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Comment Re:I hate Kodi (Score 3, Informative) 50

Well the beauty of Kodi is that if you don't like the interface, you can change it. There are dozens of alternative ones out there. And if you are describing the Confluence skin then that's now been dropped in favour of a more modern looking skin.

But if you are simply looking for a straight video player and don't need the addon or library functions in Kodi then you are probably better off using a straight video player app.

Comment Re:For once, I agree with the Bricker (Score 1) 421

You make some valid points. The one I would add is, it is perhaps understandable that people who have paid money for something feel that they have some right to be heard by the manufacturer when things go awry. But as someone who follows Kodi on Twitter, I have seen for myself that even when people pay precisely zero pounds/dollars/Euros for something they still demand the right to restitution, repair, and rant at the developers when things go wrong. Even when the problems are caused by third-party add-ons.

Comment Amber Rudd is dim (Score 5, Interesting) 360

She's simply the latest of a long line of British ministers who don't really understand the first thing about the Internet and its associated technologies.

Hilariously, in the same interview she claimed that Google was at fault because it was far to easy to find ‘stabbing instructions’ online.

Comment I use them quite a lot (Score 5, Insightful) 266

As someone who tends to open new links in a new tab and who ends up with a dozen or so open, I've always found those options to be very useful, especially the 'Close Tabs to the Right' one. I'm not sure why Google would want to get rid of them - the options hardly seem like a security risk or a burden on processor or RAM resources. I'll miss them if they do disappear.

Comment Re:Complex issue (Score 1) 102

Perhaps you know the answer to this: is it a misconception to think that GERD is caused by excess stomach acid? Isn't the problem that certain foods (primarily acidic food and carminitives) cause the LES to fail to close properly? Therefore tackling GERD either by neutralising acid or reducing its production is tackling the problem from the wrong end, as it were?

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