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Comment Re:Twitch is so heavily used...good luck. (Score 1) 50

Not true. Lots have tried to beat PayPal at that game, including Google with Google Checkout. They failed miserably because despite Google's efforts to encourage merchants to accept it, merchants didn't bother, and adoption rates were tiny. PayPal succeeded on the back of eBay and has since matured into a very useful wider service.

Comment Re:Can only improve Rackspace (Score 1) 44

I've used Rackspace email for about 10 years, since before it was even Rackspace email, and found it to be consistently great. What's the problem? I also used their manager servers some years ago and also found those very, very good. The company has grown a lot since then so I wouldn't be surprised if the quality of their service and support has reduced somewhat, although their prices hadn't last time I had a quote from them.

Comment Re:Where are these photos? (Score 5, Informative) 336

Not strictly true, this only happens if a) you sign in to icloud through system preferences or during the mac setup assistant and b) use iPhoto (and possibly iTunes) for your photo management. Apple haven't quite, yet, made it compulsory to use all their crapware if you want to use a mac.

Comment Re:Battery life? (Score 3, Insightful) 217

Yeah plugging it in at night and unplugging it in the morning is a real pain huh? It doesn't last as long as an old Nokia because it consumes more power and battery capacity is restrained by physical density, size, and cost. C'mon, charging your phone once per day is hardly a pain and for the vast majority is a completely insignificant cost compared to the benefit of the increased functionality that a power hungry smartphone has over an old Nokia dumb phone. If you'd rather trade off all those features for only having to plug it in once a week then crack on and buy a dumb phone.

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 74

It is mostly AOSP with major changes to the settings, themes, some tweaks to stock apps and a lot under-the-hood goodness and performance enhancements, but as far as actual apps that are bundled: Apollo - a quite decent music player DSP Manager - an audio equalizer thing File Manager - a fairly limited file manager However this is quite irrelevant because all the tools/apps you need can be downloaded from google play quite easily. And why bloat a rom with apps?

Comment Re:It's a pointless question. (Score 3, Informative) 395

You're talking (typing) out of your hoop. The UK tax rates on "human activity" are not obscenely high. In fact we have some of the lowest personal and corporate tax rates in the whole of Europe (List of countries by tax rates). There are many reasons why this scheme could/would fail but tax rates are not one of them, unless you consider any form of taxation a problem.

Comment Re:Air resistance. (Score 1) 1184

Ignoring your poor grasp of physics, are you for real thinking 54.5MPG is hard to get? Or are you just totally locked inside your American gas easting bubble? Cars in Europe at least have been capable of 60+ MPG at 80MPH (real world figures) for at least a decade if not longer. Just because you choose to drive stupid gas guzzling monster trucks doesn't mean that more economical alternatives don't exist.
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Submission + - NVIDIA Loses Face and a 10 Million PC Order over Linux Drivers (

Jkumar_cool writes: A rumor appeared from the heart of Beijing that due to the performance of its GPU architecture and its Linux drivers, NVIDIA was approached by one of the leading Chinese CPU teams to use an NV GPU in a pilot school PC project. The Linux would run on the Chinese CPU, while GeForce GPU would provide the graphics power. 'Pilot project' in this case means over 10 million PCs in one order, broken down — 100,000 schools with 100-150 PCs each. The problem was two-fold; NVIDIA never releases source code for its Linux drivers, and the binaries are only X86. Incentivized by the Chinese government, the Chinese CPU team called NVIDIA to come to China and work with them.

To cut the story short, the NV team appeared there, and in very arrogant manner told the Chinese side that they are a large US corporation, and that recompiling the Linux drivers would cost the Chinese a lot of money. The money that Chinese CPU team and the Academy of Science were supposed to fork out was to the tune of several million dollars in incentive that are typically referred to as NRE — Non-recurring Engineering.

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