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Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score 2) 253

Is it objectively in inner-city blacks' "best interests" to keep voting Democrat and remain mired in poverty for generation after generation?

Do you really think ideology is the solution to everyone's problem? Do you believe your enemy's ideology is itself the cause of everyone's suffering?

While we're sitting here arguing about liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans are either ignoring us or outright raping us. They give us the minimum amount of attention, then they directly target us with punitive laws and regulations for their own personal enrichment.

Going more extreme, and demanding a unified front of all Republicans or all Democrats... will only get you more of the same. Black people voting solid Republican instead of solid Democrat won't help them, just like how a state voting Republican all the time hasn't helped them solve their own perpetual issues.

If everyone voted Republican (or Democrat) 100% of the time, we'd still be fucked. That's because we have fundamental cultural and political problems that prevent us from working with and responding productively to objective data. Everything is about appearances and personal gain. "How will this look if I do X". "How will this affect my reelection campaign?" "Will Evil Corp support me next time around if I do Y?" Next thing you know, you're an ineffectual politician good at only lining your own pockets and your people continue to suffer.

Comment Re: What about if he donated to the wrong ideology (Score 1) 476

Yeah, you can't peacefully stop all thought even on a forbidden topic. Everyone taking part in it has to willingly agree to give it up. Assuming that's impossible - and it is impossible - even a peaceful method of erasing ideas from other peoples minds would be tyranny.

Comment Re:Committing crime != convicted (Score 1) 384

A trial by jury conviction is uncommon these days. Most of it is the result of a plea deal. When you're poor, and can't afford bail, and will lose your job if you're not there when scheduled, it can be a tempting option to take.

"Just say you did it. We know you did it. Make this easy for everyone. You'll be out of here as soon as you sign this statement. Say you did it. Just say it. Come on. Just say it."

Then you sign your admission, and if the crime is minor enough, they let you go with a fine or time served. You might be innocent, but for statistical purposes, you're part of the "problem".

Comment Re: Or rather... (Score 1) 384

It's probably worth the concern from the developers writing the code. A lazily written algorithm can serve as an excuse to never question how things are done, even if the injustice caused by it is visible to anyone willing to look.

You really don't need a computer to see this in action. In public schools for instance, a common algorithm used by administrators to avoid making nuanced decisions is Zero Tolerance. A set of simple if-then statements occur after an incident, consistently determining the fate of the student in question in a way that best avoids responsibility. No further questions are asked, no workplace experience is utilized, no risks are taken.

If the administrator's ever asked about the decision he made to expel the high-performing kid with the gun in his car, he can just point to the algorithm.

Comment Re:Mass piracy has been solved by better business (Score 1) 416

It's just $15 a month. There's a certain threshold when I stop caring how big an ass or how many private jets a person gets as a result. Hell, you provide all that for $15, you deserve all the fat, cocktails, and jets you can afford from that. Just... spread a little bit more of it to the people actually producing the show maybe. Yeah, that would be nice if the artists and TDs for our favorite shows could have a steady income and a corporate insurance policy for a change...

Comment Re:So instead of hiring the BEST candidate (Score 1) 329

Others have stated it's probably more about the getting away with paying less of a salary. So instead of an Indian taking your job. It'll be a black guy... but it won't be because they like black people.

As a black person, this makes me nervous. I never want to be accused of being a "diversity hire", but all I have is an Associates. It works fine as a tech person in the construction industry in a flyover state - I'm not the only one without a 4 year degree - but if I ever want to get serious and enter a tech industry proper, I might want to consider returning to school to prove my worth and to avoid being promoted to a position were I'm an incompetent excuse for MBAs to pay less salary.

Comment Re:Trolling and Fake News = same (Score 1) 208

I don't think you have to lie to troll. Call the target names? Egg them on? Sure. But you can be an epic jerk while telling the truth. That's part of why I think there's a difference. Trolls enjoy driving people nuts and the resulting negative attention is their source of amusement. Lies might make you mad, but no one is the sole arbiter of truth - you might be mistaken about some things, and there's more than one reason to lie, so while I think that qualifier might cover most trolls in most conversations, it's not a set limited to them.

When people call everything that doesn't settle well with them something inaccurate, that muddies the waters and confuses the issue. Phrases like Fake News and Social Justice Warrior fell to this fate. When everything is Fake, nothing is. When SJWs are just people who disagree with you, then there's a real epidemic of SJWs who must be fought for "great justice" and kiks, leaving a troll all the excuse they need to be what they are.

I'd just like people to be more precise when it comes to this. They would like nothing more than for the label to lose meaning like everything else has.

Comment Re:Not sure this is necessarily a bad thing (Score 1) 208

Want to speak your mind without consequence? Go outside.

If some guy cuts you off on the road, flip him off. It's a free country.

If he then gets out of the car and starts walking towards you, give him the business. It's a free country.

If he then pulls out a crowbar, tell him about himself. It's a free country.

Don't forget to give him a peace of your mind when he pulls you out of your vehicle. Though he's liable to take all of that and then some, at least outside you're free to escalate without moderation from pesky liberals.

Being a dick without consequence though, is the tricky bit. For that you'll need Voat. *cringe*.

Comment Re:24 hour news did this to themselves (Score 1) 444

That won't be enough. Opinion might be an issue for people confusing commentary for news, but the reporting itself can be at fault. They can omit certain things, misrepresent statistics, and stir up fear and emotion by reporting on one thing all day every day for days at a time. When the Boston Bombing occurred, and the surviving perpetrator was caught, I have no doubt that everything they said about the man was true. But I also have no doubt that they talked way too much about him, and not enough about the victims.

I believe that we can't survive as a country without accurate information upon which we can act. But I also know that it isn't enough just to keep bias out of the equation. Certain things are omitted, other things are elevated. The equation that modern news runs on gets eyeballs, pays the bills, and destroys the country. Sometimes though it's tempting to say, good riddance... let it burn. We can't do anything about this. When we barely understand what's going on, nor can agree on a solution when we do, how can there be any hope?

Comment Re:You live in a big leftist city, right? (Score 2) 253

Out of curiosity, when do you think a city is too big? I have a friend telling me I should move to the bigger ones, especially on the coasts to get a better understanding of what's happening to us politically and socially. Talking to him makes me feel like I'm living in Mayberry. I want to be able to say that he's being overly dramatic, but he (and you) may have a point.

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