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Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 306

I'm actually pretty impossible to please in this department. I would like to see yet still more indication that the problem is well understood. Predictions that are precise to 15 digits, and that unlike all other scientific endeavors don't need to be "corrected" post hoc would do most of it for me.

But that's the thing: it is very well understood, and scientists have made many predictions that are panning out. No one's ever going to say "the earth will get x.xxxxxxx% warmer on this date". Predictions are in the form of "we believe the atmosphere will get between x and y% warmer, with a confidence of z". And they've been accurate as stated. Any claims to the contrary are radical restatements of history.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 306

Question: what would it take to get you to admit that measurably rising sea levels due to climate change is causing problems? We're losing goddamn Louisiana to it. Literally everyone who studies this stuff for a living agrees with this. No one seriously doubts it. But you'd rather blame some river hacking for literally submerging Louisiana.

What are you going to blame when we lose Florida? Is there a convenient river there to point the finger at? What ungodly amount of river water is flowing through the Solomon Islands that's causing them to disappear7?

Comment Re:Sponsors? (Score 2) 215

How can an artificial sweetener that is not absorbed by the body, like sucralose, have any physical effect, unless the brain hates being tricked and is getting even.

Nailed it. From Wash U med school:

The elevated insulin response could be a good thing, she pointed out, because it shows the person is able to make enough insulin to deal with spiking glucose levels. But it also might be bad because when people routinely secrete more insulin, they can become resistant to its effects, a path that leads to type 2 diabetes.

Basically, the part of your digestive tract that identifies incoming sugar and triggers an insulin release can't tell the difference between sugar and sweeteners. That's not a shocker: if our taste buds can be tricked, it's not crazy to imagine that our sugar-detecting circuits are also fallible. When your body is continually flooded with elevated insulin, it becomes resistant to it. Another term for insulin resistance is type 2 (adult onset) diabetes.

Comment Fact "Checking" (Score 1) 70

I suppose this fact checking article is technically accurate for a very specific and narrow set of criteria... which aren't even well defined in TFA. (Technically right? That's the best kind of right!)

It reminds me of these recent fact checks:

"Pants on fire" - (Number is correct, but fails to mention the cause)
"False" - (Transgender girls aren't boys)
"Mostly False" - (The numbers are valid, the comparison is questionable)

Comment Re:Engineers? (Score 1) 437

Calling programmers "Engineers" is stupid.

Our department is Measurements & Controls, which develops measurement software that relies heavily on image analysis and advanced math. We have engineers, scientists, and PhDs with software experience developing our systems. Our systems are deployed worldwide and have to work out of the starting gate. Our experience has shown that "programmers" and "computer science" graduates lack the work ethic and math background required to accomplish those goals.

The "engineer" job title applied to a "programmer" is certainly misleading.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

The better question is what he's done right. So far he has signed an unconstitutional executive order,

The same is true for Obama when he was POTUS.

inflamed tensions with Russia and North Korea,

Obama didn't do any better.

sent his press secretary out to blatantly and obviously lie to the press,

True for Obama.

vacillated on his positions regarding (insert country here)

True for Obama.

accused the previous administration of criminality with no proof or evidence

Obama blamed the previous administration too.

and acted surprised that things like health care legislation and international relations are complicated.

And also true for Obama when he was POTUS.

So are we done singling out Trump?

Comment Re:Shouldn't the title read.... (Score 2) 191

It's a bit rich to call it an ad and chuckle about.

No, that's exactly what it is.

It's a lot scary that it's possible for a remote attacker to ask these devices en masse to do something with nothing more than a broadcast ad. For now it was reading a wikipedia page. What happens when scumvertisers and other malicious adversaries figure out a way to make it spend money without your consent? Or to report to them that you have heard the ad, or worse.

It's not scary at all.

That risk already exists, is absurdly obvious, and has been made VERY clear on both tech forums and mainstream media. Anyone with ANY clue about phone security, and this includes people who lock their phone, has already disabled the voice feature so it isn't an issue for them.

It's about as scary as the thought that if you leave your house front door open someone could just walk in.

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