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Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 1) 289

Exactly my point! I would vote for Deez Nuts before voting for a crook like Hillary! I'm not saying Trump is a good choice, but what I am saying is people need to organize because we are about to lose our country if Hillary gets into office. If we don't organize then Hillary will win. We aren't living in the movie "Brewsters Millions" When it comes to the race of the Presidency there isn't going to be a case where no one wins and they hold a new election. What is going to happen is a lot of people are just flat out not going to vote because the candidates suck, and in that case Hillary is going to win because she has people that are going to vote for her to the death. The only thing that will save this country is an organized vote against Hillary, but we need someone that isn't afraid of the Clintons wrath to organize it. If everyone that wants to vote for "None of the above" were to collectively write in the same person then we would have a chance at winning. There has never been a write in candidate to win the presidency, but there have been senators Let's do this people! Write suggestions of who you would write in in the comments below:

Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 1) 289

I guess we were made to believe that my statement was true, but maybe national security doesn't mean anything to this country anymore. I know that we were forced to read a shit ton of material and watch videos that made us believe that my statement was true, and also went through a rigorous background check which included 10 years of address history, credit, and background check. It also required us to give references that went almost all the way back to my childhood. I actually had to call my parents and ask them about places I had lived because I couldn't remember some of them, but my mother always keeps an address book.

Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 1) 289

This is not true when it comes to classified information. When I worked for the DoD if I had even tried to transmit documents that I had access to from an unauthroized server I would have been in prison before I could feel my head spin. She is in blatent violation of her secret and top secret clearance provisions, and by all rights should be in jail! The problem is that if the Democrats let her go to jail then they don't have anyone that can beat Trump in the long game so they aren't going to let that happen. The part that is sad is that her supporters don't care that the Clintons are criminals. Richard Nixon was forced to resign for less than this woman has done.

Comment Re: It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 2, Interesting) 289

The problem with the phone is it's much easier to intimidate someone in person. That is what the Clintons do best is intimidation. You either do what they ask or you end up dying of some mysterious cause. Don't mistake the Clintons for anything less than the Mafia because that is what they are. I would vote for Deez Nuts before I voted for Hillary!

Comment Re:Yeah, Everyone Under Thirty (Score 1) 372

This is very true. The problem is that the system is very fragile and neither the corporations or the people are thinking about this. Everyone wants everything fixed now, but they aren't looking at the big picture/real problem. As an example. People want to stop climate change. Most peoples' answer to this is to stop using fossil fuels, and convert everything to electric. Although this is a good answer in theory the problem is where do people think that Electricity comes from for the most part? Electricity isn't some magical power-source with no detrimental effects on the climate. Most electricity is still generated the old fashioned burning coal...which for those of you who don't know is a fossil fuel. Sure there are wind turbines, and dams that produce electricity but those amount to a minuscule amount of power generation compared to the number of fossil fuel based electrical generation plants. 66% of our nations electricity comes from fossil fuels: So, even if we were to convert all our cars, and homes to pure electric we would still be using fossil fuels. Not to mention that we don't have enough land or water resources to convert to whole nation to Nuclear and Hydro power. You can only use so much Nuclear power because of it's half-life, the dangers associated with it, and the disposal of waste water. Look at what happened in Japan and at Chernobyl. Nuclear is too risky, and there aren't enough waterways to dam to convert the whole country to Hydro. There really is no viable solution with today's technology. We have to innovate to find a solution, and those of us that think enough to find a solution are mostly too underpaid, or too old to care at this point. Oh, and don't think that the selfish Millennials are ever going to do anything. They are too busy wining about not getting enough free stuff, and not getting paid $15/hr at their dead end job that they will never get out of because they have no initiative. I'm glad I'll be dead long before any of this mess comes to fruition...LOL! Suck to be you millennials!

Comment Re: Having used Android, iOS and Windows Phone... (Score 1) 242

You are incorrect sir. There was a way to tether even with the very first Android device, the HTC Dream / G1. I had this device the day it came out, and I followed the instructions on this website in Nov of 2008 to tether my device to my PC. Now granted the link is broken now as it is old, but the instructions did exist back then.

Comment Re:The Angry Mob (Score 5, Interesting) 707

I'm sorry but I have to agree with the AC below when he said

One of the things that brought the Roman empire down was all the poor barbarians who wanted in on her wealth. So, they flooded over the boarders and sucked them dry.

This is exactly what is happening to us right now. I'm not racist I am just looking at history repeating itself because corporations are greedy so they are exploiting the H1-B visa system along with hiring illegals under the table to make their companies more money! Not to mention the illegals that come into our country, start businesses, and take money away from businesses that are owned by citizens. I have seen this first hand. I have some illegals living in my neighborhood. They have seven people living in their house so they can afford to live there, and they are running three businesses out of the house: a flooring company, roofing company, and a maid service. These are the problems that can and should be fixed. We need to lock down H1-B Visas, and I'm sorry but I see no problem with putting a wall up between the US and Mexico. It's called protecting our borders, and every country in the world other than the US does it!

Comment Re:Yeeeeeahaaaaaw! (Score 1) 707

I agree! It is crazy that when we as a country try to protect our borders to keep the population under control, and keep our own people employed we get accused of bein racist. It is ridiculous, left wing, fascist thinking, and it is going to be a hard road to beat it.

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