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Journal Journal: Gamey

yeah, so i'm never eating deer meat again.

not a big loss, i've had it less than five or six times my whole life.

i wonder if i'll ever get this taste out of my mouth.

"yeah, that's what she said..."

and in other news, i wanna rock.

fuck html
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Journal Journal: Redundant

I hate getting modded redundant when the mods see something similar just moments before my post.


sometimes it takes a sec or two.

karma whoreing since '01.
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Journal Journal: Port 5190

My stupid office got a new nokia checkpoint firewall. and they decided to block stupid port 5190.

i have no AIM, now. blah.
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Journal Journal: i can't drive 55

my car transmission is fixed. overdrive works again. i can now slow down on the interstate, and also save fuel economy. automatic transmission t3h suxxorz
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Journal Journal: subject line empty

i've been meta moderating a lot recently. but not moderating. i wrote something else in here the other day, but it's not here. forgotten.
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Journal Journal: being sick sucks

welcome to the flu baby, you're gonna fuckin' die!
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Journal Journal: fruity

the "health and wellness committee" at my work made everyone bowls of fresh fruit today. i'm sitting here, in my cool office, eating excellent fresh fruit, and slashdotting. strawberries and pineapple. watermellon. not a bad day so far.
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Journal Journal: Live Journal

So i haven't been doing shit with my live journal
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Journal Journal: how do you explain

how do you explain to your wife that you were out in the parking lot at work talking to the programmer until six thirty in the morning?

no, but what if you really were just out in the parking lot talking to the programmer?
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Journal Journal: Satellite 1735

looking for another toshiba satellite 1735 for a special project. doesn't have to be complete as i already have extra parts.
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Journal Journal: LTJ (con't)

Ok, i got it, and sweet jesus it's good. best buy $8.99 - best nine bucks i've spent it a long time.
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Journal Journal: LTJ

Holy Carp! Today there was a new LTJ disc released. off to BBY!
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Journal Journal: pathetic

this is the one journal in the universe that's worse than my LJ one.

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