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Journal Journal: A lapse into biology geekery

I suspect that most of my journal entries will be records of the curious things that I've seen in my periodic excurions into the outside world. Today, for example, I saw a pheasant, and yesterday, while I was being driven from Halifax to Amherst, I saw two deer, a roadkilled coyote, and even a bald eagle. Of these creatures, I had only ever seen deer before outside a museum or a zoo, so the biology geek in me was very very happy.

There were also plenty of crows, of course, but although they are among my favourite birds, I can see them anywhere. There's actually a couple that like to perch outside my livingroom window and preen themselves. It's a sight that I rarely get to see otherwise -- crows are normally so sleek and pristine, but the ones outside that window are all fluffed up with wings splayed while they try to clean out every speck of dust.

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Journal Journal: An observation

On my way to school today, I saw a bit of graffiti that really made me giggle. Scrawled in large capital letters on the side of a bus shelter was one brief message:

RM -RF /*

This was clearly an area controlled by geeks.

The command is case-sensitive, of course, but given the medium (ie. graffiti) I think that the vandal is allowed some artistic license.

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