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Comment Re:Realistic (Score 1) 88

I owned a palm and continued to use a paper day planner, the office I worked in at the time never bought into palm, so the benefits didn't outweigh the hassle.

Who's to say how it would have worked out if they had gotten a ubiquitous cell/data module instead of their old crawling wireless network and made use of touch better.

The technology was there, palm just didn't put it together. At the time even with full palm buyin, you were carrying a phone and a palm.

The cell addon was buggy, late, huge and worked on one network at edge speeds IIRC.

Making it work would have been ninja, but it was just possible IMHO. Palm blew it.

Comment Re:GOP [Re: Immigration policy is not hate speech] (Score 1) 978

Simple solution: Free passports for citizens. Cost: About 300,000,000 x $140 42 billion (thousand million) at no discount and assuming 300 million citizens, (who being Americans haven't left the country...joke). ref: https://travel.state.gov/conte...

Use for voting and getting a job. Permanent residents use green cards for jobs. Complicated remains complicated.

No jobs without a passport/green card. No wall required, it would just get in the way of Mexicans going home.

Passport lasts 10 years now (???IIRC), so 4.2 billion/year. Find a few obsolete money holes in the federal budget and we're there. Rural electrification program? Hasn't electrified anybody in 50 years IIRC $800 million/year. Rural power install is full price...10k$/pole (more years ago than I want to think about).

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 387

Large teams mean the project will scale? No. Good architectures mean products scale. Team size has _nothing_ to do with it.

If you are doing it right, the good people seek out your team. So do the bad ones, you have to be able to tell the difference.

I prefer to continue doing things I'm good at rather than do things I'm not good at. I don't manage large groups well, I remain on technical point.

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