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Comment Re: FRost (Score 1) 622

What the parent said, and if you're not tailoring your resume to the requisition, you're doing it wrong. Also, don't be afraid to apply to positions where you don't meet all of the qualifications...especially in large companies where HR often takes a template format and puts shit in that the actual hiring manager doesn't care too much about, or are just "wish list" certs for the perfect the end, I'm going to hire the best I can get, but I do have to hire reasonably quickly to meet my schedules, and if all I can get is someone with half of the wish list, well, that's all I get.

Comment Re: FRost (Score 1) 622

"I don't buy....blah, blah, blah"

Don't buy whatever the hell you want. But don't come back whining about not getting work. As a hiring manager, I pick the best from the resumes that come my way. And I do care about my team's and their quality of life when it comes to normal work hours. So, take your crybaby attitude right to the unemployment line.

Comment Speculation (Score 2) 391

Didn't read the article, but here's my speculation on potential factors...

Factor 1...With a higher percentage of women working, I'd bet they aren't feeling romantic as often after a day at the office.
Factor 2...Less disposable income. The Great Recession caused a lot of financial strain, and likely many arguments among couples...more stress, less sex.
Factor 3...Aging population.
Factor 4...More self absorbed, or internet distracted population.

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