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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 120725 (pov) 4

In early years young children are introduced to the technique for using a butane lighter to check the authenticity of a mirror. This technique has been salved into the mainstream culture that children are able to overcome the eerie feeling which they receive that a person is watching from the mirror. Through the practice of various forms of the butane lighter reassurance children are encouraged to simply tolerate the eerie feeling, continue with their homework, and eventually the demands of corporate and employment hygiene progressively lead them into forms of life that they no longer question the possibility.

At least smoke a cigarette, kid.
That you may become familiar with people watching, when you don't know it, without using a mirror.

Even Santa Claus' north pole fortress has cameras and microphones in today's world but, for the money, we'll allow him to tell the ladies that it doesn't.

The MRI cannon has a particular (among many) well-known techniques known as the "2x4". At an appropriate time in your life, when you are hanging on the edge of your various debts, you will encounter a situation which leads you to pursue multiple avenues of credit extension (for short, mid, long term periods--anything to make it through the current situation). During an interview scenario with a seemingly mid-level importance credit counselor (banker, loan officer, best friend, family member, etc.), at the time when the refusal is being applied, the MRI cannon flashes a 2s clip of an individual approaching and clobbering your head with a baseball bat or raw 2x4. At that same time another individual enters the room with a noise to get your visual attention and the look on their face has been conditioned (similar to the "while they were at supper" technique) to be the most damning demeanor for which your particular race, lineage, and local area has been trained. The combination of the various environmental stresses, coupled with a remainder of the day somewhat turned up on the number of cues being demanded from the target, leaves the target feeling as if they have had an especially bad day of hell. Mention of the 2x4 brain flash to near anyone will lead to ridicule of drug use, craziness, paranoia, and all other available forms of gossip. Much of the gossip to support the accusations are primed in advance of the known approaching 2x4 session.

Oh we had the same dream!
No, that wasn't the same dream. That was the mortician and his crew playing with their MRI radar guns.

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120725 (pov)

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