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Comment Sounds like a job for..... (Score 4, Insightful) 191

I think the closest thing you'll get to "out of the box" for what you're looking for is Apache Cloudstack running on Citrix XenServer for a hypervisor. With basic networking, you can keep things pretty simple. With advanced networking, you can allow your users to build virtual data centres. It can be 100% free open-source software as well, although if you get Citrix CloudPlatform, you get a couple of extra features, and support, but you pay for the support. You could be something similar with other products, but CloudStack actually has a pretty amazing amount of stuff that is just there already, and doesn't need configuring.

Comment CEPH/RADOS/RBD (Score 2) 165

You could use CEPH to do the distribution, then RADOS to create an RBD (Rados Block Device) and when you mount the RBD as asn iSCSI device, you could then build a cryptfs device on top of it, so the provider of the RBD couldn't read/write the data without the keys stored on your server (or wherever you keep them.) The difficulty is getting something like this that is product-ized, so that a provider can give enough economy-of-scale to make it really worthwhile.

Comment Thing one... (Score 1) 507

listen to his concerns, and explain why they aren't valid, or take them on-board if they are. He's trying to make his mark on the team, and assert his position, and may want to be the "alpha" of the group. It might not hurt to remind him he's a junior memeber of the team, but doing so without belittling him could be difficult. You could also just tell him you inherited a lousy code base from previous developers or something like that.

Comment Natural Selection does not drive our evolution (Score 1) 253

The level at which Homo Sapiens are affected by natural selection has steadily declined, since at least the advent of medicine, probably since the advent of the type of intelligence we posses, possibly even since the earliest vestiges of the ability to have empathy for another. Every generation has more humans who live and procreate, who would have previously perished as children or very young adults. The affect that Natural Selection has on the human race diminishes constantly. Other animals that are affected by this would be any domesticated animal. Dogs, cats, cattle. sheep etc.. If it is a domesticated animal, we have more effect on their evoution than natural selection does. We decide which domestical animals are "worth" allowing to breed, and keep others from breeding. We decide which ones should be "put down" We decide whether our pets are spayed or castrated. We also have more effect on the natural selection of plants we domesticate. There are probably house plants that would have gone extinct if we didn't like them. Banana trees are this point cannot reproduce without human cultivation. The effect we, as a species, have on everything around us seriously alters the function of natural selection. Natural Selection may never have zero effect on human evolution, since new diseases will keep cropping up, and those with immunity will survive to procreate, and those without immunity will die (but only until such time as science comes up with a cure or a vaccine.)

Comment Re-twat their twats (Score 1) 451

If they're using idiotic twatter, re-twat their twats, followed by a quick explanation of why their twat is so wrong. If they're using other social media, do something similar. Those, along with making the fact that support is NOT free extremely evident. include language in the license agreement that outlines that support is not free, and make sure they have to agree to same before they use the free product. Alternately, take some features out of the free product, and require that they be licensed. (or don't add some new ones.) I don't personally like this option.. but "ya gotz ta get paid!" You could also charge a small fee for downloading, so that it's no longer called "free" product. Again, not particularly likeable, but it'll shut the people who think "It's a free product so support should be free" up. (although the "We paid for this so support should be free" camp would start whinging.) Someone suggestion of suing for libel above might work if you have deep enough pockets, and the twatter who's dis'ing you doesn't. Whatever your company decides on, good luck!

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