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Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

I'm curious to know, how can one possibly like an interview where the subject dodges every inconvenient questions asked? It was calculated PR and victim narrative just as everything Wu does is, and if you want to get behind that as being "a good interview" then I have no reservations in calling bullshit on it. The likes of amimojo and yourself seem desperate to normalize such content on slashdot, whereas the majority of the audience sees it for the progressive wank-fest that it is.

The remainder of your post merely serves to indicate how hypocritical an deluded you've become. Accuse other people of ad-homs when you yourself have only slung insults from the start and never explained your position. Ahh right, I forget the sort of mental gymnastics that are possible when you've decided ahead of time that you're on the good side fighting the good fight. No need for objective appraisal of people / events, just keep pounding away with labels and ideology.

As charming is the faux concern is ("IT WILL LEAD YOU THE DARK SIDE" lololol), if you're really out to change people's minds then you'd be well advised to explain yourself instead of acting like some crazed Baptist preacher at the pulpit.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

The fact that the mere mention of Wu completely nukes any capability for rational thought in your brain indicated I still have plenty of work to do.

I gave a factually accurate statement about why Wu isn't an interesting interviewee for slashdot or any other tech focused site. Despite the gnashing of teeth and the fact that you seem to view yourself as her personal bulldog, you didn't provide any refutation to what I said. Nor can you.

The bolded text says it all about who's being rational and who's an extremist with an axe to grind.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

Oh dear, we seem to have a nutjob. What is it about people like you? As soon as you see "Zoe Quinn" or "Brianna Wu" your brain short circuits and you start babbling incoherent crap.

Nah. It really is OK to point out the rather large difference between interviewing Stallman and Brianna Wu on a site that's ostensibly "news for nerds". It's left as an exercise for you to determine which of these individuals should have something of interest to say on the collection of topics that fall under that banner.

Now serviscope, I can't help but notice you running around this thread lashing out at all the "nutjobs" who express dissatisfaction with the barrage of social justice fodder that's appeared on this site recently, and it isn't the first time you've done so. As I recall, you've shown yourself to be willfully ignorant of facts but heavy on finger-pointing and ideology. Who is the nutjob with an obsession here?

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

Some people really, really don't seem to like stories about women or education ... More interviews would be good too. The recent ones with Stallman and Wu were interesting. Keep them coming.

I like you how casually put interviewing Stallman and Brianna Wu on the same footing. Really now Amimojo, maintaining the delusion that a failed mobile game developer who has taken up a new career as professional victim has done anything worthwhile in the tech community just to perpetuate her unearned e-celebrity status isn't going to lead to a good outcome for anyone. Aside from the extra cash in Wu's Patreon account, that is, which is I recall was brazenly linked to directly in the summary.

Submission + - Microsoft HoloLens Project XRay Live Demo Shows Impressive Mixed Reality Gaming (

MojoKid writes: Microsoft held a big event today in New York City at which the company unveiled a number of new devices. However, Microsoft's demo of their HoloLens mixed-reality technology got the audience's right out of the gate. The demo allowed a gamer named Dan to battle holographic robots on stage, live. Dubbed "Project XRay" the live demo showed Dan holding a holographic gauntlet gun that he used to fire lasers and blast robots as they hovered in the air or broke through the makeshift walls. Live at the event, onlookers could see what Dan was seeing in his HoloLens AR glasses up on the big screen and the effects and depth of field were impressive. "Mixed-Reality" is an interesting concept technology that is essentially augmented reality but mixed with augmented virtuality as well. In a nutshell, elements of the physical real world are also blended into the virtual world and can interact with the virtual world as well.

Submission + - Most worker ants don't actually do any work (

sciencehabit writes: Ants and bees have reputations as efficient team players. Division of labor is common, with workers specializing in tasks like foraging, building, and brood care. But new research shows that many ants in a colony seem to specialize in doing nothing at all. Lab videos of ants reveal that, out of the “workers,” 71.9% were inactive at least half the time, and 25.1% were never seen working. A small fraction of the ants, just 2.6%, were always active during observation. Previous studies have postulated that inactivity might be temporary, with ants working in shifts dictated by circadian rhythm. But the new results show that the lazy workers stay lazy no matter the time of day.

Submission + - SpaceX begins planning a 4,000 satellite internet constellation

schwit1 writes: SpaceX has filed papers with the FCC to begin testing the design and construction and launch of a constellation of 4,000 satellites for providing global internet access.

Musk's FCC filing proposes tests starting next year. If all goes well, the service could be up and running in about five years. The satellites would be deployed from one of SpaceX's rockets, the Falcon 9. Once in orbit, the satellites would connect to ground stations at three West Coast facilities. The purpose of the tests is to see whether the antenna technology used on the satellites will be able to deliver high-speed Internet to the ground without hiccups.

It appears to me that Musk's constellation will be made up of cubesats, small and cheap to build, and easy to launch in large numbers as secondary payloads on every Falcon 9 launch. In other words, as long as SpaceX can get customers to pay for launches of large satellites on its Falcon 9, Musk will be able to launch and maintain his constellation of cubesats for free.

Submission + - Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters' writes: The Independent reports that hacktivist group Anonymous, in a project named Operation DeathEaters, is calling for help in its fight against international pedophile networks, or what it calls the “paedosadist industry” and has issued a video instructing activists on how they can aid in the operation. The Anonymous project is intended to break what it says is a conspiracy of silence among sympathetic politicians, police and mainstream media to downplay the full extent of the online child sex industry. “The premise behind OpDeathEaters is to expose high level complicity, obstruction of justice and cover-up in the paedo-sadist industry in order to show the need for independent inquiries,” says Heather Marsh, an online activist who is helping to co-ordinate the operation and describes herself as an “old friend” of Anonymous. The Anonymous database, which will be hosted on the GitHub online repository, promises to collate cases from all around the world, cross-referencing connections within sub-groups including the police, armed forces, schoolteachers, politicians, media, academics and religious organisations. The database’s ultimate purpose has yet to be fully determined, but in the first instance the group says it wants to shut down the child-sex industry by “dismantling the power structure which held it there” and by “educating to create a cultural change”.

The group is calling on volunteers to help with the ongoing work, which has been divided into three steps. The first is about collecting “all the factual information,” second is to “share that information as widely as possible,” and the third step is “to set up an independent, internationally linked, inquiry into all the areas which do not appear to have been investigated properly.” Activists point to the muted media coverage given to a recent case in Washington DC in which Michael Centanni, a senior Republican fundraiser, was charged with child sex offences after investigators traced transmissions of child pornography to his computers in his basement. The case was not covered by The Washington Post or the New York Times, and was only picked up by a local NBC affiliate state and The Washington Examiner, a small conservative paper in the city. According to the court filings, Centanni was found in possession of 3,000 images, many apparently filmed in his own bedroom, including one showing a man raping a five year old girl who cries “no” and “mommy” while the man says “good baby” and “stop crying,” according to one filing.

Comment Bar for harassment has been lowered ... (Score 1) 189

to the point that it includes anything various special snowflake SJW cliques don't like to hear. Even pointing out the absurdity of their arguments without slinging any insults is viewed as oppressive. EFF jumping on the "internet needs to be civilized" boat suggests they've jumped the shark instead.

Doing so is not censorship—it’s being part of the fight for an inclusive and speech-supporting Internet.

Submission + - A rock star needs a agent... (

braindrainbahrain writes: ... so maybe a rock star programmer needs one too. As described in this article, the 10X talent agency , which got started in the music business, isnot your typical head hunter/recruiter agency. "The company’s name comes from the idea, well established in the tech world, that the very best programmers are superstars, capable of achieving ten times the productivity of their merely competent colleagues."

Submission + - Electric shock study suggests we'd rather hurt ourselves than others (

sciencehabit writes: If you had the choice between hurting yourself or someone else in exchange for money, how altruistic do you think you’d be? In one infamous experiment, people were quite willing to deliver painful shocks to anonymous victims when asked by a scientist. But a new study that forced people into the dilemma of choosing between pain and profit finds that participants cared more about other people’s well-being than their own. It is hailed as the first hard evidence of altruism for the young field of behavioral economics.

Submission + - Trans-Pacific Partnership May Endanger World Health, Newly Leaked Chapter Shows

blottsie writes: WikiLeaks has released an updated version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) chapter on intellectual property. The new version of the texts, dated May 2014, show that little improvement has been made to sections critics say would hurt free speech online. Further, some of the TPP's stipulations could have dire consequences for healthcare in developing nations. The Daily Dot reports:

Nearly all of the changes proposed by the U.S. advantage corporate entities by expanding monopolies on knowledge goods, such as drug patents, and impose restrictive copyright policies worldwide. If it came into force, TPP would even allow pharmaceutical companies to sue the U.S. whenever changes to regulatory standards or judicial decisions affected their profits.

Professor Brook K. Baker of Northeastern U. School of Law [said] that the latest version of the TPP will do nothing less than lengthen, broaden, and strengthen patent monopolies on vital medications.

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