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Comment Re:Defies the purpose of competition (Score 1) 123

Oh really? The powers that be care about what makes them obscenely rich, and not much else. It's the entire reason the chasm between the 99% and the 1% continues to grow.

Ask yourself : why would you want to be obscenely rich?
You probably have a list of things you want.
Maybe you want to travel around the world, in first class. But what good will it do if natural sites are destroyed by pollution, cities are so rampant with crime you can't leave your armored vehicle, and historical sites are in ruins due to the lack of maintenance.
Maybe you want to go to space. But for designing your spaceship, you need well educated rocket scientists and engineers. How will you get that if people are more busy surviving than studying.
Maybe you want to live a long and healthy life. But how will you get that if a lack of proper care cause all kinds of infectious diseases to spread. And if you are the only one who have access to some treatment, it means you are essentially a guinea pig, and I think you'd rather prefer something well tested.

In all these cases, your wealth means nothing is the world behind it is in chaos.

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 1) 376

AFAIK, physically threatening card counters is a thing of the past (except in movies). This is bad PR and it may cause casinos legal trouble.
They do however have countermeasures. When they can't kick them out, they make it harder for the card counter by shuffling more often, limiting the bet spread, etc...
From all the reports I've seen about card counters, they never seem to mention threats or harassment, although I suppose light harassment may happen as an attempt to break their concentration. What they do mention however is being told to leave in a friendly manner and being read the trespassing act. When, by law, the casino cannot kick them out, the most common response seem to be cutting the shoe in half which makes card counting mostly ineffective.

Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 1) 159

Yes that's the reason why 30 days before the sales period, new, overpriced products appear. Often they have a single one of each item and they stick it in the least visible area of the store.
They are only here to be "discounted" later. In fact, they don't want you to buy it full price because it would not be available to others and it would break the 30 days mandatory period. Shops don't advertise this but it is not really a secret either. If you ask a seller and if he is not too retarded, he will tell you the whole story.

Comment Re: Record and Replay (Score 2) 60

Pacemakers aren't that radioactive. They are on similar level as tritium tubes used for illumination. You need lots and lots of them to do a meaningful dirty bomb, and it isn't the right isotope for fission bombs.
As for banning them, are they really banned? There are many reasons why they aren't used anymore :
- improvement in lithium battery technology
- life expectancy of people with pacemaker is relatively low on average. So in most case, the extreme battery life of nuclear pacemaker is not needed.
- pacemaker technology constantly evolves so changing an old pacemaker has benefits beyond the battery
- plutonium-238 is becoming more and more expensive and hard to find, even space agencies have trouble getting it

Comment Roko's Basilisk (Score 1) 74

This money will be used to make AIs friendly. This is a very important program and you need to donate, because if you don't, things will go bad.
It is so important that future friendly AIs have to do anything in their power to make it happen, including torturing you into giving all your money to the cause if it can help in any way. They can do it even from the future by running simulations of you.
So now that you know, you should better donate too.

Comment Re:Are the rest collectors? (Score 1) 62

Several problems :
- The Note7 was $850, quite expensive. It means that has to really be exceptional for its collector value to exceed its functional value.
- 2.5 million of Note7 were sold, with a 96% return rate, it means that 100000 phones are remaining, these are not one-of-a-kind items by a long shot.
- I doesn't seem to be a turning point in anything, it didn't cause anything major besides a costly recall, which Samsung handled quite well financially. It is just a defective phone with no distinguishing features besides a dangerous battery. And dangerous li-ion battery are hardly unheard of.

Keeping a Note7 for its collector's value is like keeping a diesel VW car as a memory of the emission cheating scandal.

Comment Re:Well that's a hell of a security hole. (Score 1) 254

Why would Amazon want anything that impedes the flow of money into their coffers??

Because Amazon doesn't want to handle all the returns that result from such mishaps.
And should it happen repeatedly, it could be seen as forced sales. In that case, the item is considered a gift and customers have the right to keep both the item and their money.
Not to mention the loss of customer trust and potential class-action lawsuits.

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

Gender issues, seriously?!
I thought people of the GNU project were the kind of people who don't even notice the gender or even specie of their fellows. Maybe there is discrimination against people who actually talk about gender instead of, well, things related to free software.

Comment One of these fitness trackers (Score 1) 232

The problem with all these advanced (android wear, ...) smartwatches is the abysmal battery life. Typically a couple of days.
Most of this power is used to replicate what your smartphone can do.

Fitness trackers have features such as a very noticeable vibrator (can be used as a silent alarm clock), step/heart/sleep sensors, smart unlock for your phone, etc... Features that really add to what your phone can do without trying to do too much. As a result, these trackers are typically much cheaper and have a much higher battery life than full smartwatches. You can get a Mi Band for $15 and the battery lasts a month.
And even if these are called fitness trackers, you can use one even if you don't care about the "fitness" part. Notifications alone can justify it.

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