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Comment Re:politicians. (Score 1) 398

Reasonable restrictions, eh? Okay, fine. Go to New York, apply for a pistol purchasing permit (which takes six months and the police can deny for any damn reason) get fingerprinted, background checked, and all that. Then when you have permission to purchase, go get your first pistol added to the permit before you can actually take possession of it (which can take six more months and, again, be denied for the police's amusement). Then, assuming you're actually successful, come back in a year and tell us if there's any way humanly possible they can make it any more difficult for you. The NY legislature would love to oblige, they've just run out of ideas. Oh, and be sure to go back the year after to re-register because the first permit was only good for three years.

Submission + - What do you think of lethal robots in war?

An anonymous reader writes: The Mobile Robot Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology is inviting us to participate in an opinion survey conducted as a part of an important research project under a grant from the Army Research Office. The goal of this survey is to determine how acceptable the robots capable of lethal force in warfare are to different people of varying backgrounds and positions. In addition to having your voice heard, you may also be interested in learning more about robotics and the challenges that face it. Sign up for the survey here.

Submission + - Jack Thompson Seeks to Profit From Massacre

Jaklar writes: "We've posted an email exchange between Jason Della Rocca, Executive Director of the IGDA, and Jack Thompson, everyone's favorite mouthpiece for anti-videogaming hyperbole. The emails shed light on Jack's motivations, clearly illuminating his intention to profit from tragic events, much to the dismay of Jason Della Rocca. I'm sure you'll find the emails as interesting as we did.
Here's a little taste:
From: "Jack Thompson"
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 10:42:01 -0400
Sure, you agree and then we get an agent to book it or them. Nice of you to characterize me as worse than an ambulance chaser. I was trying to stop these ambulances from being dispatched over the last eight years. You can apologize at our first debate. Do you agree or not?
Della Rocca pressed the issue, asking Thompson to detail the process by which the debate would take place, to which Thompson responded:
From: "Jack Thompson"
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 12:45:59 -0400
First, you agree to debate. Then we get an agent who gets us a venue, or more than one on college campuses, and we get paid to debate. We negotiate the venue and the revenue. /Jack_Thompson_Looking_for_a_Fast_Buck_in_Debate/"

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