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Comment Re:John Deere is evil. (Score 1) 639

"It's like if you go to buy a house and you pay $800k, up front, expecting to be able to get a mortgage, leave the place to your kids, and sell it if you have to, only to be told later that you merely rented the place for your life time."

We have something like that in England, primarily in London. When you 'buy' a property in parts of London, you don't own it outright. It's called a 'leasehold' and usually lasts 90+ years, after which you have to give the house back. It's yet another reason not to live in London.

Comment Re:math will still be a problem (Score 1) 114

It's also idiotic because it patently won't or can't be true. So long as the world carries on broadly as it has done there will still be all those things for a large proportion of the world's population. Or was he just referring to himself and his kind who will have fucked off to some Elysium-style space station world?

Comment Re:They are there for troubleshooting (Score 1) 156

Perhaps I should have been clearer: I have never seen a BSOD on Windows 10. As an IT manager in the 1990s I saw more BSODs than I care to remember. Iomega drives were a particularly rich source of blue screens as I recall. But I've never seen one on Windows 10 and I don't think ever saw one on Windows 8 either.

Comment What he actually meant to say was.... (Score 1) 199

""It is a welcome transformation, as OTA is the only way to accomplish secure management of all of a connected car's software in a seamless, comprehensive, and fully integrated manner," Beardslee said."

What he actually meant to say was, "OTA is the cheapest way to update software and if it goes wrong we can (a) blame the customer and (b) charge the customer to put it right.

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