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Comment The jury captain speaks.... (Score 1) 530

"Your honor, The jury finds the defendant innocent, due to the fact that his password really was, 'It's actually a passphrase'. He responded to every request for the password by telling it to them - it's not his fault that they thought he was being arrogant. In reality, he was being completely cooperative.

Furthermore, we request that the city be ordered to pay a large amount of money, say the $5 million that they required he come up with, to Mr. Childs. Because they are such fucktards."

Comment Re:Whatcouldpossiblygowrong (Score 1) 251

What you just said makes absolutely no sense. It doesn't really matter if Intel isn't a direct competitor (or even if there aren't any other competitors!). The truth of the matter is that there is a demand for AMD LGA 775 processors for some number of cores. The demand is there (for whatever reason), and AMD is there to fill it. If they make all their LGA 775 processors perfectly, then there is no reason to downgrade anything, because me the consumer would be ecstatic to see a perfectly functioning quad core at a 30% price reduction than normal. They are going to price all of them identically to A) sell them all, and B) maximize revenue. Turning off cores does not aide in those endeavors.

Comment Re:Well what does the director have to say about i (Score 3, Interesting) 294

This is rather stupid, considering the director of Downfall watches them and likes them. In fact, in his own words "I think I've seen about 145 of them! Of course, I have to put the sound down when I watch. Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I'm laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn't get a better compliment as a director."

Well... The article also ends with the director saying "If only I got royalties for it, then I'd be even happier." But removing the videos from youtube wouldn't help him with getting royalties, so yeah. It is rather stupid. He'll probably get less money now since the videos were essentially free advertising for the movie.

Comment Re:There was an even worse case (Score 1) 39

Lol, unions tried and tried and still haven't managed to get into RJR. Might be because back in the 60s through early 00's RJR was one of the best employers in the world. Health insurance that was free and they even had a highly rated and well staffed private hospital capable of anything but the most severe emergencies. Free glasses and braces and dental care for employees and their families. Medicine was $4.00 a prescription back in the 70s and 80's, no matter what it was. Not to mention stock options that made thousands of employees into millionaires. Retirement? Lol, pensions that are still honored today with the same free medical care. Pay? Usually between 100% to 300% more than similar jobs in other sectors in the same areas. It was not uncommon for people who swept the floors to be making $16-20 bucks an hour in 1980, in an area where the normal middle class wages were less than 10 bucks an hour. Unions have done good things, but by no means are they the end all, be all of the job market.

Comment Re:No, not so much (Score 1) 251

How do you know your stock clocked CPU isn't failing on you? It's happened before where you get a faulty CPU out of the box that doesn't boot, what about phantom errors in stock clocked CPUs that don't fail to boot.

Overclocking/unlocking is probably not a good idea in a production environment where stability is key, but for enthusiasts who know what they're doing and have been doing this for decades than it should be fine, so long as you stress test.

You seem to have the notion that you're risking data loss by overclocking/unlocking. You're risking data loss by not backing-up your data. Even stock clocked CPUs overheat or hard drives fail. Also I don't think I've ever had data loss occur from overclocking, only stability issues where the system crashes out. It's unlikely you'll lose data on your hard drive due to an overclocked CPU.

Overall your post just reeks of fear-mongering.

Comment Re:honestly... (Score 0) 530

Who on earth modded this interesting??

The city of San Fran was luck to get someone that has a backbone and some moral fiber. He was protecting the citizens of the city against complete IT ignoramuses who happened to hold positions of authority and leadership. If they were even a quarter as competent as him, his actions would have posed no threats what so ever.

This has been discussed many times, and I regret to inform you that your argument does not hold water. While it's a nice story to imagine this 'geek hero' standing up against the system, it's an airbrushed, romanticized version of the truth. This dude was out of line, end of story. He decided to try to flex his muscles, and he got taught a very valuable lesson that many could learn from. It was not his place to determine who was "competent" enough for the information.

The situation is kind of like you closing the front door of your apartment and the landlord can't figure out how to turn the door knob. Why did you close the front door? Cause the landlord wants to store your neighbors' valuables with the door open for all to see. So now the landlord sues you for holding the house and its contents hostage! Oh and btw, if anything gets stolen, its your fault! _You_ should have closed and locked the door!

Worst (and most confusing) analogy EVER! That's really saying something on Slashdot. Although, to humor you, the landlord has a right to inspect his premises at any time, even if you're living in the apartment. Remember, the landlord owns the place, you're just paying him/her to borrow it. You've totally lost me when you go off about him "not being able to open the door" and "storing neighbors' valuables" though.

Comment Re:speedbump (Score 1) 624

So in other words, even if we accepted the notion that it's a Good Thing that Apple control what you can do with your phone, purely for their marketing purposes and their brand image, you've pointed out that, as with the example of your friend, it doesn't actually work, anyway.

Ummmm, no. If, as he states, his friend has themes loaded on his iPhone, then it has to have been jailbroken. Apple rationalization for locking down the iPhone is to prevent just this scenario. They don't want to have to provide support for all of the devices out there that get hosed by people loading every piece of poorly coded crap software and theme out here. Having said that, I admit that I DO own an iPhone and yes it is jailbroken. I'm just careful about what I load on it.

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