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Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 101

The ridiculous part is the 60/40 recommendation.
It is turning statistics over its head.
A conclusion that says that 60% of cases are better served by proprietary software can make sense. They are obviously biased but why not.
But saying that companies should make 60/40 a goal is like saying that because 60% of cars work better with gasoline and 40% use diesel then all cars should run with a 60/40 gas/diesel mix.

Comment Re:The mass of batteries never changes (Score 1) 87

It is awfully true for rockets, not so much for planes.
After a quick calculation, it appears that only about 1% of the fuel is converted into kinetic and potential energy. Which meant that 99% of it is used to overcome drag. Drag is a function of speed, surface area, air density, and the shape of the plane, not its mass.
Rockets are another matter entirely. That's because fuel is used as a reaction mass. As a result, they are constrained by momentum, which is why we need ridiculously large rockets to launch ridiculously small stuff in space. Planes just use surrounding air as a reaction mass.

Weight matters for aerodynamics, and it is a very complex subject that goes well beyond simple energy considerations. A good example is some gliders which have water ballasts to increase their weight. It allows them to glide more efficiently at high speeds at the expense of losing altitude faster at slow speeds. These ballasts can be jettisoned if the flight conditions change, and also before landing in order to limit stress on the airframe.

Comment Extension (Score 2) 262

If this feature can be reproduced with a simple extension, no big deal.
Probably very few people used this feature, so it makes sense to remove it. For those the few who did use it, this is what extensions are for.

For instance, I like using backspace to go to the previous page. Apparently is pissed some people off so Google removed it. Found an extension to re-enable it, everybody's happy.

Comment Re:Color Management (Score 1) 64

Apple probably doesn't need it as much, whether they have it or not.
There is a limited number of different iOS devices, all of them LCDs, and app developers could target them all individually if required.

Contrast to the thousands of Android devices, going from black-and-white screens to hypersaturated AMOLEDs...

Comment Re:Good news! The grays do not want to eat us! (Score 1) 307

Trump is not fundamentally anti-science. He just has a target demographic of people who want to live in the past. "make America great again"... the "again" tells everything.

A few decades ago, there was no apparent global warming problem. People drove gas guzzlers without a second thought. Trump confort his supporters by saying they can still do.
But Trump's target demographic also remember fondly remember the moon landings. By supporting NASA and planning missions to Mars, Trump make these people happy.
His supporters are mostly within the private sector. Few students. So universities and organizations that impose safety/environmental regulations get cuts.

Many people think Trump is an idiot. He is not. He knows exactly what to say in order to make enough people vote for him.

Comment The reason Europe in the middle (Score 4, Insightful) 319

And the reason is not because of Europe itself, you have to look the other side : between Alaska and Russia.
It is a very convenient place to split the map : it avoids cutting important landmasses in half and the wraparound occurs in the middle of the pacific ocean where there are few things of interest.
Putting the Americas in the center will split Asia in two, which is a bad thing. We could cut through the Atlantic unless you have good reasons to do so, it is an overall worse solution than cutting through the Pacific..

Comment They miss the most useful part of annotations (Score 1) 61

On the videos I watch annotations usually serve two useful purpose :
- Linking to other videos in a series, or to videos that explain some point of detail or prerequisite. Ex: this video explains how LIGO discovered gravitational waves. If you are unfamiliar with gravitational waves, watch this video first.
- Fixing mistakes, Ex : trappist-1 is 12 light years away (correction : 12 parsecs).

Comment Re:The best one... (Score 1) 141 none. Virtual reality will never work. The disconnect between what your eye sees and your inner ear senses will cause motion sickness in the vast majority of people.

This is not a problem if what your are showing matches what your inner ear senses. For example, if all you are showing is a static scene, there is no problem.
With proper direction, I thing it will appear what kind of scene are tolerable and what kind shall be avoided. For example, it appears that moving the camera against the user's will is a big no while teleportation is surprisingly well tolerated.
Anyways 'the vast majority" of people are not subject to motion sickness. Most people don't suffer motion sickness using current technology, some do, but chances are that they also suffer from it just playing a FPS game on a small screen. It didn't stop FPS games from being popular. A combination of better understanding of motion sickness, technological progress, habituation, and in the extreme cases medication will help taking care of the problem should it become the only problem of VR.

Comment Re:Why is Holocaust Denial Such a Huge Deal? (Score 1) 429

There are also mandatory history lessons.
In France, where the anti-Nazi laws are almost as bad as in Germany, the last part of history lessons in public schools, the one that really matters for exams is mostly about WW2, with a good part of it focusing on how bad the Nazis were.
This is commonly accompanied by movies and testimonies of veterans and victims of the Nazi regime.

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