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Comment What aboot... (Score 1) 585

when the sun becomes a red giant and the Earth goes *poof* (and, yes, I know it doesn't happen quite like that..) ?

That puts a time limit of some number of billion years on the existence of this planet. Hopefully we'll have left by then. And by we, I do mean me, I plan to live 42 trillion years.

Comment Now they can... (Score 2) 762

afford to make more than 12 Warehouse episodes a season.

I was a huge fan of SG-1, and Atlantis was better than nothing, but SGU was about to lose my interest. The reveal of the bridge ALMOST took me back in, but it was not enough to overcome the poor writing. Death of Ginn. QED.

Oh, and not to mention that the premise of them being "the wrong people" doesn't jive with how they got to be the scientists and the defense of one of the most secret bases.

Comment Re:They released it under the BSD license? (Score 1, Insightful) 337

What.. how... huh?

All that shows is someone not understanding their chosen license and getting angry that they didn't get credit for their work.

Restrictions in the name of freedom is not freedom. Perhaps what you mean is that BSD doesn't work quite so well in a world where people hunger for fame and recognition. I'd bet Data would be BSD if Soong lived long enough to perfect things.

Comment Flexible sizes? (Score 1) 984

Why can't they let us change what units we want to see file sizes in?

Maybe I want all my file sizes in multiples of linear block size for the device in question (I only ever use desktop PCs where the devices have blocks of either 512 or 2048 bytes), or define custom units of the number of 128bit double quadwords in base 6.

Why not let the user decide? A program that opens a file is still going to get the number of bytes anyway (it can query the operating system to convert between the custom units).


NASA May Drop Ares I-Y Test Flight 203

Matt_dk writes "Just one week after the first test launch of the Ares I-X rocket, NASA says it may decide to cancel a follow-up launch called Ares 1-Y, which wasn't scheduled until 2014. Reportedly, program managers recommended dropping the flight because, currently, there isn't funding to get an upper stage engine ready in time. Depending on whether the Obama administration decides to continue the Ares I program, this decision may be moot. Earlier this week Sen. Bill Nelson said Obama may make a decision on NASA's future path, based on the report by the Augustine Commission, by the end of November."

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