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Comment War on Access (Score 4, Interesting) 95

Ludicrous. I wonder who will have the honor of being the first country to exact the death penalty for file sharing.

Accessing files by working around the state protected gate keeper? DEATH!
Accessing streams rather than hunting down the tape in a bargain bin somewhere because you can't get it otherwise anymore? DEATH.
Visiting sites otherwise banned by the government because it contains information they don't want you to know or share? DEATH.
Running a site banned by accident? Byzantine appeals process... followed by DEATH.

Imagine the pressure. Here's your first computer kiddo. Don't press this big red button though. If you do, they'll come and murder the whole family.

Comment Re:It used to be called (Score 1) 351

I don't freelance on company hours, and I have permission to use software licenses and the company provided computer (these are the resources I refer to). There was a couple of times where I needed to ask permission to work with someone because they were also customers/associates of the company.

The first time, it simply became an actual work project that I did during work hours. I had done some freelance work with them before getting this job so I was a little bummed out that I wouldn't get a check, but I understood and did my job. The second time it was considered okay to help them as an freelancer, because they weren't really a customer so much as they were a friendly company (not a competitor). I am absolutely forbidden from working with competitors, I don't even bother looking for work in that capacity.

So yeah, this is where I defend myself: I do my due diligence and ask permission to avoid conflicts. Even when I don't ask, I inform, just in case it's a bad idea. I am not a thief, and I don't divulge company secrets nor data. I am a good employee.

Comment Re:It used to be called (Score 1) 351

Heh. You just reminded me that some employers take a dim view of that, especially if you use company resources and contacts. I know, I had to ask permission in some instances, because of how closely related the freelancing get with the day job. Perhaps moonlighting sounds dirty because it's supposed to.

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