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Submission + - Inside a Room Built for Total Silence (vice.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "The room is totally covered in foam wedges, pointing inwards, the floor a metal grate suspended over them. Itâ(TM)s both archaic and otherworldly, a retro-futurist scene in dull brown. As Dance pulls the door shut behind us, the atmosphere deadens. Any sound waves are deflected by the multifaceted foam and are effectively sucked into the walls. Itâ(TM)s an oppressive sensation; much of our spatial awareness is defined by echo-location, and even with my eyes open the disorientation is irrefutable. We agree that Iâ(TM)ll stay in the chamber for an hour with the lights out, to divulge myself of extra sensory distractions. I lie down on slabs of foam laid out as a makeshift bed; the academics pile out, and the technician pulls the door shut and flicks out the light."

Submission + - Google faces anti-trust probe in Russia over Android (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: Google has a new battle on its hands, this time in the form of a potential anti-trust probe in Russia. Yandex, the internet company behind the eponymous Russian search engine, has filed a complaint to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Yandex claims that the US search giant is abusing its position by bundling Google services with Android.

It claims that users are forced into using the Google ecosystem including Google Search, and that it is difficult to install competing services on smartphones and tablets. There are distinct echoes of the antitrust lawsuits Microsoft has faced for its bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

Comment hmm. (Score 1) 317

I can see this reducing emissions, when I consider the assumption that whoever is leading the train does not drive like a bloody idiot. In a modern car, even with today's technology, most of us tend to drive as fast as we can get away with. 65-70 miles per hour is common in my area, but mileage increases significantly if you forget about trying to get to your destination a whole three minutes faster than it would be (on average) if you just relax and drive 55.

Personally, I dislike setting my cruise at 55 and getting there "when I get there". It's more fun to step on the throttle a tad, turn up the tunes, etc. But it's rough on the fuel tank, so I don't.
If I could tag along with one of these trains for my commute, or better yet.. even for a while on long trips, read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, enjoy the scenery - anything but focus on driving- I don't believe I'd care if the train were moving 45 or 55 miles per hour. I'm not driving.

That said, my major concern is this- I live in an area where a typical winter day of driving is fraught with icy, snowy, wet roads. I don't believe any car would be safe following a lead vehicle at 10 feet, let alone 10 meters, in those conditions.

Comment My main reason for preferring Chrome as of late.. (Score 1) 570

Firefox loads all windows and tabs into one process. If one crashes, they all crash.
Chrome separates each tab into its own process. If one crashes, one crashes.

When I'm using a browser, for work or play, I typically have anywhere from 15-40 tabs open split among a few windows. Then they get shoved to a second (or third, or fourth) desktop while I have my nose in monodevelop or geany. I don't want some random flash advertisement to crash everything I've opened if I happen to pull up a code reference page in a 41'st tab.

That's stability, imho.

Comment this is why my network is "unsecured". (Score 1) 207

My wireless router filters devices by mac address.. if I understand it correctly, there's no way for it to be cracked into so long as the filters in my router are enabled. It recognizes my netbook, a skype phone, and an ipod that I own. All other devices will "see" the network but will not be able to access it.. if I understand the way it works correctly anyway. :)

Anyway, I live out in the sticks. If some bonehead wants to sit out in a snowbank and use my internet connection, more power to 'em.

Comment my $.02 (Score 1) 520

Offices, or well designed cubicles - the kind with high walls on four sides, with room for two people when necessary to sit in chairs and discuss.
A meeting room. Now, the thing that lets this work is a central way to collaborate- a way to for two or more to view the same desktop via VNC or a similar app, a central IM solution, and a chat server. Ventrilo or Teamspeak, they're not just for games. If you're a linux shop, it's not difficult at all to use Ventrilo in wine, for those of you who'll cry that Teamspeak's audio quality sucks.

You have privacy and openness in one. 2-3 or more people can sit at their desks and discuss while they work, in familiar environments, without having to see, smell, or listen to co-worker's annoying habits.

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