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Comment Re:I am very skeptical. (Score 1) 100

Unless, of course, the report assumes that anything running Lollipop or older is not recently patched, which seems like a reasonable assumption.

According to Google, 65.9% of users are on Lollipop or older. That means 29% of up-to-date Androids would have to come from 34.1% of users, or that 85% of Marshmallow and Nougat users are fully patched. I'm skeptical.

Also, nearly half of Android users are using an OS at least 2.5 years old. :-/ Compare with 79% of iOS users on a 6 month old OS, and 95% of iOS users on an OS less than 1.5 years old.

Comment Re:sunset mode (Score 2) 114

Well it will be nice to not have to install Redshift for my GNOME users, but since most of my Linux users do not use GNOME as their desktop environment this isn't going to affect me much.

A useful feature for GNOME users though, but hardly worth top billing in the feature list.

Comment First Sale Doctrine (Score 1) 242

The First Sale Doctrine was a legal ruling to prevent these kinds of restrictions to consumers of products under copyrights and/or trademarks. The basic concept is that once the product is lawfully sold or even transferred gratuitously, the copyright owner's interest in the product in which the copyrighted work is embodied is exhausted. Regarding trademarks, it immunizes resellers from infringement liability as long as the product has not been altered so as to be materially different from those originating from the trademark owner.

But there is no legal precedent to patents. I think a good legal argument can be made that the First Sale Doctrine should apply to lawfully traded goods which are under patent.

Comment Can it resize clips yet? (Score 1) 102

Does Audacity have the concept of clips like other sound editors and nonlinear video editors?

The last time I tried to use it, it seemed to treat each track as a single waveform, so if I trimmed a bit off a track I couldn't just drag to grow a bit of it back. This made simple tasks like synchronizing multiple tracks extremely difficult.

Comment Re:Well, butt then (Score 1) 419

You develop Windows software, so perhaps Windows is the right platform for you.

I am in video production, web page design, mobile platform development and system administration, and Linux works best for me.

You're right that on Slashdot most pro-Linux posts are philosophical, but this isn't exactly the most pragmatic forum around. And that's probably a good thing.

Comment Re:Restructure gone wrong (Score 1) 299

Oh shit, that gives me PTSD hives. I worked at a startup with a sociopathic CEO who decided to pivot the week after Christmas. We all shuffled into the "living room" part of the office for a mandatory meeting, and he announced the big plan. Then he went around the room, calling out names and giving us our new roles. He didn't call all the names. "And for the rest of you: thank you for your contribution and hard work, but we've had to make some hard decisions and you won't be staying on."

Then - THEN! - the sumbitch called on each freshly-fired person in turn and asked them to talk about what their time with the company had meant to them. There were a few half-choked "I thank you for the opportunity to learn so much..." as the CEO smiled benevolently, pleased at himself for bringing such light into their sad lives.

Gah. I'd still cheerfully throw that guy under a bus. I mean, a literal bus.

Comment Re:Well, butt then (Score 1) 419

Hey, me too!

Just one reason I run Linux and not Windows or OSX.

Pretty much all the software I need is only a dnf install away. YMMV.

Well, that and the desktop experience for someone who knows what they're doing is still ridiculously ahead of anything Apple or Microsoft have to offer. Every time I have to use a Mac or Windows 7/8/10 box feels like trying to climb a staircase in a wheelchair.

Even for accessibility, none of the silly utilities on OSX nor Windows come close to the simple Alt-wheel desktop zoom.

This is all on modern hardware of course. The difference in performance is much more profound on older or netbook-grade hardware.

And we don't have to deal with silly crap like licensing or the topic at hand.

But, no, Linux users only use it out of religious zealotry.

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