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Comment Re:More Channels, Please! (Score 0) 51

That's part of the reason they are using 60 GHz.
A frequency range has a limited bandwidth. Using Shannon theorem, the maximum bandwidth for the 2.4 GHz range is around 30MBps per dB of SNR total. No matter in how much channels you divide the spectrum, you won't be able to beat that. It's either a lot of small bandwidth channels or a few large bandwidth ones.
Passed some point, the only solution to increase the bandwith is to increase the spectrum and that's what they are doing with 5 GHz and now 60 GHz.

Well, there is another solution and it's beamforming. The idea is that instead of broadcasting everywhere, you create a narrow beam just for your target. On a primitive level, that's how antenna dishes work and it improves the signal/noise ratio. This is the idea behind MIMO and similar technologies.

Comment Re:AT LAST! (Score 2) 88

It is a roadable aircraft. And it is not the first.
It is not the sci-fi type flying car since it can only take of and land on a suitable airstrip. So yes, it is a plane you can drive. I think it is mostly made for private pilots.

Legality is a problem because it has to be both street-legal and airworthy. The Terrafugia Transition did it by bending the rules a little. The airplane part is under the light sport aircraft rules but got an exemption because they couldn't meet the maximum weight criteria.

Comment A well known psychological bias (Score 4, Insightful) 126

I don't know the name of this bias but when someone invests a lot in something, he will tend to convince himself that he made the right choice.
That's how audiophiles will clearly notice the effect of their $1000+ cables and will consider it money well spent whereas the one who used zip chord will probably be less satisfied, even though he paid 100x less for the same objective result.

Comment Re:If I was Nintendo.... (Score 1) 269

The Wii wasn't just underpowered, it was outdated before it came out.
Compared to the PS3 and X360, it was so weak (no HD...) that it significantly affected the game experience. Yeah, plenty of good games, but it doesn't excuse the blurry mess. You have to live with your times, Nintendo.
The other consoles are fine. The WiiU clearly isn't on the level of the PS4 and XBone but at least, it's HD so it doesn't look too jarring when coming from the competition. And it has the excuse of being the first to market.

So let's see what happens with the new console, but I don't want another Wii.

Comment Re:Why not use Linux (Score 1) 267

Anyone who can use a GUI can use a terminal. Many people don't want to because it is not sexy (I understand them) but it is actually more straightforward than a GUI. Think of it as giving orders to your computer.
Anyway, now, most Linux distributions can be used without a terminal, just like Windows and OSX. The terminal is still there for power users, but then again, just like Windows and OSX.
I still think that Linux on the desktop has many shortcomings but the terminal is not one of them.

Comment Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 313

Twitter isn't designed for discussion.
It is meant for people to say whatever they want and if others find it interesting, they can choose to listen. It is one directional.

And it is only angry if you like to listen to angry people. But if you, for example, are interested in space and follow NASA, ESA and a few space nuts, you will likely be totally unaware of all that SJW and anti-SJW bullshit. And I'm sure that people who sell space-related stuff would love to be in your feed.

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