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Comment To what end (Score 0) 16

"Potential applications could include estimated economic output from activity in urban areas, or guiding city governments on how to improve services such as trash collections, he says."

Figuring out what to do or how to do it is not the problem, but getting people in the government to coordinate and execute is the problem. They will no doubt find the most expensive boneheaded contract that will never get anywhere.

Comment Re:Using Cinnamon (Score 1) 509

That's why I'm sticking with a GUI that pledges never to change. It really does make us feel like idiots when we update our software and everything is changed around because an interface designer got bored. It takes us a while to understand and get used to such changes. We feel like idiots when we have to constantly relearn things. Sticking with Cinnamon makes us feel clever, we always know exactly how to do what we want.

Comment Distracting (Score 1) 203

So instead of watching the road in front of them, some drivers will be watching a clock on their dashboard and waiting for it to hit 0 then blindly flooring it. I mean, these people are probably the target market for this car. I can already think of a few people I already know that will probably instantly want one.

Comment Re: People who own consoles (Score 1) 157

I experience that but am happy with it, because the game is fun. Yes, console doesn't have ultra high fidelity and a million tweakable options, but I prefer simplicity and function over complexity and troubleshooting. I used to love PC for those reasons exactly so I can understand, but after a while I got tired of the troubleshooting.

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