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Comment The answer is no because... (Score 1) 137

......it's not the device that is causing the exploding, or the OS. I work in the wireless industry, and the problem is that Samsung is the only CTIA certified OEM that is allowed to test their own batteries. So obviously they tested their batteries, either found or didn't find the problem, and then if they did find it ignored it. Either way the method of battery testing is the problem, and you would have to ban Samsung from testing their own batteries to insure that something like this doesn't happen again.

Comment Re:Where do I line up? (Score 1) 178

Me too. When my PC automatically upgraded to Windows 10 it made my PC useless for quite some time. First my video-card burned up due to the NVidia card driver issue, and then once I replaced my video-card my power-supply gave out a few days later. I'm still having video issues, and I'm probably going to call MS and have them roll me back to windows 7.

Comment The numbers would be... (Score 1) 125

...even better if they included Google Play Music numbers. A lot of my friends subscribe to the Google Play Music Family plans which gives unlimited music to the subscriber and 4 family members. The problem that has been pointed out by other posters is that many people are not purchasing music anymore they are just leasing it from one of the four or five streaming services. The music industry is effectively being held up by a crutch that is "Unlimited Music Streaming" and it isn't going to get better since the Millennials love to get stuff as fast as possible. They are the instant gratification generation. I have to admit that I subscribe to Google Play Music, but I did it because all my CDs were stolen when my storage locker was broke into right after I graduated college. I decided not to repurchase most of the CDs and have been streaming ever since. I have slowly purchased some of my go to bands CDs again, but my collection will probably never reach the 1500 some odd CDs that I used to own.

Comment The reality is... (Score 2) 153

...that this is due to the limited storage capacity of said devices. Now if the device manufacturers would stop making phones that don't include microSD slots, and then allow all applications to be stored on said SD cards then people might download and install more apps. As the state of devices currently sits I only install the apps that I absolutely use, and the only games I have on my device consists of a Super Nintendo emulator.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1, Interesting) 273

This is very true! Zuckerberg had nothing to do with the removal of the photograph. It is some millennial, with a man-bun and a beard, looking at pictures and determining from some PDF Facebook policy manual whether or not a picture needs to be deleted. Said millennial probably didn't realize that this was one of the most historically significant pictures ever taken. He/She probably doesn't even know enough about history to be aware of said picture. It's not some fascist plot by overlord Zuckerberg to suppress freedom of speech. It's just a simple mistake made by someone who thinks they are following child pornography rules. God help us when the millennials are in charge of something more important than Facebook's photograph posting policy!

Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 1) 289

Exactly my point! I would vote for Deez Nuts before voting for a crook like Hillary! I'm not saying Trump is a good choice, but what I am saying is people need to organize because we are about to lose our country if Hillary gets into office. If we don't organize then Hillary will win. We aren't living in the movie "Brewsters Millions" When it comes to the race of the Presidency there isn't going to be a case where no one wins and they hold a new election. What is going to happen is a lot of people are just flat out not going to vote because the candidates suck, and in that case Hillary is going to win because she has people that are going to vote for her to the death. The only thing that will save this country is an organized vote against Hillary, but we need someone that isn't afraid of the Clintons wrath to organize it. If everyone that wants to vote for "None of the above" were to collectively write in the same person then we would have a chance at winning. There has never been a write in candidate to win the presidency, but there have been senators http://www.youcanwritein.com/h... Let's do this people! Write suggestions of who you would write in in the comments below:

Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 1) 289

I guess we were made to believe that my statement was true, but maybe national security doesn't mean anything to this country anymore. I know that we were forced to read a shit ton of material and watch videos that made us believe that my statement was true, and also went through a rigorous background check which included 10 years of address history, credit, and background check. It also required us to give references that went almost all the way back to my childhood. I actually had to call my parents and ask them about places I had lived because I couldn't remember some of them, but my mother always keeps an address book.

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