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Comment Re:Attitudes (Score 4, Interesting) 81

Frankly, if my city gets Nuked, the viability of my business is probably going to be somewhat in question, in any case. My ability to recover my up to date accounts receivable data will probably be more than a little redundant, when all of those debtors have been vaporised, money is worthless and, if by some miracle I'm not dead or dying of radiation sickness, I still have access to an electricity grid, to run my computers.

If you're running anything smaller than a country and "nuclear war" is in your contingency plans, you're probably focusing on the wrong concerns.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 1) 547

You want evidence of price discrimination, change your location to Australia. Boom - everything just doubled in price. Steam, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft - they all do it. It's even got a name (australiatax). It's even cheaper to fly to the USA to buy from these companies and then fly back, than to buy it here ( Amazon is most certainly one of the guilty parties here.

Comment Re:Lock her up already (Score 1) 86

My assumption is he wanted to distance himself from the situation as fast as he can. There's a clear lawsuit or more coming for this company, which is privately owned, not publicly, and being a major shareholder in a privately owned company that's getting super-sued is ?possibly? bad news. That was my assumption - he wants the hell out before it gets worse.

Comment How do you protect yourself from wireless hacking (Score 1) 140

By using a wire.

I know this sounds redundant and trite but I'm serious. The question asks about how to not use wireless on Windows 10, yet few people seem to be giving the stunningly obvious advice of not using wireless on Windows 10. Disable the wireless NIC. Don't use wireless. Don't join a wireless network. Tada! You're not using wireless!

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

Again, I am not an Apple Fanboi - but when they were APPLE COMPUTER (as you put it) they didn't have anything to take over when the Apple II got long in the tooth. Then they didn't have anything to take over when the iMac got long in the tooth. Then they didn't have anything to take over when the iPod got long in the tooth. Now it's the iPhone.

What does Microsoft have when Windows & Office are "long in the tooth"? What does Google have when search / ad revenue is long in the tooth? What does Exxon have when petrochemicals are long in the tooth? All these companies, including Apple, are diversifying their revenue as best they see (Microsoft with Azure, Apple with services, like iTunes, Appstores, etc. Google with ideas that never pan out. That kind of thing).

Why are people always predicting the imminent doom of Apple? For like 30 years, Apple has been "going to fail any day now". Frankly, Apple (and Microsoft and Google and many others) have so much money that even if the iPhone suddenly stopped selling because someone else makes "the next new thing" - Apple can just buy that thing out or buy a team to replicate it.

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