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Comment Terrible track record (Score 1) 29

The FBI tried to pressure Apple into developing a back door to their iPhone. Whenever a company revealed that they provided a back door to the feds, their customers abandoned their devices. Obama and Nixon have both demonstrated the danger of abusing agencies as political weapons. It is safe the say that the federal government should stay the f--- out of cybersecurity standards, and OEMs already know it will be bad for business to rush to adopt them.

Comment Often deliberately (Score 1) 141

I switched off Comcast a few months ago to a regional ISP that's deploying fiber-to-the-premises all over the place. Their current offering in my neighborhood is FTTN, which is basically fiber to a box near my house, then DSL from that box to my living room. I have two DSL lines bonded for a 50Mbps down, ~8Mbps up connection (that is, faster than Comcast in uploads) for about a third what I was paying Comcast. That's to tide us over until the ISP gets around to replacing that last mile, which they've actually been doing and not continually deferring to some distant future.

Don't cry for me and my DSL connection. Our download speed is theoretically slower, but in practice it's just as fast, utterly uncapped, and far cheaper. I somehow think we'll scrape by.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 445

Taxing one private company for another's direct subsidy is just un-American.

And it has never worked. After WWII, governments had levied predatory taxes on railroads to subsidize highways and airports for decades. The airlines got their landing strips and airports free of charge, and trucking companies didn't have to maintain their roads. Railroads have to use their own revenue to maintain their tracks and pay property taxes, there was no way they could compete against subsidized transportation modes that was funded through their taxes. Amongst other reasons, this was a primary nail in the coffin for northeastern railroads as the taxes and unfair competition drove six major northeast railroads into bankruptcy and the entire rail transportation quadrant was in danger of closing down, threatening an entire mode of transportation. It took federal government intervention via Conrail in 1976 to dislodge predatory taxes and loosen the iron grip of asphyxiating regulation and labor restrictions/obligations, but the irreversible damage with miles of track routes wiped out was done.

Comment Re:In before... (Score 1) 148

Also, as a server admin, having IPv6 open increases your traffic, not because more people are visiting but because a lot of bot nets are scanning IPv6 looking for vulnerabilities.

I'm very skeptical of this. What's the Venn diagram of "people who know what IPv6 is" and "people who think you can scan IPv6 space before the heat death of the universe"?

Comment I had fun with this (Score 5, Interesting) 105

I answered one of those calls that was spoofing an area code where I still have lots of friends. When I realized what it was about, I started asking questions about how it worked, what they did, etc. The guy said they had arrangements with Google to promote pages and it was guaranteed.

He asked what kind of business I have. "Oh, I work for Google. By the way, we both know this is bullshit, right?" "Oh, no no no sir! It is not bullshit! It is real!" "Well, thanks for all your company information. I'll give it to my boss this morning and you'll be out of work." "Oh, no no no! There is no need to be doing that!" You could hear his butt pucker from over the phone.

I don't work for Google, but he didn't either so I don't feel bad.

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