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Comment Re:So if I were to jump off the cliff... (Score 1) 77

I'm starting to warm up to the DDO model where they still use microtransactions, only they are not as much 'micro': Instead of more levels or better gear you can buy yourself access to areas and instances, access to classes/races, an XP gain boost for a day, etc etc etc. The point is that in-game you will not get a free pass just because you have cash, and you can play with/against others without feeling handicapped just because you don't pay cash.

Comment Re:Aion. (Score 2, Informative) 212

Current speculative thinking is that all the lead designers from WoW have been pulled to work on their next MMO, hence the changing of the game by the current lead developers.

Remember, even Blizzard was surprised at the success WoW had, and they certainly didn't expect to keep working on it for so long.

Comment Re:Syncmaster (Score 1) 370

Indeed, as I found out recently when I moved to 2x 1920x1200 monitors. I've mitigated the problems somewhat with a lot of keybinding customization (toggle max horizontally/vertically + throw window left/right/bottom/up did help a lot), but it's still clunky at times.


Software Converts 2D Images To 3D 152

eldavojohn writes "Dr. David McKinnon from Queensland University of Technology, has recently launched a site that turns your sets of 2D images into 3D bump maps by way of 8 years of his research. The catch is that you need to have between five and fifteen photos of your object and they must overlap at least 80 to 90 percent. So with a video of an object, one might be able to extract every nth frame and use this site to generate a 3D model. Doctor McKinnon said, 'The full version of this software would be great for realistic learning simulators and training software, where you want everything to look like the real thing. This technology could also be great for museums wishing to turn their display objects into 3D images that can be viewed online. We are even looking into making 3D models of cows to save farmers spending thousands of dollars transporting their cattle vast distances to auction sites, allowing for an eBay style auction website for cattle. Films, animations and computer games could also benefit, since 3D film making is taking over from the traditional 2D method of filmmaking. Another application is allowing people to create 3D models of their own face to use on their avatar in computer games or 3D social networking sites such as Second Life or Sony's Home.' Physorg has more details."

Comment Re:Impact? (Score 1) 316

Hell, the Jita/Market hub problem has a very easy solution: just tax transactions more if they take place in congested systems. With th volume of trade that goes on in Jita and the margins available, even a 0.1% tax of items sold there would cause traders to seek other nearby systems.

Comment Re:Lag. (Score 1) 316

For what it's worth, their current major pain point is that they use a single thread per solar system, this decision was made very early in development and removing it would mean a more or less complete rewrite of their code. Hell, if they do that they may as well go the Erlang route...


Submission + - Configuring Compiere without Oracle

masterkumon writes: Compiere is an open source ERP software built in Java. It will be widely use entire world, since other ERP software such as SAP is very expensive. Unfortunately Compiere is originally built for Oracle and DB 2 that is listed on the DB connectivity 3rd party software.
It would be very nice if there is someone developing Compiere connectivity to communicate with free DB server such as MySQL or posgresql.

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