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Submission + - New Ransomware offers the decryption keys if you infect your friends (

Gumbercules!! writes: Yesterday, a new in-development ransomware was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam called Popcorn Time (unrelated to the streaming service of the same name) that intends to give victim's a very unusual, and criminal, way of getting a free decryption key for their files. With Popcorn Time, not only can a victim pay a ransom to get their files back, but they can also try to infect two other people and have them pay the ransom in order to get a free key. Infected victims are given a "referral code" and if two people are infected by that code and pay up — the original victim is given their decryption key (potentially).

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 75

I get that beta means beta. And I'd be cool if the issues only existed on beta - but they don't. The current Telstra "stable" still has 4G issues (see my links) and always has. My issue with beta is that I *had* to use beta to get nougat on a Nexus phone - i.e. that despite marketing to the contrary, I still don't get updates for it the way you're supposed to.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 75

However as I said in the post above, I *did* update it manually - and then LTE stopped working because it was no longer compatible with Telstra's network. Which has been a common and long standing problem with the Nexus 6P and Telstra and it's been going on for over a year. Don't believe me? Ask Whirlpool: or Telstra themselves: https://crowdsupport.telstra.c...

The Nexus 6P has been a disaster in Australia and, despite the fact I loved the phone, it's pushed me off Android... for the time being.

Comment So the plan is... (Score 2) 113

So Facebook's brilliant plan to solve "fake news articles" tricking idiots into believing things is to ask those same idiots who couldn't tell it was fake news to tell them that it was fake news? Yeah, that checks out. Go right ahead Facebook. I don't see any flaws in that logic, at all.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 75

Telstra (Australia). My Nexus 6P experience has been dreadful. Telstra say the phone is not supported on their network so it's my fault for buying one (Telstra are the largest carrier in Australia and, essentially, the only one with reasonable rural coverage - I travel rural for work a few times a year so it's Telstra or carrier pigeons). I've been pretty annoyed at how badly the phone has worked at that level but part of me is willing to accept that Telstra just couldn't care about what is essentially a niche phone. What I've been far more annoyed about is that even though it's a Nexus - I am still beholden to my carrier for (regular, easy, OTA) updates. Google advertised the Nexus as being like an iPhone, where you just get updates from the vendor - but in reality it's no different to a Samsung. You need the vendor to release updates, the carrier to test, etc.

Comment Excellent (Score 2) 75

I look forward to never seeing it released for my phone. AND I HAVE A NEXUS 6P.

Because despite the misleading article saying Google is releasing it for Nexus phones, the carrier still needs to test and release it (unless you want to download and manually install a ROM and completely wipe your phone) - and my carrier still has not released 7.0 for fucks sake. And for the record, I did manually install 7.1 through the Beta program on it - and promptly lost access to LTE on my carrier.

Comment Initially, sure. (Score 1) 472

Certainly it will cost more, initially, as there's a lot of setup and time involved to get to scale. However, once the manufacturing is in place and operating at scale, costs will come down. Maybe never to the same level but down, none the less. Apple makes a huge profit on each device, so if they wanted to, they could double costs and still make a huge profit, which would improve over time as costs come down.

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