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Comment Re:Sounds like a waste (Score 1) 66

And probably CPU/GPU cycles. They'll inevitably animate a majority of elements, even things no other GUI animates, just to say they did it. Very little of this "beautification" will actually bring a net improvement to the experience.

MS design language used to be "shiny", now it's "flat", and soon to be "wiggly".

Comment Re:Apps, Apps and more Apps (Score 3, Insightful) 535

Big-ish (such as Adobe) and niche consumer software vendors have had no reason to support Linux and its paltry 2% usage share, and many reasons not to, including MS platform FUD and the legal understanding of FOSS licenses.

Apple has a reputation for supporting professionals, but this new lineup all but wipes that out. The hardware is too underwhelming to maintain the hype. Apple has finally reached the point where their obsession with aesthetic design is compromising their products' capabilities. Apple has fully abandoned "form follows function" in favor of "function follows form", and in doing so have put themselves on a path to failure.

System76 may have experienced a traffic spike, but unfortunately it won't last once all the disillusioned Apple users realize how spoiled they've been by OSX.

Comment accounts-google.com was registered to Google 2013 (Score 1) 435

Why was Accounts-google.com registered to Google inc, 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway at least as far back as 2013? http://www.domainhistory.net/a... and via MarkMonitor https://www.markmonitor.com/ which "protects the leading brands". YAN has been laughing about this all day. Didn't anyone bother to check any of this??

Comment Not about channel quantity (Score 1) 198

Every other study I've seen about TV viewership points to the average viewer's interests encompass a limited number of channels, about a dozen. Stuffing more channels into a bundle doesn't make people watch more of them.

The business model of cable is mainly based on high viewership channels subsidizing low viewership channels. They need bundling to support all the new dreck that gets made and old stuff that's re-run.

Comment Who wants what out of LinkedIn (Score 4, Insightful) 30

SalesForce might actually want LinkedIn as a business unit.

However, I think MS is only in it for the user data, as with Skype and, to a degree, Mojang. MS is desperate to get user data like Apple and Google has. But MS has no idea how to build a community or connect with consumers, so they have to collect user data by either surreptitious means (Win10) or by buying it through business acquisitions.

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