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Submission + - Huge iOS, OS X vulnerability uncovered that can render apps unusable (

redkemper writes: Android might be targeted by hackers and malware far more often than Apple’s iOS platform, but that doesn’t mean devices like the iPhone and iPad are immune to threats. A post on a Russian website draws attention to a fairly serious vulnerability that allows nefarious users to remotely crash apps on iOS 6, or even render them unusable. The vulnerability is seemingly due to a bug in Apple’s CoreText font rendering framework, and OS X Mountain Lion is affected as well...

Submission + - DEF CON Advises Feds Not to Attend Conference (

tsu doh nimh writes: One of the more time-honored traditions at DEF CON — the massive hacker convention held each year in Las Vegas — is "Spot-the-Fed," a playful and mostly harmless contest to out undercover government agents that attend the show each year. But that game might be a bit tougher when the conference rolls around again next month: In an apparent reaction to recent revelations about far-reaching U.S. government surveillance programs, DEF CON organizers are asking feds to just stay away: "I think it would be best for everyone involved if the feds call a âtime-outâ(TM) and not attend DEF CON this year," conference organizer Jeff Moss wrote in a short post at Krebsonsecurity writes that after many years of mutual distrust, the hacker community and the feds buried a lot of their differences in the wake of 911, with the director of NSA even delivering the keynote at last year's conference. But this year? Spot the fed may just turn into hack-the-fed.

Submission + - How kids beat parental control software (

Barence writes: PC Pro has written a feature exploring whether parental control software really works. It's uncovered some novel ways teenagers get around parental controls, including proxy servers, booting from Linux CDs and resetting the system clock to beat time limits. PC Pro also invited teenagers to try and beat four leading commercial packages, which exposes some huge flaws. Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 allowed access to hard-core porn via Google Images, and allowed teenagers to access the “Extreme Violent Racism” of a white-power website, even though the settings said “hate/racism” content was blocked.

Submission + - isoHunt guilty of inducing infringement ( 1

roju writes: The MPAA has won a summary judgment against torrent indexing site isoHunt for inducing copyright infringement. Michael Geist notes that "[t]he judge ruled that the isoHunt case is little different from other U.S. cases such as Napster and Grokster, therefore concluding that there is no need to proceed to a full trial and granting Columbia Pictures request for summary judgment." Attorney Ben Sheffner, who worked on the case for Fox, explains some of the implications, noting that "the most significant ruling in the opinion was the court's holding that the DMCA's safe harbors are simply not available where inducement has been established." This case could have implications on other indexing sites, and creates a gap in the DMCA safe harbor provisions that could have far-reaching implications on other sites.

Submission + - Some thoughts on MySQL and Oracle (

harmonise writes: Jonathan Corbet, editor of, writes about the recent discussion regarding Oracle owning MySQL. '[Corbet] wishes to take no position on whether Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems should be allowed to proceed by the European Union. Such a decision certainly involves a number of antitrust considerations which go beyond the free software community. That said, some of the positions being taken around this acquisition shine an interesting light on how parts of our community work.'

Submission + - How do I determine a fair salary? ( 2

lawpoop writes: After looking at a few salary sites, it seems that I'm very underpaid in my current position. I'm thinking about striking out on the job hunt, but I have a question. Can I trust information from, glassdoor, and the like? They might have an interest in me thinking I'm underpaid; I'm more likely to use their services ( which doesn't apply to glassdoor, but might be subject to similar gaming). Also, doesn't not having the exact skillset for the job posting affect the salary you ask for? A lot of what I'm seeing these days has specific tools and libraries. If I don't have that specific set, will I be able to justify the salary for a more general job description?

I couldn't submit this ask without a link. Link is not necessary; mods please remove!


Submission + - Scientists accidentally blow up building ... (

jsage writes: From the Project On Government Oversight: “'Shock and Detonation Physics Group researchers heard a loud unusual noise from Technical Area 15, Building 562 after firing a shot from a large-bore powder gun (LBPG).' The researchers accidentally blew a building apart at Technical Area-15, on December 16, 2009 while testing a gun which acts like a Civil War cannon."

Submission + - Next-Gen Glitter-Sized Photovoltaic Cells Unveiled (

MikeChino writes: Sandia National Laboratories recently announced a new breed of glitter-sized solar cells made from crystalline silicon that use 100 times less material to generate the same amount of electricity as standard solar cells made from 6-inch square solar wafers. Perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays on unusual shapes and surfaces, the tiny solar cells are expected to be less expensive, more efficient, and have promising new applications in textiles, clothing, and building facade installations.

Submission + - BBC's plan to kick free/open source out of UK TV (

bluec writes: Generally speaking, the BBC isn't allowed to encrypt or restrict its broadcasts: the licence fee payer pays for these broadcasts. But the BBC has tried to get around this, asking Ofcom for permission to encrypt the "metadata" on its broadcasts – including the assistive information used by deaf and blind people and the "tables" used by receivers to play back the video. As Ofcom gears up to a second consultation on the issue, there's one important question that the BBC must answer if the implications of this move are to be fully explored, namely: How can free/open source software co-exist with a plan to put DRM on broadcasts?

Submission + - BBC Trust gives Project Canvas the green light ( 1

cyclomedia writes: After what seems like an age the BBC Trust — the semi-independent body that decides what the Beeb is and isn't allowed to splash cash on — has finally given the thumbs up to the Project Canvas, er, Project. Naturally the Murdoch Empire is not too keen on an open, level playing field for internet TV as it has the potential to remove the need for the middlemen content distributors, and therefore cash from his pockets. No one is entirely sure what it is, even wikipedia only knows the rough outline. Essentially it's going to be an open IPTV standard that set top boxes and digital TVs are expected to support. Though I'm not sure what they need £120,000,000 for when we already have Media RSS.

Submission + - Is This You Tube Trailer the future of cinema? (

An anonymous reader writes: Press release link:

YouTube Trailer link:

Is this YouTube Trailer the future of cinema?
2009-12-22 01:13:08 (GMT) ( — Entertainment, Press Releases)

Los Angeles, CA ( — Ever since the advent of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, Interactive Cinema has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Hollywood has yet to discover what to do with it or how to even create it. Now, an “Interactive Trailer” for David N. Donihue’s interactive hipster break up saga, The Weathered Underground, has been released on youtube. Like the film, this YouTube trailer allows the viewer to decide what happens next by clicking on different comic book style boxes. The upcoming film being released by Indican Pictures will be available on DVD, iPod and iPhone and has hundreds of choices with over four and a half hours of live action content.

With its hip comic book aesthetic, the film stars Michael Ciriaco and Brea Grant (Daphne from NBC’s Heroes) and features a live performance by indie rock underground superstars, The Lashes.

Using annotations that are often used for menu design, the YouTube interactive trailer gives a sneak preview of what it’s like to make choices for live action characters and gives audiences a hilarious peak into this rather ground breaking and visually eyepopping comedy.

Is David N. Donihue’s The Weathered Underground the future of cinema? See the YouYube clip below and decide for yourself, but the word on the street is — it just may be.

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