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Comment Re:Microsoft...why couldn't they do this? (Score 1) 218

My Win 7 box will run until no more security updates come in 2020.

By then you should be pretty good at reinstalling your system from a clean image and having your data backed up, for that odd time when your box DOES get pwned. Which you really have to try hard to do nowadays - gone are the days of some random worm taking over your box just because you hooked it up to the internet.

And besides, hopefully Flash will be totally dead by 2020 and a major security threat will be gone.

Comment Re:hmmm, yes (Score 5, Insightful) 218

Let me install a proprietary OS coded by some random Indian guys, packaged by Microsoft who have asked you to trust them when they say they will slurp and sell as much as your personal information that they can (you did click I AGREE after all), while whoring out your computer to serve ads.

Comment This is already a feature (Score 1) 140

When I signed up for Uber, there was a section where you could adjust the gratuity automatically added to your bill. The default was 20% which seems a bit steep, so I turned it down (locally it's 10% in latin america). Why should I have to tip on top of the tip? Or does the American version simply not have this built in feature?

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