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Comment Re:Shipping? (Score 1) 571

I've been the seller in a situation like this.

I was moving and there was a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to bring to the new apartment so everything that I didn't move with me I listed online. So if a buyer wanted to buy, say, my old washing machine, I would have to go meet them at the old apartment, which was more or less empty except for the few items not sold yet.

Comment Re:Shipping? (Score 1) 571

and one or two instances where they tried to change the price after arriving

I've had that happen, and I HATE IT. Hate the SHIT out of it. You're trying to screw me around after we AGREED on a price? Fuck that shit.

Next time it happens, demand more.

If you agreed upon $100, and they offer $80, deny it and say the price has now went up to $120.

Comment Re:A little behind the times... (Score 1) 135

I have flown a A380, and the toilet had barely enough space to sit.

(note: I was on a lufthansa, not qantas)

I actually need to spread my legs a little to pee while sitting.

However, there is a glimpse of hope, as there is supposed to be larger lavatories like these somewhere:

Comment Re:There are US DHS at London Gatwick?? (Score 1) 704

It's common for people to mix up visa and ESTA.

Many countries are part of the visa waiver program, and they have to fill out an ESTA-application online and have it approved before attempting travel.

An ESTA-approval is no guarantee that you will be allowed to enter, but at least you should be able to fly.

Unless there is also something else in relation to Secure flight / AFIS, that is the transferral of passenger information to US authorities.

Comment Re:Where is the demo video? (Score 2) 58

There is a video on top of the page, and it's crap.

It appears they read the definition of a random word from a dictionary, and one of the researchers try to make it fit when talking to the subject. Sort of a cold reading.

"perhaps, a travel, or two, a goverment. .. the travel is blabla bla"
- is that true? are you travelling?

"probably it is the knowledge of .."
- are you a college graduate?

Wow.. just not impressed.

Comment 20% increase is a bad thing? (Score 5, Insightful) 271

"but growth in Google's primary business, search advertising, has flattened out at about 20 percent a year for the last few years"

So if I understand the summary, google only grows with 20% each year and that is a bad thing?

I would start to worry if it was reduced by 20% every year.

Comment Re: Hard to believe (Score 1) 804

Unfortunately, it's not available for Windows. If you want people to switch from Windows to Linux, have them addicted to open source programs before you switch them over.

Currently using Chrome, Mozilla and Thunderbird, so I'm almost there..

Would love to try Darktable on Windows, but no luck.

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