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Comment Re:google chrome sleep mode? (Score 1) 376

While I didn't find the news article I thought I had read, I did find the Chrome extension 'The Great Suspender', which indicates it 'Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources'. Just installed it in the hope it actually helps - BTW I have no involvement in the creation of this extension, but it does appear to be open source:

Comment google chrome sleep mode? (Score 1) 376

Wasn't Google Chrome (the browser) meant to introduce a sleep mode to background tabs? Does anyone know whether that was introduced or whether I am confusing the browser product?

At the same time Google Chrome often shows up as 'using significant energy' on my MacBook Air, under MacOS 10.11.5. Has anyone done any profiling to see what aspect of Google Chrome is consuming the CPU? BTW I am one of those tab hoarders, but apparently not as bad as some.

Comment Re: intent or consequence? (Score 2) 85

Having previously worked for a large corporation, I found that the costs are always limited to the ticketed price. There are others including employees to run and manage the system; process change; new audits; infrastructure; politics; expertise; training; software limitations leading to longer execution time.

Sometimes saving money leads to spending more money and creating more headaches. Not always, but you do need to understand the nature of the environment you are dealing with.

In our particular case we had a lab where we believed we would be doing good for the company with the $200/month network connection vs the $1000/month connection. Boy were we wrong. The $1000/month connection would have saved so much trouble with internal resources, even if the $200/month connection would have worked just as well.

Comment Re:15 Years (Score 1) 135

I wouldn't call it "remarkable" that it wasn't caught for nearly 15 years. It actually makes sense, as the assumption was that 089 to 100 wouldn't include 10B, 10C, etc. Those kinds of mistakes can happen, and very easily. Just goes to show that you should be more explicit with how you filter data, in many cases.

Also, if a business rule changes previous assumptions there is a need to understand the impact. The issue there, though, is for whatever reason this may have been overlooked either because the original coders had moved on or the is a belief that it is just a set of new values that couldn't possibly impact anything?

Comment Re:Hillary is Unfit to Lead (Score 1) 482

Sign of the times: people who voted against Brexit are considering taking on other European nationalities and we may see some US Americans looking north of the border for future prospects. How did we get to a point where we have both an uninformed population and a group of politicians that we realise we are screwed no matter what we do?

I believe part of the issue in the US electoral system is that it requires too much money to play and even then the inner-workings may hurt you. Take Bernie as an example, even if he was to win by popular support, unless he stood as an independent the democratic party was more willing to play to Hilary. As an independent, I am not sure whether the democratic system in the US would even give him a chance, with the notion of a 'wasted vote'. Also, while the system could be improved, I am not sure the politicians really want to fix it?

Comment Re:IPv6 is a failed technology (Score 1) 112

Everybody should be using it, but nobody does. This has been the steady state for what, 20 years? We probably should re-do the thing and skip to IPv9 witha less grandiose than this second system but a nice and functional third. Perhaps with a different crew this time. That'd be nice.

What non-breaking technological solutions are you proposing?

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