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Comment Re:Pluto is not a planet anymore... (Score 2, Funny) 289

Sorry to be spoilsport, I like the thought experiment, but I'm really going to need a shape complex enough that the math falls into the "I know I don't know how to solve this" category so I can stop feeling uncomfortable with the duk/dA, where uk is known unknowns.

That's okay, just pretend that my rectangle is an infinite 6-dimensional sphere and that the circle is a finite 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold. Does that make you less uncomfortable?

Comment Re:Pluto is not a planet anymore... (Score 2, Interesting) 289

I love science, but it always seems like I know less than yesterday.

This is, in fact, usually true. As the saying goes, "The more you know, the more you know you don't know." If you picture the sum of all knowledge as a rectangle and the sum of your knowledge as a circle inside that rectangle, the boundary of that circle represents what you know that you don't know. As the circle grows, so does the boundary and your awareness of how little we actually understand. Sorry for the long-winded exposition on your comment; I just find that concept fascinating.

Comment Dell's a great example. (Score 4, Interesting) 362

They moved their first call center out of Austin not because their employees were demanding high wages, but because they'd so pissed off everyone even remotely technical in town that they couldn't hire anyone in the first place.
The great thing about following Dell is at least you know you're going to go into bankruptcy really, really slowly. I guess that's a business plan.

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 1100

Then maybe the global warmers should stop acting like they're religious types, and making accusations like "you don't read" to people like myself who question if the problem is manmade or natural. If you're going to act like a zealot, then I'm going to call you one.

Comment Re:It's Netscape VS MS Again.. (Score 1) 335

Nope. He probably doesn't think that patents on "ideas" should exist.

A lot of the more bogus recent patents are effectively that.

The rather difficult task of building the mousetrap isn't the
thing subject to a government enforced monopoly, the IDEA of
a mousetrap is.

The whole "bundleware" thing is a tragedy but allowing bogus patents isn't the answer.

Comment Re:TiVo was cool... (Score 2, Insightful) 335

With TV so fragmented and diverse now it's very hard for all but few shows to break out of the scrum and gain an audience. Just as with film studios the networks don't want niche viewers for quality programs (well maybe PBS does) they want blockbusters with high viewer ratings and long term rebroadcast royalties and DVD sales. Nobody wants a good but low rated Firefly; they all want a mega-hits like Seinfeld. As for reality shows they're cheap to produce.

Comment Re:These people are delusional. (Score 1) 926

While this is true and all, they really need to pick a better way of going about this sort of thing instead of slinging hyperbole around. As it stands the "FSF" campaigns are hard to take seriously, I mean they really come off sounding like crackpots. I guess maybe they are. When you've the FSF essentially sling FUD (mostly fact-based but presented w/ an exagerated and alarmist style) by association all Free and to the extent that it is confused Open software developers, distributors, and users become crackpots by association in the public eye.

Comment Re:This is what most fortune 500 companies want! (Score 1) 926

Because doing things "the company way" (read: The BOFH IT administrator way) is not always the fastest or most efficient way to do things - if the company want value for money/paycheck, they won't lock my software down so hard I can barely breathe.

Can you tell I've just been hit with the totally locked down Exchange-server virus at my workplace? ;-)

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