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Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 109

Nobody cares about graphical power, they just care about fun. The point is to make something other than a traditional console, to offer different ways to play, that can complement the other consoles, if you even want that. Only hard core gamers start caring about these things (luckily many Nintendo first party games do please the hard core gamer while remaining accessible).

Nintendo did make an updated 3DS by the way, the New 3DS. The Switch seems to be taking the Wii U concept much further. And everyone already has a Wii so why make that again. Making something different and unique is a smart way to provide a distinct experience. Making a me-too console will automatically make them a footnote.

Comment Re:More productive = you'll need less people (Score 1) 126

With limited jobs already? Sure, if somehow this pursuit could be subsidized and there was a guaranteed position waiting for you throiugh all that. Right now people are in huge debt after going to school, and may not all be able to get a job (even as a start within a larger organization) that complements their skillset.

Maybe basic income...

Comment Re:Why were the updates problematic? (Score 1) 156

I don't get why the driver suite has its own built in update mechanism if Windows Update can do it... but if Windows Update can do it then I don't get why it doesn't update the entire suite too (or all of the other software installed). It sounds like a very disjointed experince that is not well thought out... and if MS plans to take user agency out of the equation then naturally things will get messed up. They really should be more aware of the actual user experience and plan their software and services accordingly.

Comment Sounds completely backwards (Score 0) 156

Optimizing drivers for games? That sounds completely backwards. Drivers should be optimized for the hardware, and DirectX should handle any optimizations that need to be passed on to the driver. Is DirectX not doing its job? And all the game should have to worry about is talking to DirectX. It seems pretty straightforward. Why in the world should drivers have to worry about what one specific user application is doing?

Comment Why were the updates problematic? (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Were they untested or something? Years of automatically accepting updates on Linux (kernel and otherwise) across varying hardware and it's been extremely rare that I've experienced any issues at all...

Is all the software/drivers on Windows considered bleeding edge? Is the hardware not abstracted such that it would cause a complete meltdown with no user interaction possible? Are recovery options insanely complex for the user?

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