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Comment Uhhh, geee... (Score 1) 519

We all already know that EVERYTHING is monitored and recorded so the whole idea that it would be some big process to "wiretap him" is ridiculous. All that would be needed would be to look at what they had already recorded.

(Doesn't mean that he did but it does mean it would be impossible to tell...)

Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 123

That's cool! We now know that SAP will be dead in a few years because no one will consider them for use in any new system and they will be rolling systems off of SAP to get away from stupid licensing. As a rule you don't want to do business with a company so stupid that they are actively trying to discourage customers.

Time to make sure anyone I knows dumps SAP stock as it only has one direction to go.

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 4, Insightful) 641

Yeah. I didn't guess that from the graduation photo in the article. They really pumped up the "daughter" relationship and then buried the "she is quite past the age of adulthood" detail way down in the article.
In this case there is really no reason for them to portray the incident in this light other than it is a more spectacular news-bite laid out this way.

Really this should have been reported as an irresponsible adult through their own stupid actions killing themselves and another person.

(A little secret I've learned is no matter how much power a car has it will still only accelerate as hard as you push down on the gas pedal!!!)

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 641

Exactly. Why would you give a child a super car? Exactly what thought process could have been going on there? And why spread blame anywhere else?

"With great power comes great responsibility." But responsibility is learned and while you are figuring out if a child has learned it you do not give them something quicker then a Ford Pinto.

Comment From the geniuses at DHS... (Score 1) 652

That can only be described as fucking stupid. Hell, why don't we make them submit to vivisection? Then we could learn LOTS and be certain they couldn't be a threat afterwards!

There are many reasons it is stupid but for starters: Most everyone reuses passwords simply so there is some chance that they can actually remember their passwords. So what this amounts to is, "Give us unrestricted access to everything."
And this coming from one of the least trustworthy things that exists: A government agency...

If they want your social account's name, fine. They can look it up for themselves. If a court wants to approve it they can have Facebook build them a read-only interface that will show a person's complete activity. (I suspect they already have this.) I'm wondering if they want this so they can go pillaging through all of a person's other internet activity. That makes sense.

Comment More precise??? (Score 1) 489

There are no laws related to a wheel or pedal placement requirement in the various top rank motor racing series. Why don't they have a single car EVER with the "much more natural and precise side stick"?

A side stick would be WAY less precise then a steering wheel. Most driving of a car can be accomplished within 720 degrees of rotation of a steering wheel. With a smaller then stock steering wheel (with a 1' diameter) you are talking about more then 6 feet of control movement. So you are going to have a stick with MAYBE 9" of movement and claim it is more precise?

Another thing that people don't realize is you don't actually steer the car by turning the wheel. You turn it by PUSHING against the force created by the spring action of the distortion of the tire's contact patch. (The slip angle.) You cannot control the car accurately without having the feel of the feedback and in slick conditions it is impossible to control the vehicle. (When the car is sliding and not pointed straight forward the feedback forces are the only thing telling you what kind of steering force you are applying.)

In airplanes you don't need the huge control defections and when you add high G-forces a stick makes a lot more sense. A side stick is used in some fighter aircraft so the arm is supported by the armrest so very high g-force maneuvers can be performed with much greater ease.

Comment Re:Missing features (Score 2) 489

There is no reason that the user can't be offered a large quantity of differences in the shell. It is basically just a theme. Forcing a new UI on billions (literally!) of users is insane.

When the bring out a new model of car they don't mess with the pedals and steering wheel because that would be stupid. About as stupid as changing an ingrained UI just to make it "NEW!!!" Almost as bad as the use of the "white it out and spread it out" interface in Windows is that so many websites are now "updating" their look to this new user vicious standard so they can be "NEW" too.

Comment Here is the core problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 254

The problem is contained in his statement: "We know we want people to be running Windows 10 from a security perspective..."

To be successful a company should NEVER let 'what they want' get in the way of 'what the customer wants'. It is pretty simple but when a company gets way too powerful in their position this sort of crap happens.

Comment Re:All for education, but... (Score 5, Insightful) 291

"Any time you automate an ability you lose that ability." People will never become better at driving as they are less a part of the driving experience then they were even a decade ago.

This all misses the bigger level of stupidity of a whole NHTSA mandated "new driving-safe mode". How does a smart phone know what seat you are sitting in? If you want to hear a big outcry put the restrictions in place and wait for the passengers in cars, buses, and trains start to whine.with a new driving-safe mode.

Just dumb, dumb, dumb...

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