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Comment Re:Mozilla is wasting money, brains, and time (Score 1) 81

Problem is that once they accomplished that goal, they didn't know what to do next.

How about maintain the balance? Maintain the small simple extensible browser. Make it efficient at what it does. Follow W3C standards. Maintain the Gecko engine. That is all.

Comment Re: Microsoft a year behind, caught w/pants down (Score 1) 147

True but I've seen similar stories re: MS - "Microsoft is betting big that HDR displays will be much more popular in the near future compared to 4K screens or those that offer a wider color gamut." -

And they did release the Xbox One S to address HDR. It just looks like they didn't count on Sony adding additional power as well as HDR.

Comment Not gonna happen (Score 1) 147

They simply must be compared at some point, not everyone is going to buy all the systems.

If they have incremental hardware steps some people will stay behind until forced to upgrade, we'll actually truly reach the point where mom can say "Why do you need a Super Nintendo? You already have a Nintendo!"

Comment Would love for steambox to take off (Score 1) 147

I sincerely hope it gains traction, too bad they castrated it by not having defined hardware specs and let 3rd parties just do whatever.

If they had defined specs devs would have to stick to, we'd see highly optimized and well tested games, something PC and console enthusiasts both want. Instead we have PC games broken out the gate with varied performance across the board.

If we could have a reference spec for PC games it would make such a box highly attractive for gamers who just want to enjoy games hassle free and know ahead of time what performance will be like on their systems

Comment No, there is no killer app for VR (Score 1) 147

No, because the PS4/XO still must run every title that PS4 Pro / Scorpio will run, including VR. So VR is still hamstrung by the old hardware. But then this supposes VR will sell systems. No, because there are no games. We are not seeing weekly reviews of amazing VR games, not even monthly. I believe VR will hit its stride much later, now is only a gimmick. VR needs to find its killer apps.

Comment Microsoft a year behind, caught w/pants down (Score 1) 147

The fact that Scorpio is a year away and the gap between PS4 and Xbox One can only widen until then makes me think that Microsoft did not see this coming, and are boasting now to hope people will wait an entire year to make any console purchasing decisions. That seems highly unrealistic.

When the 360 was released a year ahead of PS3, Sony was still boasting about the power of the PS3, hoping people would wait. It didn't work, the launched later with a more expensive system and they had to fight the entire generation for game parity and mindshare. Here we have the Scorpio coming a year later, and many speculating that by then PS4 Pro will be $300 and Scorpio will be $400, some thinking even more due to the hardware punch Scorpio is packing.

As we see now with PS4 and Xbox One though, even with the power gap between the two, third party games are still more or less the same on both now, with only Sony/MS titles pushing the hardware. My guess is when Scorpio is out things will be similar, with Scorpio games mainly having slightly higher resolution or more anti aliasing.

It seems like MS is just launching Scorpio so that they don't have nothing at all to compete with until PS5/Xbox Two are out.

See my other post for more thoughts here

Comment It doesn't matter (Score 1) 147

Not many people have 4k sets, HDR isn't standardized, and by the time things get sorted out and these end up in peoples' homes, the next generation will be upon us and ready to fully exploit 4k. As it is now, both of these consoles will be struggling to do 30fps at 4k, much less 60fps like people want to see.

These are stop-gap consoles and as such should focus on enhancements that can be appreciated at 1080p like 60fps and additional geometry.

And I don't think this is the start of a rolling console hardware future, which would force console manufacturers to stick with particular APU vendors and perhaps be hamstrung when it comes to compatibility that would allow for hardware iterations.

Anyhow, the Scorpio, MS's console, is still a year away and the PS4 Pro is launching this November, there will be a year head start and all that press going to Sony, anyone trying to wait will have a hard time ignoring all the enhanced games.

When MS's offering is here we will already be 4 years into the current generation, and the gap between Sony and MS would have an additional year to grow. All the games for these stop-gap consoles will have to remain compatible with the older hardware, so we can't really stretch things out to another 8 year generation again.

The fact that Scorpio is a year away makes me think MS were caught with their pants down and are scrambling to have an offering, but I don't think it will have much of an impact before we start hearing about the PS5, which Sony has stated is an eventuality.

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