH!
Accessing streams rather than hunting down the tape in a bargain bin somewhere because you can't get it otherwise anymore? DEATH.
Visiting sites otherwise banned by the government because it contains information they don't want you to know or share? DEATH.
Running a site banned by accident? Byzantine appeals process... followed by DEATH.

Imagine the pressure. Here's your first computer kiddo. Don't press this big red button though. If you do, they'll come and murder the whole family.

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