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Comment Re:That's the point... (Score 1) 148

I think the CC makes sense if, as a developer for example, you need resources that have to be set up by someone else. Databases, accounts, VMs etc...
Probably I could do those things myself, but hey, they are responsible for it so I have to go through them.
If after a couple of days nothing seems to be moving, it's time for some cc's.
As for coworkers that you can't trust doing a good job, I'd rather do the job myself than delegating it. Yes, they should be let go, but if management ignores the issue there isn't much you can do about it. If you know it will take more time explaining it, fixing their bad implementation, and they won't learn anything from it and repeat the same mistakes the next time than doing it yourself, than yes I'm not going to e-mail them.

Comment Re:Make the H1B minwage $100K + COL (Score 1) 619

Talked to a guy who works with plenty of H1Bs and he said he didn't know anyone making under 125k. So, maybe there are a couple of big players really undercutting the H1B process, or we are just hearing about the abusive cases.
However if they have official H1B stats claiming 80% makes under the median for their skill/trade, that's an issue. Would want to know where these stats come from though.

Comment Re:isn't this pretty straightforward? (Score 1) 313

This sounds all pretty standard if you have a software engineering background, but sometimes office politics takes over.
The codebase being dispersed over different teams, each team of course thinks their stuff is most important.
Those 50 small projects? You just created dependency hell! Sure, in theory you should strive for high cohesion and low coupling of projects, but suddenly team A needs this from team B, and they don't want to spend time asking, so they just implement that functionality at their level. Or the lower level team really wants to push through that change, suddenly the other team can adapt plenty of code (that should be low coupling).

Comment Maybe because you are getting paid at West Point? (Score 1) 178

I don't understand why attendance means anything. Of course, in a military school it makes sense, since you are enrolled in the military and you are getting paid. Basically, you're on the clock.
Also, in Labs and practical courses obviously you need to be there to gain experience.
You could see it the other way around. If you get points just for showing up, you don't need to know the material as well. Whereas if your final grade for the course is the written exam and maybe the oral exam; than your mastery of the material is the only thing that counts in your grading
. I've seen students ace difficult maths exams while studying undergrad in Mathematics who never came to class. If you can master material on your own in a course where half the class flunks, you know your stuff, whether you've been going to class or not.

Comment Re:Common Sense calling - Women have babies (Score 1) 238

You are entitled, but that's not enough to pick up your kid from school each day at 3 pm, when most people still have hours to go at work.
Or to cover the 14+ weeks of holidays kids have in a year. When I look at my siblings and friends who have kids in kindergarten and elementary school, most are being picked up by their grandparents.
If you don't have that social support from family, and you are a single parent, you're pretty much forced to work half-time or find employment that matches perfectly with the schedule of your kids, hence being a school teacher usually works out.

Comment Re:logical fallacy? (Score 1) 115

The MiniMax algorithm (one of the simplest game algorithms) does exactly the same thing. It looks a couple of moves ahead, and picks the best to its knowledge (value function of that state). It can't brute force all Chess moves either. The art is how to calculate a correct value function of the state of the board.
The Deep Learning approach is probably more an exercise in finding features to correctly assess the state of the board at a given time rather than "brute forcing", although I'm sure it brute forces quite a lot. There's a reason why it takes years to train this system, because it requires a lot of "brute forcing".

Comment Re:The traveller (Score 1) 116

There is a second type of Reinventer. And he sits at the opposite of your Reinventer. It's the guy who will call bullshit on every open source framework (or other) and will start implementing his own version from scratch. The claim will usually be that the framework doesn't completely matches the needs and creates too much overhead. Instead, he'd rather implement an application server, logging system, or a generic client-server framework, load-balancing from scratch, etc... Years later, after most bugs are solved, you have your completely custom and undocumented solution that only works with your particular use-case.

Comment Re:Only had issues with the micro-manager (Score 1) 140

The Push Over / Overwhelmer is equally bad though. Because they will just add stuff to your plate, interrupting you constantly as well.
Say you're busy with a 2 day task. By noon, you will already need to pull a report for something else because he promised it up the hierarchy or other meeting where he didn't dare say no. He will promise two other high priority tasks that you also have to perform in the mean time and by the end of the 2 days, where you had basically 2 hours of work on the initial project, he will ask why the initial task is taking so long. They are basically setting you up for failure and make you look bad. Because you'll be the scapegoat and the guy who's bad at time-management when one of the tasks aren't handled properly or over time.

micro-managers are the worst though, because they suck every ounce of creativity out of you, and often take credit for your stuff.

Comment Re:Health insurance (Score 1) 283

Shouldn't it be pretty evenly distributed, given that you buy insurance your whole life, but chances of big health costs are much lower at an early age. So you're banking for later years. By the time you really need hospital visits, you may already have spend 6 figures on insurance without ever asking.

Comment Re:What about hidden cost? (Score 1) 267

No it doesn't. Because you still have to pay taxes in Europe as well, and they are much higher than in the US.
So, not only are you only making half, you're also often losing half of that to taxes. So in the end, it's not a x2 but more a x3 win for the US.
I'm in Western Europe (Belgium) and wages for web (full stack) and software development are definitely higher than 35k. They are probably more in the 50k range. Except if you just came out of school.

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