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Comment Re: OSS working as it should. (Score 1) 166

The healthier compromise would be admitting they don't have the cycles and inviting a code contribution. Fork the project and do a pull-request. If the devs don't a contribution, if it fixes an issue and it is of good quality, then maybe it is time to accept the original project is in life support and the fork deserves to be the future?

Comment Re: Ineffective (Score 1) 351

The alternative is to have a different default password for each unit. The challenge there is that it complicates manufacturing since now you need to set it and also print out and label each unit individually. Then again, if each unit already knows about its serial number, then the overhead is probably low?

Comment Re: Every single gag order and NDA ever. (Score 1) 122

The issue is the phone would have been under warranty, so they would have had to replace the phone anyhow. They can't say they wouldn't replace the phone if the person published the video. Doing business again with the person is another matter.

The real thing that here is that apparent no one at Samsung Korea or Samsung China had heard about the Streisand Effect?

BTW does anyone know the percentage of catastrophic Note 7 events there were, related to number of sales?

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 1) 213

Only broadcast to US IPs? Ok, my VPN endpoint is in the US, why block it then?

Because that is what the content owners ask of them. Netflix needs to balance providing content to people who want it, with the ability to get the content in the first place. Netflix is in a delicate position and has to compromise. It doesn't need to make sense, but it does need to fulfill the criteria of the contract signed.

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 1, Flamebait) 213

It is less about fighting the right to access Netflix and more about being able to access an equivalent service, providing content to your region. In many regions either a particular movie/series is not available or there is no suitable legal way to watch any recent content.

Comment Sapphire crystal lens cover (Score 5, Insightful) 111

If you check their website Apple states 'Sapphire crystal lens cover' in the specs of their phones: , so if you are trying to scratch the underside claiming sapphire, then you are probably doing something wrong?

Is this a non-story or did I miss something?

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