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Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 546

I beg to differ with your "ignorant" statement. Trump is much smarter than people believed

If he were smart, he would have been much more careful with what he said while wearing a mic.

Yeah, because smart people never do that.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 546

Isn't it funny how Trump has been a public figure for decades, and running for office for over a year, and suddenly, just a couple months before the election, all of these women come out of nowhere to make claims that can't possibly be defended against in time for the election.

Show some actual evidence, or STFU.

Comment Re:To note (Score 1) 130

When the west bargained from a position of strength, we ended the Cold War. And when Obama thought we could just all sing Kumbaya, Russia took that as a sign of did N. Korea, Iran, and others, and they took advantage of it. So if, by "fuck with Russia" you mean let them do what they want, you're an idiot.

Comment Re:What reason was stated? (Score 1) 130


More seriously, if you were running a bank, and had reason to suspect that one of your clients might be funneling funds through that weren't quite on the up and up, would you want to run the risk of it coming out in the press that you were supporting them? Even if you didn't have proof, just a reasonable suspicion, isn't that good enough for you to ask them to take their business elsewhere?

With RT being nothing but a propaganda machine, I wouldn't want my bank to be supporting them, and I certainly wouldn't support a bank that did.

Comment Re:Why do they even have a UK bank account? (Score 1) 130

So you do blame RT then. Because if you've ever watched it for any length of time, you'd know that broadcasts nothing but anti-western stories. There is literally nothing of general interest, and every story has a pro-Russian taint to it. And while some of those stories are true, many are not. And while CNN and others have their own "taints", they're nowhere near as slanted. You'll frequently hear stories not in a positive light about western politics and culture. Complete apples and oranges, so don't even try to claim they're equivalent.

Comment Re: Can we see this evidence? (Score 1) 491

While there may be no precedent for prosecution, there's plenty of precedent for people having access removed, as well as losing their jobs. The approving authorities get funny about anything considered to be "adverse information".

Anyway, I'm much more concerned with what HRC has done when compared with what DT has said.

Comment Re: Can we see this evidence? (Score 1) 491

That depends upon what you consider to be "bigger and more prolific". I, for one, will not tolerate someone who's lied about national security, and put peoples lives at risk. HRC has done just that. But, if you can live with that, I hope I don't have to come back in a couple years to say I told you so. I fully expect HRC to win at this point, and I'll wish her well.

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