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Comment Cyberbullying != underage sexting (Score 1) 67

Cyberbullying and online intimidation are a form of aggression. There is a victim and a culprit.
How is it related to teenagers doing sexual things? There are good reasons for making underage sexting illegal (the pictures may fall in the wrong hands) but it is an entirely different problem.
It is like saying : here, we are going to tackle the problem of burglary, so let's investigate the porn industry.

Comment Re:What's inside a fake (Score 1) 118

You can't get really good stuff for cheap, but you can get expensive crap, "you get what you pay for" only goes one way.
Better goods are more expensive because they use better materials, better manufacturing, better quality control, etc... You can get cheaper by being good at business and by making economies of scale but passed some point you need to compromise quality.
The problem is that you don't know beforehand if what you buy is good or not. That's what brands are for. The idea behind brands is that they give you a minimum level of quality. They put their name on the line for this, but, of course, this insurance has a cost. And brands doing really great for cheap will tend to increase their price because they can.
No-names will have a tendency to cut every corner because they can't offer you the same guarantees as reputable brands. So they will mostly compete on price, and it will result result in a race to to bottom.

Software is a special case because a copy costs nothing. The development costs are the same no matter how many people use it.

Comment Re:Shrooms, too. (Score 1) 148

From what I understood, it was indeed promising but it never went beyond that.
The problem with psychedelics is that while we did have some very good results, it was too unpredictable. You talk about non-scientists but there is nothing scientists hate more than unpredictability.
When a psychiatrist gives a drug to a patient, he wants to know the effects beforehand, he wants to know how things can go wrong, what to do next, etc.. You can't have it with LSD. I don't think we went passed the point of throwing it at a patient and see how it sticks.

One of the last potential use of psychedelics is for treating cluster headaches. A benign but extremely painful condition. Interestingly, the most effective treatments are all hit-or-miss repurposed drugs, psychedelics are of these.

Comment Re:let's be honest here (Score 1) 148

There is definitely a gateway between MDMA and ketamine, even though the effects are different.
Where you can find E, you can usually find K if you look hard enough. I know several people who do both in similar contexts. I never tried K but seen from the outside, it looks like great fun at parties.
Ketamine effects are highly dose dependent. At low doses, it can be considered a social drug, like alcohol. Only with higher doses one can become completely disconnected, resulting in the "K-hole", or even complete anesthesia.

Heroin is still out. While this "gateway" may lead you lesser opiates (like codeine) or maybe natural opium if you really stretch things out, heroin is behind the line : different people, different dealers, different mindset.

Comment Re: Here It Comes... (Score 1) 148

I didn't read the study but therapeutic doses are not necessarily the same as recreative doses. I bet you are perfectly able to function on a daily 10mg of MDMA. It won't get you high but it might be sufficient for treatment.
Also, ill people may not react to specific drugs like healthy people. For example ADHD patients can take pharmaceutical grade speed and meth as part of their treatment and it will just make them feel normal, not high.

Comment Re:Ha! Yeah right on this golden age. (Score 1) 114

I tried a few VR games and yeah, mostly gimmicks, except in one case : a flight simulator.
It really adds to it, being able to turn your head and look at the tip your wings or underneath you is really great. I suppose that the same can be said for most simulation games, real or fictive : driving, space (elite...), mech, some sports...

Other domains I can see real use for VR :
- Horror games : a bit gimmicky but VR definitely make it more intense.
- Modelling : not really a game, but I know some people who develop a tool for modelling landscapes, and VR really help efficiency.
- Porn : don't tell me you didn't try...

Comment Misleading summary, as usual (Score 1) 428

What they mean to say by cheaper is that solar tiles that mimic the look of high end roofing material will be cheaper than the real thing.

Solar power have nothing to do with it. They could make the tiles without the PV cells and it will be even cheaper. But comparing them with other premium materials is like comparing plastic with leather.

Comment Just look at the past, the answer is no (Score 1) 182

The so called "indiscrete" gaming is pervasive gaming. We have the tech to do it now, we had it for years in fact and it only produced one-shot gimmicks.

Let's start with the PocketStation and the Dreamcast VMU. A memory card that acts like a tiny portable console that you could use to play minigames that affects the main game. Maybe it had some success in Japan but no one I know really used it.
The DS has wireless features that allows limited interaction with the real world, and the 3DS improved on this and can count steps and do augmented reality too. Yet most players don't use it much differently from an overpowered oldschool gameboy.
Now we have smartphones with an impressive array of sensors and connectivity. But how many PC or console games take advantage of this to extend the gaming experience ouside of your room? Some of them do, and no one seem to care.

Linking games to your fridge or your car will certainly produce interesting gimmicks that will be fun for a short time because of the novelty but I really don't think it will change our approach to gaming.

What we may see more often in the future as technology advances are games you can bring with you. You play at home on you big screen TV than switch to your smartphone as you take the train (oh, sorry, hyperloop, that's the future right), then to your laptop in your hotel room. Just like movies, you can watch one on your phone and in a theater and it will still be the same movie.

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