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Comment Re:Tired (Score 1) 436

Some movies are done well indeed. I'm not sure how necessary it was to re-distribute Titanic in 3D though. Seems like a money grab in my eyes.

As for the Hobbit, I had problems focusing when I watched the Hobbit due to my old contact lenses irritating my eyes (note to self - new lenses before the cinema!) ut from what I could tell the 3D was tasteful, much like in Prometheus, focusing more on depth than scare tactics.

I have not really watched many 3D movies though. Alice in Wonderland is the only one I disliked the 3D effect in, can't put my finger on why.

Dredd 3D however did a good impression on me. The 3D was used more to intensify (?) the death-scenes and the use of the slowmo drug in a somewhart artistical way. To this date I think it's the best use of 3D I have seen.

I would LOVE to see documentaries that utilize 3D, but also more artistic use of it. But as with everything else, taste differs from person to person.

In the end however, 3D is still a new technology and it's not just the audience that has to get used to it, but also the people who make the movies. I say it might be worth while to give them another year or so before getting rid of it - Because if used right, 3D can be a pleasant addition to a movie.

Comment Re:Patent Law? (Score 1) 255

Isn't this what usually happens? And yes, I think that is how they work. The companies holding the patents wait for the rivals to generate revenue and then enters the battleground in order to take a piece of the money through settlement.

I have not looked into it, but it sounds a lot like what happened between Seagate and STEC.

Comment Re:Rly? (Score 3, Insightful) 74

I was about to post a longer post but changed my mind. The conclusion I reached was: No, we don't like this since we can't trust them. As you mentioned they will have to collect data, and they will misuse it. Once they have this data, they will stray away from the original purpose and be used for solving lesser (easier) crimes in order to bring statistics up.

How often is the data they collect actually used to attack and stop the source, rather than the distributors? Cutting a leg off won't do very much.

Comment This was reported back in January (Score 2) 63

Wait what, there was news about this back in January in Swedish media, where as Facebook representatives claimed that these were messages written directly to each others walls (I have facebook, and looking back, I would not talk openly about vomiting, personal issues or anything of that sort). I want to recall Facebook later claimed that the chat function from the beginning was not a real chat, but rather "minifeed" posts which were hidden from the wall (so an update of some sort showed these posts, if they started showing with timeline or prior to that, I do not know). Looking back at the articles right now, I don't actually find any references to media abroad, but rather just swedish ones. Anyway, here are the sources I found (all in swedish, sorry). Origin afaik: (requires login) A post that tries to list the facts among other things (a good read) Explanation by Facebooks Swedish representative And finally from aftonbladet (sensational articles deluxe) Imo, the top three links are the ones worth having a look at.

Comment Re:Been a while (Score 1) 340

Well, it seems to be the Battle.Net 2.0 data that has been leaked whilst you had an account on Battle.Net classic. If it was a long time ago I would assume you are safe. In the earlier days B.Net didn't even have email (until they introduced password recovery) and accounts were removed if inactive for a certain period of time (3 months iirc). Today Bnet classic accounts are not removed after this period of time. The accounts will however be open for re-registration if you have not logged in to your account during these 3 months someone else can register that account and your stored information would effectively be deleted. Unfortunately, I don't know when this introduced.

Comment Re:What's the point of this system? (Score 1) 107

From "The interpreted code has two prime benefits: portability and security." He also discusses the VM in "With significant chunks of code now running on the client side, if we stuck with binary dll's then the less popular system would find that they could not connect to the new servers because the mode code hadn't been ported" The documents are interesting, if you get the some time for reading I recommend you check them out.

Submission + - Sony admits major security breach in PSN ( 1

" rel="nofollow">vivin writes: "ARS Technica reports that Sony has provided more information about its "external intrusion". It appears that personal information has been compromised. According to Sony, if you are on PSN, the following pieces of information have been compromised for sure: your name, your address (city, state, and zip), country, e-mail address, birthday, PSN password and login name.

Sony also stated that it was possible that your profile data (including purchase history and billing address), and security answers have been obtained. If you have a dependent on your account, their data may also be compromised."


Submission + - Family Sues Facebook Over Photos Of Slain Daughter (

autospa writes: A couple is suing Facebook over a photo of their slain daughter posted on the Internet social networking site by a New York City paramedic. Ronald and Marti Wimmer filed the lawsuit Friday in Richmond County, the New York borough of Staten Island, the New York Daily News reported. Their daughter, Caroline Wimmer, a teacher, was beaten and strangled in 2009 in her Staten Island apartment.

Submission + - Inside a Verizon Wireless Superswitch

An anonymous reader writes: has posted a walkthrough of a Verizon Wireless Superswitch, a 45,000 square foot, $50 million facility. From the article, "The Superswitch we visited, located in Orlando, Fl., is one of about 25 across the US. These control centers are designed to handle mobile calls, SMS, MMS, and mobile broadband for their respective regions. This particular Superswitch faces a somewhat unique problem given it’s unfortunate proximity to extreme weather conditions, and as such is re-enforced to survive a Category 5 hurricane and still provide service to its area. While finite numbers were unavailable, this center handles millions of calls and texts, as well as tens of thousands of gigabytes of mobile data on an average day, and is designed to scale up rapidly for large events or emergencies."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony May Get PS3 hacker Case Moved To California (

RedEaredSlider writes: Sony Computer Entertainment America may win its fight to get its case against a hacker tried in California, as it has filed documents that it says tie him to the state.

Sony's original lawsuit says George Hotz and several other people violated copyright, the computer fraud and abuse act and California law by publishing a "jailbreak" for the PlayStation 3 that allows other operating systems to be run on the console, as well as pirated games.

A big part of the legal battle between Sony and Hotz has been over where the case should be argued. Hotz and his legal team say it should be in New Jersey, where Hotz lives. Sony says it should be in California. If Sony can show that it was harmed in California, then the judge will probably grant its motion to have the case tried there.

In its latest filings, Sony cites the terms of service that anyone who sets up a PlayStation Network account has to agree to. Anyone who accepts them is in a binding agreement with Sony, which explicitly states that any disputes with the company must be brought to court in San Mateo County. Sony says Hotz created an account under the name "blickmaniac" that matches the serial number of the PlayStation 3 that Hotz bought in February 2010. By creating an account on the PSN, Hotz has essentially said he is willing to submit to the jurisdiction of a California court, as per the terms of service.

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