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Comment Re: Yes. (Score 1) 196

It was always things that seemed benign, but in hindsight were pretty discouraging. Mind you I'm in my 40's now but I remember in high school being scheduled for a class that taught basic logic and being unregistered and sent to the secretarial course - without my having been asked. Because girls weren't supposed to take that class anyway.The teacher "knew" it was a mistake because I was the only girl in there. This was mid to late 1980's.

What changed it all for me was actually having a computer at home and wanting to know more and do more. And having a husband who knew as little as I did - we tackled quite a bit together although I think learning C++ may have contributed to our divorce.

At any rate, I'm just saying, it's important to just let girls be and discover and grow. You'd be surprised how many girls are getting the same messages in 2015 that I got in 1980-something. If only everything "for us" wasn't pink or purple.

Comment Re: Yes. (Score 0) 196

So in your purview, it's not worth the price of tea in China to find the few who do? You see it less as something girls don't want to do versus something girls are discouraged to do. I, for one, believe it's the latter. But then, I'm a black woman who codes who didn't even learn until past 35 so what the hell do I know anyway?

You can start by calling us women. Especially after we're 18.

Comment Question? (Score 1) 562

I'm with Cricket Wireless and they charge $3 if you pay your bill in person at a Cricket store or at a reseller that accepts payments, but it's free to pay online.

Cricket will also allow you to do a bridge pay (half now, half in 7 days) if you're short of cash, but you can't do that online, only in person, so you're paying an extra $6 for being short of money.

I'm wondering if Verizon charges an additional fee to pay in person at one of their stores.

Comment Are corporations people? (Score 2) 348

It seems to me it all comes back to the pesky problem of whether a corporation is a person, with the same rights as a person. To me, the anser is an obvious no, but for some people, the answer is yes, and I have yet to figure out why.

But it seems to me, giving corporations personhood is key to what a lot of people are saying here, particularly the poster who pointed out that issuing patents to corporations and not people is a problem. However the Supreme Court has declared that corporations are people. So now what?

Comment Re: How does (Score 1) 1088

I have abandoned all hope in the present government.

There are 50 states and I don't believe that a single Senator or Representative in any of the 50 represent me, my interests or mean to do anything to help the overall good for America or the world

I don't think anything less than armed resistance is going to change anything.

Comment You may get in.... (Score 1) 403

My daughter and I are going out of town this weekend. We've both Facebooked it and she's Twittered it.

Now if, someone surmises from that, it's a good weekend to rob my house, they're stupid. Upon breaking in they'd find my 6'4" 275 boyfriend and a loaded shotgun and two enormous dogs that don't cotton to strangers.

And even if they get through them, they'd have to get past our Militia Member neighbor, who, when we first moved in 11 years ago, told us plainly upon meeting, "I don't have no use for blacks." He's since taken a better liking to us since his wife died a few years back and my daughter insists on baking him cookies every week and seeing after him when his own kids stopped coming by.

He never sleeps, is watchful of every house in our neighborhood and will shoot anything in his yard (or ours if we simply call and ask) after dark.

So, good luck. God speed. Cuz they'll definitely be picking you up in pieces should you choose to rob our house. You may get in, but you won't get out.

Comment Minor observation (Score 1) 514

I can only think it's because they've severly ditched MSN to get Bing's numbers up.

I work in several PC labs on my college's campus. Some of them are "classroom labs" where they only have IE not both IE & Firefox.

IE's search bar used to default to MSN but now the minute they launched Bing that changed. At first I thought the search was being hijacked to some search site I'd never heard of and sent of a note to IT. Then I saw the commercials and felt silly.

Someone said MSN used to have 16% marketshare. Well if Bing is up to 10% I wonder if MSN is now down to 6% because of these kinds of shenanigans.

Comment Times, They Are Changing (Score 0) 304

"Apple missed a golden opportunity to lock down Snow Leopard when it again failed to implement fully a security technology that Microsoft perfected nearly three years ago ..."

Sign of the times that I thought this might be a flashback to April Fools...and then I remembered. Slashdot doesn't hate Microsoft on GP and actually gives them credit where credit is due. Everyone's not an Apple or Linux fanboy anymore. But this shift to admitting that Microsoft has succeeded in an area Apple has overlooked...

Wow. How times have changed...

Comment Smells like.... (Score 1) 441

Just earlier today I was thinking that some of the bills I had smelled like marijuana. There were only a few them and they came from my banks ATM but they had the distinct odor of weed. I don't smoke or use weed and I haven't been around anyone that has in at least a few years.

I thought I was imagining things and then I come across this article. Which may not be news to some, but was definitely news to me.

Comment 20 year old McIntosh story (Score 1) 533

The other day I found my mom & daughter laughing and playing Yahtzee on an old McIntosh circa 1989. She's a retired school teacher and it seems anyone who wanted were given them back in the day. She still has it plugged in & hooked up to a dot matrix printer.

It still has a start up disk. God forbid the disk ever gets corrupted? Where will she ever find another one?

Comment Making it easy on purpose? (Score 1) 303

There is a possibility that people choose questions and answers that their nearest kin or friends could actually guess. In case of emergency or in the event of my death, there is the possibility that I would want my family to be able to access my main email.

Not all of my email, but definitely my main one...

Comment like, whatever (Score 2, Interesting) 311

One day I said to my 16-year-old daughter, "Hey, cute bracelet" and she says, "It's my flash drive."

I remember being amazed and a bit amused when you could get a Swiss Army knife with a USB drive. That was cool. But it's hard, and kind of interesting in weird sort of way, to see tech relegated to the fashion accessory of a teen girl.

Comment What if he hadn't purchased it on Ebay? (Score 1) 665

What if someone bought it from the company and gave it to him as gift? Is he still under the same burden to prove it was purchased legally?

IMHO, I feel the company is being ridiculous. Refusing to sell people spare parts and accusing them of being a thief is, at worst, stupid and insulting and at best bound to lose them a customer.

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