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Comment Police Services are a scam (Score 5, Interesting) 110

The police are an economical scam. With normal goods and services, supply and demand dictates spending. Well we here in Canada are experiencing the lowest crime rates since forever. Police know this and steadfastly refuse or make it nigh impossible to report or prosecute thieves and burglars (think break-ins) to skew crime statistics as best as possible It happened to me, a neighbour, and a grandmother. All separate incidents. So when have we EVER seen any significant cut to police services when demand (crime is at an all-time low)? Never. Frankly, what the police fail to realize is, if everything really went to plan, their reward for doing a excellent/perfect job would be a pink slip. Instead, we have them entrenching. And asking for more monies in new and trend setting ways. They have a budget. Now they want an ISP tax. Smells like MPAA and RIAA. This whole thing stinks. [sorry for ranting].

Comment Gibberish. And you can quote Riker on that. (Score 1) 467

Terrible ideas that would transform coding time to 98% on the oooh-aaah-slider and setup for endless runtime tests vs 2% of actual coding. This is worse than time wasted dealing with various Android incompatibilities! Inspirational software engineer gibberish! His approach: a different way is a better way. Sell it. Sell it. Uhm, ok. Let's see some real world exmples of software projects using more than javascript joke code. "It's the specs that Kosinski sent us. In my opinion, sir, they're gibberish."

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