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Comment Re:Middle ages warmer (Score 1) 162

It depends where?

I had quite a life living in both Southern California and Alaska :-)

So, so Cal it is bad for global warming as the mediterian climate turns desert for both agriculture and water for citizens and Citris farmers. However, in Alaska WAHOO! Farmers who left Oklahoma in the dust bowl in the 1930's have moved north of Anchorage to Palmer. In the old days the frost free season was only barely 90 days north of Fairbanks central Alaska. Talk about TOUHGH!

Today it is more +120 days as 90 degree days occasionally showing up in the summer a few times a year. This means crops :-)

So there are winners and losers in a warmer climate. Alaska, Sweden, Russia, win in a warmer climate. Unfortunately Africa, India, California and others lose as winter weather systems that bring rain move farther norther.

Comment Re:Wifi everywhere yet? (Score 1) 128

So you say you can't say it is theoretically impossible to limit 10 megs per second per PC on a wifi? True most corporations have duplex 100 megs but that is mostly because if the PC/Phone is not connected to a router but rather a switch will have alot of chatter. 10 megs per second dedicated by a wifi router with no broadcasts storms should be fine enough.

In 2016 there really should be no wired connections unless in a cluster or data center in my opinion.

Comment Re:excellent! (Score 1) 146

First off Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor. It runs underneath the OS as the host OS (in contrast to Vbox and VMware Workstation) is really another guest that runs on top of hyper-V.

Basically the hostOS is the parent with more control of the children guests. it is like this as the hypervisor runs at ring -1 underneath the kernal at the cpu.

I disagree as last weekend I cursed at VMware Workstation for being shitty in i/o and vowed never to run a type 2 hypervisor again. You need to create a switch as the parent guest (orginal host) needs to connect to the internet and have it shared with the other children or guests.

I am not saying I am a fan as I have not run KMS/Qemu or VMWare Sphere yet but Hyper-V is soo much better on my workstation with less bugs in my experience than with both workstation and virtualbox products. Just create a switch that is external and add that to yoru Vms and you should be good. It is not a bug but a feature as it is underneath everything and needs to share with your host or parent OS to your nic. It seems weird at first but makes sense from an architecture standpoint.

If this is automated running Edge as a container makes sense as Hyper-V supports shielded guests. As I type this I am already running under Hyper-V as I have this enabled on my 10 PC. I ran benchmarks.No difference in performance really besides 2 - 3 FPS in games. A container similiar to Docker makes sense and I hope Chrome follows!


Comment Re:Good-but Enterprise only (Score 1) 146

Thanks for your reply

So basically you can opt out of the defered updates of delaying 3 to 4 months of updates to 10 like in the pro to 10 years. That can be a plus for certain industries like hospitals that need to have a certified FDA approved image.

Anything else? Especially for home users or even medium sized businesses for renting computers. I kind of like the idea of different channels like the pro where you can be 1 version behind with security or go older for just security updates.

Comment Re:For limited values of 'you'. (Score 1) 146

Alright I want examples. If I am going to consult I can save customers money by using the pro version.

It seems slashdot as the last 5 years is turning into Stalins saying of repeat a lie enough and it will be truth. I see no reason why the enterprise version has more features.

From what I read here from slashdotters the pro version has no GPO support whatsoever, all commercials that take up full screen ads, all updates forced with no settings, etc. I have news? I own 10 pro! I see nothing of the sorts other than tinfoil hats getting +5s.

Yes the appstore puts on tiles that say try X and it yes I do not like the keystroke logger for telemetry. That bothers me! I have the ads off in settings in the pro and I defer updates for all but security by default and have a time set for when to install by default under 10 pro.

The only GPO out of 100 is a setting for a lock screen and disabling the telemetry. Big freaking deal.

I am open if I am wrong. I just hate the advice here that everyone needs to rent their own computers

Comment Re:Good-but Enterprise only (Score 1) 146

What is wrong with the pro version?

I keep seeing that repeated here but only thing I can find it typing history isn't recorded.

My thinking is home users desperately need something like this if it uses shielded VM's that is in hyper-v in server 2016 and Windows 10 anniversary edition as corporations have Junipers and Cisco devices configured for things like rejected spoofed IP addresses and rogue IP's pretending to be routers to poison DNS etc. Home based routers lack these options.

A network shielded VM can help for sure even if it does not eliminate all holes for bad javascript applets.

Comment Re:For real? (Score 1) 146

Edge != IE 6.

IE 8 and above had Chrome style security with sandboxing by default and lowrights mode in c:\users\user\%appdata% since 2009! No you did not misread that.

I still do not use Edge/IE 11 unless I am at work using a corporate site though :-)

But regardless people need to wake up that it is not 2004 anymore. Any browser that executes code needs to be in a VM sadly if you run from untrusted sources. Flash and javascript execute code which makes them insecure. Even with a sandbox and threading per process by each tab helps but it does not eliminate security risks regardless of browser.

A VM container that is hardened makes sense for any app that executes data sadly.

Comment Re:A VM is not security - idiots (Score 1) 146

Actually if it is hardened it can certainly help.

Windows 10 anniversary and server 2016 have safeguarded and hardened VM support in Hyper-V it calls shielded. I./O is limited accept through a layer and network hardening means it won't accept rogue IP addresses as routers which is a classic hacker scheme.

It is easy to spoof an IP address and advertise as a router to poison DNS as an example.

This would certainly help against this kind of attack.

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