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Comment Re:Pay your taxes (Score 1) 270

Are they seeing this a currency or stock? Because what they could (and probably do) tax is Capital Gain. You bought some bitcoins at 50$, they are now 1050$ (looks like some people cashed in from the 1280$ peak :-)), so that's 20-30% capital gain tax on 1000$/btc please.
Since you did hold on to them more than a year that's long term capital gain tax which is a bit less, though
But it may indeed be hard to prove where these come from. Did you mine them, did you buy them as an investment, was this some kind of payment, etc...

Comment Re:My Netbook (Score 1) 242

I had an Acer Aspire One 10" as well (windows 7). Toshiba drive crashed within a year. 1080p would freeze up after 10 seconds and it would shutdown from overheating if you did two things at once (It was definitely not useful for any programming), especially while charging. Actually, it crashed several times from overheating when Windows 7 was setting up the first time I turned it on. After the crash, put an SSD in there and installed linux; went much better. Still, 1080p (and even 720p) were still a no go and programming was still pretty much a no go as well.
If you have to add 2x4 GB DIMMS (at the time probably a 70-100$ upgrade 5-6 years ago) and a > 100$ small SSD (5 yrs ago) to make it usable, could have gone indeed for a low-end laptop.

Comment Re: A cure for which there is no disease (Score 1) 249

Because they're going to lower the price of electricity if they can cut jobs, right? Wrong! they'll just increase their profit!
You know what happens when everyone starts consuming less electricity due to solar power, smart meters, led screens, led lighting, energy-saving dish-washers and washing machines? They just raise the price of electricity. This has been happening here (Belgium) for years now. They just disguise this under "environmental friendly measures" to teach people to be more "ecology minded". But if everyone consumes 20% less, prices are not going to drop 20%. They still need to make money, so they'll raise them instead.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 207

PewDiePie only has to support one person: himself. His investment to do his thing is a good camera, a good mic, a good gaming rig and that's it. And at this stage he probably gets paid plenty to endorse certain products. To shoot a movie, you need a much bigger investment, hundreds of people and experts with different trades, secure locations and studios, soundtracks, a distribution network etc ....

Comment Re:They just don't care (Score 1) 119

They actually do care in sectors like healthcare where information is heavily protected by law through HIPAA and it definitely is everyone's concern.
Fines are high and the damage to the business may be even higher. Stocks go down. Partners don't trust you anymore with their data.
You bet the C-suite is concerned if a breach means their 50 million $ worth of stock just dropped by 50%.

Comment models may re-enforce themselves too (Score 1) 85

Take the deployment of Police resources. They try to predict in what area crimes are more likely to happen at a time in point. Area has higher crime rate, police forces are deployed in the area. Result: even more crimes recorded in that area.
Model says people are not the right candidate to get the job. Result: you don't get the job and other people who look good to the model get the job. Again, more data that "proves" those people should not get that job and the other people do.

Comment It's just a media player (Score 3, Interesting) 105

Kodi is just media player software. Every TV now has a build-in media player and internet access. Okay, maybe not those 'illegal' streaming plug-ins, but they all have browsers where you can access the same content. I mean, do these built-in TV media-players really expect all those .mp4 and .mkv files they play to be "legally" obtained? They know damn well the origin of most of that content is shady at best, yet they enable it.
I think there is more behind this story and it's probably more tax than copyright related. They are making hundreds of thousands in a parallel market without paying taxes. That's the real crime here.

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