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Comment How is it different from helicopters? (Score 1) 89

Well, except for the "electric" part, we already have that. The "VTOL aircraft" are helicopters and "vertiports" are heliports.
And I wouldn't bet on commercially viable electric full-size helicopters now. Energy density is crucial and today's batteries simply can't compete with hydrocarbons fuels.

So I bet the only thing that will come out of it is an app that helps get pilots and customers in touch. That's if anything happens at all.

Comment Re: And the moral of the story is... (Score 1) 664

I'm a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and yeah, you can't call yourself an engineer without having that designation.

I've often wondered what would happen if you described yourself as 'Graduate from Engineering Course at XXX University'.

Usually you can say anything as long as it doesn't say "me = engineer". I don't live in Oregon so the rules may be different but my school wasn't an official (software) engineering school when I graduated so we had to get creative. We used formulations like "expert in software engineering", "engineer-level degree", "engineering background", etc... just to avoid the protected word. It is legal, and is usually pretty obvious that it means "I claim to have the skills of an engineer but I don't have the title".

Comment Re:This is bullshit (Score 2) 172

Fake news publishers are still protected, they have every right to publish it.

Not everywhere. Among "free countries", Europe tend to put much more limits on free speech than the US.
For example, in France and Germany, it is almost impossible to talk about the Nazis in a way that isn't approved by the state. You can get condemned for defamation even if you speak the truth. In some cases, insults are outlawed too, and they can lead to prison sentences if they are racial in nature. In general, "hate speech" is considered a serious offense.

Comment Re:Time to start a pool (Score 1) 101

Making a custom case is not that big a deal. And it doesn't seem they intend to do more than that. And "making" in this context probably means "give the CAD files to a company in China and let them do the dirty work".
A case is not high tech stuff, any schmuck can design a case. The airflow may not be ideal and it may not be the most convenient but it will work.

Considering the size of the company (11-50 employees), I don't consider it a risky endeavor. Designing laptops is their real goal but they prefer to start slow with desktops. A very sensible idea if you ask me.

Comment Re:Time to switch (Score 2) 216

Your whole company must be in the 1% of the population that uses ALL the features of MS Office. What business are you in? I'm not asking the company, just the industry, since that is really weird.

What you said is a widespread fallacy.
No one use all the features of MS Office, but many people use a subset of features that are only available on MS Office. The same thing can be said of similarly complex software like the Adobe suite, IDEs, 3D modelers, etc...
These software are complex because everyone have specific needs and the software need to address most of them in the easiest way possible. Usually commercial software is better than free software in this area.

Comment Competition (Score 1) 388

Assuming your suggestion really is a good one, and most of the times it isn't, it may compete with other people ideas.
Users have different priorities and developers can't do everything. So if you make a suggestion that some people aren't interested in, and developers implement it, it may delay the treatment of their own issues.
It even applies to obvious bugs. For example, if you post a bug report saying that a crash can occur if you open a file containing Arabic text, you may get dissed by people who don't have this problem. They may give out weak arguments like "full Arabic support would require a complete redesign of the GUI" when the only thing you asked is for the software not to crash. They fear your suggestion may divert the attention of developers.

Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 3, Interesting) 288

I agree with you that we can't use the evolution argument every time. The reason I used it is :
- The human brain is highly plastic, it constantly rewires itself. And the prevalence of mental diseases show that nature is trying new things with our brains. Some mental diseases actually have some positive traits, and some cause symptoms that can be partially reproduced using LSD (schizophrenia).
- The body can already produce DMT, a powerful psychedelic.
- Positive traits typically associated with psychedelics, like insight and creativity can offer a survival and sexual advantage. Someone who can more easily come up with novel techniques for feeding or defense against predator gets and edge over those who don't. He can also make beautiful things to attract mates, lead the tribe through their insights (and get all the best mates), etc...

Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 5, Insightful) 288

I'd go with the "firing of synapses without purpose" hypothesis.
It if was actually productive, evolution probably would have made it available to us without drugs. Psychedelics are not special, these are relatively simple molecules imitating neurotransmitters. So if tripping were so beneficial, it could probably be triggered through normal pathways, with the added bonus of being able to switch from high to baseline at will.

Comment Re:Something I've been trying to get a friend of m (Score 1) 399

But fact is we make about 20% less than the boomers did. That's why we're struggling.

What is this number? 20% relative to what.
The world was different back then. Some things were cheaper (like housing in dense areas), some things were more expensive (like electronics).

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 86

So nowadays, you need to talk about climate change in some way to get a grant? What's next?
- Accurate rendering of underwater caustics in the context of raising sea levels
- High efficiency airplane control surfaces and the effect of CO2 on aerodynamic drag
- Melting tungsten and how global warming may reduce the required temperature differential
- How crossing the even horizon of a black hole may affect climate

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