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Comment Re:Call me retro (Score 1) 164

My ISP gave me a /48 address block for my ADSL connection. Which means I, as a single person, have 2^80 (10^24 if I converted correctly) addresses at my disposal. Now, obviously this is still far less than your 5x10^28 number, but it is a hell of a lot closer than you would think on first sight. My point being, it's nice to have this humongous 128 bit address space, but if we're going to waste 99.9999999999999999999999% of it we'll run out sooner than you'd expect.

Comment Re:Blood on his hands (Score 3, Informative) 489

It is also worth remember that, while we didn't find any WMD, pretty near every country who investigated at the time, including US Democrats who voted to authorize the war, believed Saddam had WMD.

Maybe the governments of "every country" believed that, but at least here (the Netherlands) there was quit a bit of scepticism in the population. This was mostly based on the reports by UN inspector Hans Blix. Although he was unable to prove there were no WMD (due to lack of cooperation of the Iraq government) he didn't report any evidence for the existence of WMD either. I remember one of his press conferences where he let out some of his frustrations, saying that if the US had such irrefutable proof of the existence of WMD, they should share it with him.

Comment Re:Launch in July & September (Score 3, Informative) 150

You can buy tickets to see the launch from the NASA causeway, which is the closest publicly-accessible viewing site. See For the previous couple of launches, these sold out in minutes. lists some off-site viewing locations.
Personally, I think it's totally worth it.

Comment Re:SQL is the problem, really. (Score 2, Informative) 267

"CREATE TABLE" is probably a bad example, if your web code needs to create a table you're doing something wrong. However, for e.g. an INSERT statement you'd typically use bind variables, something like this:

long SomeNumericValue;
char SomeStringValue[SOME_SIZE];

StatementHandle Statement = Parse("INSERT INTO TableName (Col1, Col2) VALUES (?, ?)");
BindNumericVar(Statement, 0, &SomeNumericValue); // Binds SomeNumericValue to first "?" in statement
BindStringVar(Statement, 1, SomeStringValue, SOME_SIZE); // Binds SomeStringValue to second "?" in statement
SomeNumericValue = 42; // Set values you want to insert
strcpy(SomeStringValue, "Hello, world";
Execute(Statement); // Insert new row, setting Col1 to 42 and Col2 to "Hello, world"

Comment Re:Frontline covered this (Score 1) 941

Thanks for the link. I was wondering how the school officials got access to the webcam. From the video it appears they don't interact with the webcam directly but use an app that allows them to seen the screen. If the student happens to run an app that displays the webcam view on their screen then the school official would be able to see it too. That also explains why the students didn't notice the "webcam is on" light that most webcams have, they expected it to be on because they switched it on themselves.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 0) 496

cars is sorta a good analogy. people are still driving cars but they are not running out and buying a new one every year. there are keeping what they have. same for gaming pc or otherwise. my pc cant play new games being they pretty much demand you upgrade every year with the shadier scam. guess what i just am not playing those games. i even quit my favorite mmo being the upgraded to video modes my pc does not support insane netbook sales have proven people don't care abought having the latest hardware just something that's cheap and works. same for cars people are just driving old cars around to avoid owing the bank. if gm came out with a cheap fule effcent car say 5000$ i bet it would sell like crazy.

Comment Re:State of the art (Score 2, Informative) 293

Over here (Europe) I'd just tell my bank (electronically) to transfer some amount from my account to hers. Banks don't charge you for that here. Actually, since this is a recurring payment I'd set it up once as a recurring payment and be done with it.

Submission + - Shuttle and Hubble passing in front of the Sun

GvG writes: "An incredible photo clearly showing the silhouette of Atlantis and the Hubble Space Telescope as they passed in front of the Sun was taken Wednesday, May 13, 2009, from west of Vero Beach, Florida. The two spaceships were at an altitude of 600 km and they zipped across the sun in only 0.8 seconds."

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