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Comment Re:A Mega-Mac Pro is Needed (Score 1) 228

This. I've also heard the argument of buying the high-end mac because that's the best value for money period.
If you went for the 27" iMac 1 to 2 years ago, you'd have a monitor that is basically worth 1,000$ compared to the competition 27" 4k's out there (27" 4k monitor prices of last year). So for the 1,000$ left of the price of the 27" iMac you'd have top-end hardware in there. Plus you get the great design look of the iMac. Great value for money.

Comment Re:Sharpened? They blurred the original intentiona (Score 1) 304

They still do it in Rogue One (and pretty much every action movie). All the battles and shoot-outs are filmed handy-cam style with maybe 1 or 2 second shots, because if you keep that fixed it will probably look a bit corny with stormtroopers and other characters in heavy costumes logging about.
Loved the movie, btw!

Comment huh (Score 1) 1

my son thought a lot of it was boring too. I thought it was the 2nd best of the sw films after esb.

Comment Re:In communist Russia (Score 1) 80

Francois Mitterand, former French president was also diagnosed early on with prostate cancer, but they kept this a secret for obvious political reasons. Every time he had to go abroad, they made sure not to throw any of the medication packages in the trash can, since they know it would be searched. I don't know if they went as far as making him poop or pee in another bathroom or porta-potty though.

Comment subscribe mailinglist to itself (Score 2) 302

Back in the 90s I was in college and the CS department implemented some mailing-lists per course and one for the whole department (this was on a Unix server). Someone was smart enough to subscribe the mailing-list to itself (and they didn't saw it coming). He successfully mail bombed all the accounts in the department and crashed the server :). Evidently the CS department was not amused, proclaiming they would certainly find the prankster but back in those days you could just probably have done this by telnet-ting the smtp server so nope ...

Another classic in big companies (and has happened several times at one I worked for) is people trying to send an e-mail to a department in the company like HR, finding a list named something like "HR_Dallas" in the global address listing not knowing this is not the HR Dallas department but rather the list that sends an e-mail to all Dallas employees. Yep, you just send your private confidential mail to all the employees :-)

Comment Re:Leftism as usual (Score 2) 454

Calling Hilary "Leftist" is pretty ridiculous though. Maybe she is leftist in the seriously "rightist" biased US; but she is definitely at least "moderate-right" to just plain "right" from a European POV.
Which still leaves out standpoints on abortion and gay marriage, which in most European countries are well agreed upon by the "regular" right and left. Only religious conservative parties are really against it. So these are not typical "left is pro" and "right is contra" topics. Both left and right are pro, just the religious and very conservative are contra.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 259

True. I remember a girl who went to a catholic private school (Belgium), and they were told on regular basis that they were the elite because this was an elite school and such. Of course that was pure bs, since the course curriculum is the same in every school. If you take advanced math and science, you will get advanced math and science regardless of being in a public or catholic school. It's just the entitlement that's different.

Comment Re:talk about missing the point (Score 1) 370

On many of the computers, like the C64, you actually had to type in commands to load files and games from disk and cassette. This was done directly in BASIC. So you were simply not able to ignore it. And most people didn't go further than 10 PRINT "HELLO", but when kids got together some would just show some skills and the other kids simply wanted to learn it as well.
Now, even if there are programming languages packaged on your computer, you still need to specifically use that program.
Personally I find the discussion a bit ridiculous. Most programming languages can be learned online and have online interpreters. You don't need to package it at all. Just by googling I found one for BASIC, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, etc... where I just had to start programming on the website immediately.

Comment Re:E.g. We can't use it if we can't cheat (Score 1) 87

I'm not really knowledgeable in the subject, but I wonder if it's even possible at all. Isn't a blockchain exactly there to not be tampered with? Isn't it a distributed system? So "editing" a former block would require you to "edit" it in all distributed systems, changing the hash, and would require all following blocks to be re-edited and re-hashed as well.

Submission + - China Launches Second Space Lab (

hackingbear writes: China's next space laboratory, Tiangong-2 launched from the country's Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center today at 10:04 a.m. EDT (1404 GMT) on a Long March 2F carrier rocket. Like its predecessor Tiangong-1, Tiangong-2 is an orbiting space lab – but this latest model has made several improvements in the series. Among the advances: astronauts can remain on the station up to 30 days; New systems allow in orbit refueling of propellant; and 14 new experiments in a wide range of sciences including composite material fabrication, advanced-plant cultivation, gamma ray burst polarization, fluid physics, space-to-earth quantum communications. The space lab is also equipped with a cold atom space clock, that has an estimated precision of 10 to the power of minus 16 seconds, or a one-second error every 30 million years, enhancing accuracy of time-keeping in space by one to two orders of magnitudes. This exactitude will help measure previously undetectable fluctuations for experiments conducted in zero-gravity.

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