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Comment This question is very subjective... (Score 3, Informative) 208 really depends on so many variables that there is no accurate answer. For example I am currently a T-Mobile customer, and have been for several years. Their service, for me, was very good until about four years ago. Then about four years ago my usage, and coverage area changed. I used to use my service mainly in major metropolitan areas, and T-Mobile is great in those types of areas. However, the minute you are anywhere out of the ordinary T-Mobile's service goes down the toilet. Four years ago a couple of things changed for me: My parents retired, and became part owners of a resort. I also bought a boat around the same time. These details are important because whenever I am on my boat or at the resort I have no service. This brings me to my next point which is anytime I see someone using their phone at the resort or on the water I ask them what carrier they use. The answer is almost always Verizon, and if it is not it's AT&T. Not a single person has ever answered that question with T-Mobile or Sprint. Nor has anyone ever said Cricket, Boost, Freedom Pop, etc. Just my opinion whatever that's worth.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 4, Interesting) 301

I beg to differ. I have many Beta and VHS tapes of the first days of Cable TV, and there are no commercials, at least not things other than shows, on any of the tapes. There were advertisements for other shows on MTV, but there aren't any ads for things like Food, Electronics, etc. They had what were called shorts, and these were clever little cartoons in-between shows, but not actual advertisements.

Comment Well unless... (Score 1) 364

...the Terminator movies become a reality then my job is safe at this point in innovation history. As of right now I don't know any way to automate the coding of automation. Believe me if there were a way I would write the code to do it so at least I could be rich before the Terminators take over and kill everyone...LOL!

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 637

Congratulations, this is the dumbest thing I have read all day! I am a software engineer, I live in Kansas City, KS, I make a very good salary, and the living expenses are low, along with the taxes here, which makes my salary go even farther. I have two new cars that are almost paid for, a nice house, and I have a 30' boat in a slip at LOTO. So, if you think that the only jobs in rural areas concern cows it is you who are dumb.

Submission + - Faraway Star Is Roundest Natural Object Ever Seen ( writes: A star 5,000 light-years from Earth is the closest thing to a perfect sphere that has ever been observed in nature, a new study reports.

Stars, planets and other round celestial bodies bulge slightly at their equators due to centrifugal force. Generally speaking, the faster these objects spin, the greater the force, and the larger the bulge.

For example, the sun rotates once every 27 days, and an imaginary line drawn through its center at the equator is about 12 miles (20 kilometers) longer than a similar line drawn from pole to pole. The equatorial diameter of Earth, which completes a rotation every 24 hours, is 26 miles (42 km) longer than the polar diameter, even though Earth is much smaller than the sun. [Solar Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Sun?]

But the distant star, known as Kepler 11145123, has Earth, the sun and every other object that's ever been measured beat in terms of roundness, study team members said.

Comment Re: that one lost. (Score 1) 244

Amen! If the majority vote won then only a handful of the states would decide the election. That is what these popular vote idiots don't seem to understand. That is why the founding fathers (very smart men) set it up this way. Every state should have a reasonable say in who is elected! Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot!

Comment One only has to... (Score 1, Informative) 302

...use one's eyes to know that climate change is real. When I was a kid, in the 80's, I normally had my coat, and gloves out by this time in November. Shoot we had at least 1 to 3 inches of snowfall by this time in November. Don't believe me then look here: Then fast forward to 2016: there is no snow in sight, and it is 72 degrees currently in Overland Park, KS where I am. Don't tell me climate change doesn't exist. If you don't believe your senses then look at the great barrier reef that is slowly dying due to the water being too warm http://news.nationalgeographic... Climate change is real, but IMO there is nothing that we can do about it now. Humanity hasn't invested enough time in developing clean energy, clean transportation, etc. to turn things around. A few people like Elon Musk are trying, but the price point for Teslas are still beyond most peoples reach. Very few people that are in that price point are also Earth conscious / green.

Comment Re:Good film except for one thing (soilers inside) (Score 2) 102

Spoilers: as the above comment said don't read if you want to see the movie. Very true. The plot could have been much better. I mean the current whole movie could have been summed up in the first five minutes. The Army pulls in a world renowned linguist to communicate with aliens that have landed. After some dialogue with the aliens they give her their language as a gift in return for help in the future. She finds that the Alien language allows her to see the future. This is where the plot could open up, and do just about anything, but obviously the writers failed us. She could have then used the power she gained from this alien language to change the world, stop a war, end world hunger, save mankind from a hostile invasion that the first aliens were there to warn us about (the help that they asked for in return for giving her the language), travel the universe, save mankind by finding a new planet after inventing interstellar travel. I mean the sky is the limit when you can see the future. Anything she wanted to do would always be funded because all she would have to do is fill out a lottery ticket and the next day she would have money. This movie could have went so many ways, but instead she chose to live out her normal mundane life, have a child that she knew was going to die of cancer (because she could see the future) and write a book even though all of that would cause her to get divorced. Who in their right mind would choose this existence!?!

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