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Comment Re:Not a liberal (Score 1) 319

That's only partially true. At 14 you try to experiment with things not knowing the full impact of your actions. I took apart many electronic devices when I was that age and I didn't know what I was doing. Youtube is full of clips of kids trying to sound like hackers and where they just learned about ping or traceroute and are explaining it as if that would magically hack a website.

Comment Re:Jiggery-pokery (Score 1) 460

NFLX is a highly volatile stock, and has been bouncing between 85 and 100 on and off for the past 6 months. Before that there was 6 months of bouncing between 100 and 120.
When you see the crazy ascent it made in 3 years time, losing 10% now and then isn't that big of a deal. It's just 'regular' day trading.

Comment Re:VPNs FTW? (Score 1) 460

It can take absurd proportions. For example, there was a Belgian movie that came out last year called 'Black'. It was pretty successful at the theaters here (in Belgium) and was also heavily subsidized by plenty of governmental audio-visual funds as this was a film directed by promising young Directors and young actors. They sold the rights to the movie to Netflix early on (while it was still in theaters here), except for Belgium where you couldn't watch the movie on Netflix. How ironic is that? You could watch that movie everywhere as a Netflix subscriber, except the Belgian subscribers who basically paid for the movie through taxes ???

Comment Re:Why do judges allow these lawsuits? (Score 1) 108

It's very perverse. In this video (, you see the guy actually seeking out those patent troll offices. They appear to be just empty offices with no one inside. So a small hallway in an office space will host door after door each being the address for one patent troll company. The craziest part is that one of these buildings is just across the street from the courthouse! So, those judges know damn well these patent trolls are just empty boxes created to simply go after people to settle.

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