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Submission + - NYC to replace most of its payphones with free gigabit WiFi in 2015

mrspoonsi writes: NYC announced its plans: LinkNYC — a network of 10,000 gigabit WiFi hotspots that will line the streets of all five boroughs of New York City. The project will replace all but a small handful of historic payphones with "Links," small towers equipped with WiFi, an Android tablet with select city-service apps and, of course, the ability to make phone calls. What's missing? The word pay: it's all free.

Submission + - Turning a Rasberry Pi into a Tor Gateway with Sphirewall (sphirewall.net)

mshindo writes: Sphirewall now has support for Tor as a transparent gateway, easily providing a transparent anonymizer service for any network client. It also works on the Pi, effectively turning a Raspberry Pi into a transparent Tor gateway in a few clicks.

Comment Godspeed, Sir! (Score 1) 1521

Like most, I had to check the date when I saw this story. I thought I had probably blacked out for a few months, as this must be an April Fools joke...

Rob, as one of the early registered users, I too, can't begin to thank you for creating this great community; like most, I spent an inordinate amount of time on slashdot. There honestly hasn't been a day where I've had an Internet connection and I haven't been on slashdot. What does that tell you? Actually, that might be an addiction. I should probably start looking for a 12 step program... I wonder if my EAP will cover that...

Anyway, you and Jeff did good. And you made a difference. I will never forget winning the Sugar Distribution Award!

Take care, and I wish you Godspeed in whatever path life leads you on.

The Military

Indian Military Hopes to Weaponize the Searing "Ghost Pepper" 267

coondoggie writes "The military in India is looking to weaponize the world's hottest chili, the bhut jolokia or 'ghost pepper,' according to a number of news outlets. The Bhut Jolokia chili pepper from Assam, India is no ordinary pepper. In tests first conducted by the New Mexico State University in 2008 and subsequently confirmed by Guinness World records and others, the Bhut Jolokia reached over one million Scoville heat units, while the next hottest, the Red Savina Habenero, clocks in at a mere 577,000. Scoville units are a universally accepted measure of chili hotness."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Today Is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! 287

lucabrasi999 writes "Ahoy! Drink up the Grog, me hearties! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Grab yer wenches and stop being a bilge-rat." Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket have even provided a short YouTube video to help those who might be a bit more pirate-speak challenged. Even Google is getting in on the action, those swarthy dogs.

Submission + - AA dumps Open Office in favour of MS Office

(Score.5, Interestin writes: The NZ Automobile Association has just announced that it's dropping Open Office and switching back to MS Office. According to their CIO, "Microsoft Office is not any cheaper, but it was almost impossible to work out what open-source was actually costing because of issues such as incompatibility and training". In addition "you have no idea where open-source products are going, whereas vendors like Microsoft provide a roadmap for the future".

Submission + - Sunrocket (VOIP) Shuts Down, Users Lose Service

elysian1 writes: Sunrocket, a VOIP provider, has suddenly closed up shop leaving its employees and customers without phone service. From one of Sunrocket's former employees posted on sunrocketforum.com, "...we were walked out of the call center today. we had NO warning and even when discussing the rumors we had seen on the web this morning we were told everything was fine and our jobs were safe..." Also, the NY Times has apparently picked up on this story here. It's a shame too, because I, like many of its other customers, have just recently signed up and paid for two years of service.

Submission + - RIAA Must Pay Attorney Fees of $68,685.23

An anonymous reader writes: The RIAA has lost its first case against a file-sharer accused of copyright infringement. The court has granted the defendant a total of $68,685.23. Has the RIAA given up? Not quite, according to a statement provided to Slyck.com.

Submission + - Dynamic Filesystem For Spotlight Searching

An anonymous reader writes: Hot on the heels of Amit Singh's release of MacFUSE some days ago, now Google software engineer Greg Miller has coded up a nifty MacFUSE filesystem called SpotlightFS in his spare time. In SpotlightFS if you try to go into a folder or "ls" it in the Terminal, you see links to actual files and folders which are the result of dynamic Spotlight query! You doubleclick on these links and they open up nicely. Not only that the filesystem picks up Apple's "saved search" (smart folders) and shows them as real folders too. You can do cool things like creating a new folder called "pdf" (or some advanced query) and you will see inside all pdf query results from Spotlight. The projec's wiki has more details. And when you eject SpotlightFS these folders don't go away so I can have my favorite searches neatly arranged in a filesystem. SpotlightFS is up for download at the project web site.

Submission + - Need PC and Mac backup solution

SSRSSR writes: "I'm responsible for the maintenance and backup of a small (~8) mixed network of Mac OS-X machines and Windows XP SP2 machines. I also have a server machine running Suse Linux that is used as the central file server and backup storage machine. I'm having a hard time coming up with a reasonable solution for the weekly backups of all the "real" data on the machines (not the OS), that doesn't take a lot of time to maintain. I want to have an on-site backup of the machines, plus the ability to copy the backups to a notebook for off-site backup. I'm currently using Windows Backup for the XP machines, but don't have a solution for the Mac machines.
I'd appreciate any suggestions on the easiest way to perform and maintain backups on this mixed system. Homegrown, Freeware, FOSS, and/or commercial software solutions are all options. I also have a FTP server available, if there is a way to remote copy the files.
Thanks for your suggestions!"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - 802.11n Closer To Approval

trogdor8667 writes: "Infoworld reports that the draft N version of 802.11 has come a step closer to approval. The working group has approved the current specs as version 1.10, and is expected to release version 2 before March. As of now, all pre-N devices will still work once the draft is finalized, which is expected to be in October of 2008."
The Internet

Submission + - UK ISP devotes profits to foster OSS development

Dolores Parker writes: "In 2003, Jason Clifford started an Internet service provider (ISP) in Hertfordshire, England, called UK Free Software Network. What sets UKFSN apart from other ISPs is the fact that it gives away its profits to fund students working on free and open source software (FOSS) projects. Read more at Linux.com"

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