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Comment Re:HBO needs to get its head back in the game (Score 1) 141

The HBO subscription is only worth it if you have a peer group that also has an HBO subscription and so it's important to watch things at the same time as them. I stopped buying DVDs about 10 years ago when renting became a lot cheaper than buying, but I've recently started again with boxed sets. Even if I only watch each episode once, it's cheaper than any of the streaming options, plus they're practically DRM free (as in, the DRM is so broken that it may as well not exist) and I can copy them to a mobile device for watching on long trips. Oh, and I get to wait until there are multiple years of something before I watch it.

I do wonder a bit what would happen to the economics of TV series production if most people did this. You'd expect a TV show to make a loss for the first few years, but then be profitable over a longer time, which is a very different model from the current mode of any profits after the first year are a nice bonus, but not factored into the accounting calculations.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 253

Not Stockholm. Stockholm is BE HAPPY YOu HAVE a job!

I am advocating leaving if you are not passionate as those are always top performers who are always pleasant when shit hits the fan rather than whine and make excuses.

You can say that is screwed up but it's reality unfortunately. Who wants to be forced

Comment Re:Saving the world with a Tax. (Score 4, Insightful) 247

The idea of a tax isn't as silly as you make it sound. The problem with most forms of pollution (from a purely economic standpoint) is that one person or company gains the benefits from polluting, but everyone pays the costs. This is known as an externality. Taxing pollution fixes this and means that the polluting technology becomes more expensive to operate and makes the barrier to entry for non-polluting technologies higher. If something is producing a lot of carbon dioxide but costs $5/widget, and you add a tax that amounts to $2.50/widget, then a replacement technology that doesn't emit any CO_2 but costs $7/widget is now cheaper to use. This means that you can bring it to market before you've got the economies of scale to push the price down below $5/widget.

Comment Re:solar/wind talk is spin - France vs China (Score 1) 247

Size doesn't really matter, because most renewable schemes scale with area. Population density does. France has 116/km^2, China has 145/km^2, so almost a 25% higher overall population density. That translates to a little bit less space for wind, solar, hydro and so on per capita, but not by enough to make it infeasible. Add in nuclear power, and the scaling is quite easy - building a nuclear power plant is hard, but doubling the generating capacity doesn't come close to doubling the land area, as long as you have a supply of uranium (China has uranium mines, France doesn't).

Comment Re:White Power Rangers...ASSEMBLE! (Score 1) 284

A big part of the problem is that race and wealth correlate strongly in the USA and the rhetoric from the Democrats has been about race and not poverty, even though the latter is the real problem. This leaves people who are both poor and white feeling that the party only cares about poverty when it happens to black people and, worse, that it feels middle class black people deserve more help than poor white ones. This is made even worse by the fact that there's a black President: clearly being black isn't a complete barrier to success, but being born poor often is.

Comment Re:How's that feel Texas? (Score 2) 113

The key word in the summary is 'hundreds'. It brings the total that Tesla is planning on hiring to 7,000. Nevada is giving Tesla $1.3bn over 20 years, so that works out at $65m/year, or $10K/worker. It's a pretty big gamble that the state will take $10K/year more in tax revenues per worker than if the factory were not there. They're betting that the existence of the Tesla factory will spur other job-creating manufacturing industry.

Comment Re:so old! (Score 1) 59

1. Do you have to go out of your way and invest significant time and effort to avoid the use of these Oracle-owned libraries when you want to develop software in Java?

I'm quite happy to go out of my way to not add an extra 'use expensive commercial features' flag when I invoke the JVM.

2. Are you able to write good software without the Oracle-owned libraries? (good = robust, efficient, secure, ...)

I'd first like to see an existence proof that robust, efficient, and secure software exists, but assuming that axiom, any Java program that works with OpenJDK (i.e. the reference Java implementation) will work without any Oracle-specific things.

Comment Re:Mac OS based espionage malware (Score 3, Informative) 59

It's also probably difficult to get a user to accidentally install it. Java used to be installed by default on MacOS X, then there was a thing where, on first use, it would prompt the user and ask them if they wanted it. Now there's a thing saying 'you need Java to do this, go to this web page and download and install it, then try again'. Most casual users will say 'that looks hard, I can't be bothered'.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 124

First off the specs leaked show it is a AMD Ryzen with an RX 480 underclocked to match performance with an RX 470. No for the parent this is not bad hardware anymore.

So no developers do not have to target PS 4 pro or Scorpio? They just simply make the same games for the xbox One which are binary compatible and up the graphic details and resolution when a higher end console is available. This is quite smart actually.

Also MS is making with game mode DirectX xbox compability (which oddly is very different from PC directX) which means a larger marketshare to port the console to the PC market. The gaming PC market is exploding! Yes, last decade gaming companies obsessed with piracy tried to kill the PC, but the demand is growing if you look at marketshare for the PC again due to the large millennials and lower costs of decent GPUs and CPUs now on the market.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 253

Then leave.

I have been there done that. Having a negative attitude and being bitter is grounds for termination.

Even if you try to suck it up your language, mannerisms, and reactions to stresses show someone no one wants to do business with. Guess who then gets the poor performance evaluation or let go? YOU.

Part of being competent at your job is loving your company and what you do. It is part of integrity. Yes, I have experienced bad things both sides from me my employer to myself reacting angrily. At this stage I update my resume and leave. I figured if I do not do it now it will be made for me by HR firing me and now lowering my value as I have to explain in my next job interview why I have hole and went happened at my last employer. Boy, you do not EVER want that! It is a kiss of death.

I have never wanted to do such things as keeping passwords or screwing any employer. Even the ones I left I was angry at management, but did not want revenge. If I ever get to that stage it is sickening to myself, employer, and coworkers and nobody wins in such a situation.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 253

O COME ON...SERIOUSLY? You have such little integrity that you actually believe that anyone who has ever been a sysadmin covets keeping passwords or even fantasizes about it as revenge?

You know its been said that the 'measure of a man is not what you do when people are watching but what you do when nobody is watching'...I really hope I never interact with you.

There are still people in this world that have morals/personal integrity that they live by both in thought & deed regardless of who may or may not 'know' they are doing so.

Not only that but if you do have these thoughts then perhaps you should take a step back and re-evaluate your life and line of work? Sounds like it is time to get another job if any employee gets this angry with her or her employer or frustrations with the day to day job.

I have never thought about doing such a thing in the I.T. field. However, I have had angry thoughts about these things on past employers. I quit these jobs as I figured at this point I may not be a good fit for the company culture or position I am in. Also angry bitter negative attitude people are almost ALWAYS the ones who GET FIRED. Even if you are competent if you do not love work then you will suck at it or just be the guy no one wants to do business with. Either way your career at that employer is hosed. Time to leave on your own terms rather than HR for your next opportunity.

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