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Comment Re:Streisand effect (Score 2) 188

PWC isn't really a financial company. Its mostly Audit and Consulting. For the uninitiated with the big [s]five[/s] four, they hire fresh grads and sell their services for $300/hr. This financial backing is how they became one of the largest conglomerates of firms in the world. If you aren't familiar with the fairly large imprint these consulting firms have worldwide, I would recommend you take a peek when you have a chance.

Comment Re:Wait a second (Score 4, Informative) 188

According to the advisory itself: 19.08.2016 PwC contacted 22.08.2016 Meeting with PwC, informed them about the impact and the details of the vulnerability and responsible disclosure 05.09.2016 Asked PwC about updates and whether a patch is available 13.09.2016 Received a Cease & Desist letter from PwC lawyers 18.11.2016 Informed that 90 days have passed and ESNC is planning to release a security advisory; asked for any details PwC can share about this matter including risk, affected versions, how to obtain a patch 22.11.2016 Received another Cease & Desist letter from PwC lawyers 07.12.2016 Public disclosure

Comment Subject (Score 1) 285

So 20% macs have infections on it that they have no reason to counter. Woo. A stat like how many would actually make it onto a system that would have a reason to guard against that virus would be an important stat to guestimate. If you assume there are hardly any windows machines with rudimentary enough security to accept the majority of these viruses to begin with - a story which would sync with known windows infection rates -, this becomes a nonstory. But this essential fact wasn't looked at, making this entire story worthless propaganda.

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