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Comment Myocardial Infarction (Score 1) 467

The recommendations for beta blockers in ST Elevation myocardial infarction and Non ST Elevation myocardial infarction are set forth by the American College of Cardiology, after careful review of the literature. Link.

Implying that physicians don't know what they are doing when administering beta blockers to ST/Non-STEMI is ridiculous. We fully acknowledge that data is conflicting or insufficient. It is rightly up to the physician to decide whether or not to administer beta blockers after physicial examination of the patient and all the associated data.

NSA Patents a Way To Spot Network Snoops 161

narramissic writes "The National Security Agency has patented a technique for figuring out whether someone is messing with your network by measuring the amount of time it takes to send different types of data and sounding an alert if something takes too long. 'The neat thing about this particular patent is that they look at the differences between the network layers,' said Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Washington. But IOActive security researcher Dan Kaminsky wasn't so impressed: 'Think of it as — if your network gets a little slower, maybe a bad guy has physically inserted a device that is intercepting and retransmitting packets. Sure, that's possible. Or perhaps you're routing through a slower path for one of a billion reasons.'"

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