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Comment Re:Where's my medal? (Score 2) 192

Your OIC/SNOIC might have recommended you for a NAM, Meritorious Mast, or a Certificate of Commendation.. But as they were lacking a streamlined computer system to for the processing of those things in the 80's, it was lost in a stack of paperwork, when some Lance Corporal in S1 became a short timer. The big green weenie strikes again!

Comment Re:Samhain? (Score 1) 180

Perhaps by "easier to schedule" Tim meant that with trick-or-treaters(kids) or various the costume parties, those of us celebrating Samhain have to figure out how to schedule around those things. :-) Cause, really.. I'm not going to be the one to tell the gf's kids that they can't go out in costume, because "your mommy and I want to go do ritual." :-P

Comment Re:Scientific basis (Score 1) 308

Can't argue with your point. But given the choice, I'll take the drug cocktail that makes me think I'm talking to god, and I just want to tell everything I know.
Certainly sounds better than water boarding. It totally sounds like a trip to Di$ney world compared to having some guy drilling out the joints of my fingers.

Tho between getting caught on the "it's a small world" ride for an hour and water boarding.. That's a tough call.. maybe feeling like I'm drowning wouldn't be that bad in comparison. :-P

Comment Re:Privacy has nothing to do with it (Score 1) 277

Ooooh! Ok. Thank you for the clarification. When you put it that way, the argument against this makes more sense. I figured for anything I was tagged in, that they'd just remove the tag/link from them.. I hadn't thought they'd remove those posts entirely.

Thank you for explaining your side better, I appreciate it.

Comment Re:Privacy has nothing to do with it (Score 1) 277

That's like saying that you choosing not to speak is identical to you preventing someone else from speaking. You actually think those things are equivalent?

Sorry, I have the derp it seems. I'm not sure how you got to that. If deleting posts or an account is akin to me not speaking.. I don't understand how that would prevent someone else from speaking? Do you mean any comments that other people may have made, in reply? (Not trying to be dense.. please do explain!!)

I'm trying to compare choosing to manually delete posts made to facebook (which fb retains for whatever reason), with doing the same thing but making facebook not retain the information (one interpretation of this "right to forget"). Aside from where people may have replied or commented on things, I'm not sure how that's affecting someone else. I should probably read some more comments, they might answer that.

Comment BASIC.. actually, Nethack. (Score 1) 632

In 92-93 high school year, I took the BASIC programming class with my best friend.. we'd been dabbling with BASIC for about 7-8 years at that point (starting with his CoCo3, etc). After the second week, the teacher decided we knew more than what the curriculum was going to cover, so we moved on to playing NetHack for the remainder of the semester.

Those were valuable skills, that I still occasionally use to this day. Tho I've never actually beat the game. :-(

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 431

Seconded! Opted ditch any sort of TV service (antenna, cable, etc) about 9 year ago. When we moved into our current house (6yrs ago), we setup the living room to not include a TV as the focus of attention. Instead, we stuck the old 27" TV up in the spare bedroom, in case we decided to rent any movies (or play the occasional video game). On the up side, we've had to buy several more bookshelves to accommodate our reading habits. :-D

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