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Comment Re: Why do I feel like (Score 3, Insightful) 90

If this is something you worry about (I do too) I sincerely hope you don't use Android or other Google products. Unlike Google, Apple has no incentive to collect and mine your personal information. They make money off hardware, not profiling you and selling your eyeballs to, literally, the highest bidder. Even the advertising identifier, which you can reset, is an attempt to reign in user tracking. Apple Pay generates a unique ID for each transaction rather than handing your information over to the store. Spotlight search hashes app information and stores it locally. They actually go out of their way to protect privacy, unlike many other businesses I can think of.

Comment Re: Big surprise some jackhole Silicon Valley (Score 1) 242

Ok, granted. I was being a bit facetious there though - point being that if this AI can be applied on an individual level maybe the bar (as it were) can be raised in terms of qualifying potential suits. I doubt you get an exhaustive analysis of your facts vs. all of case law in a short, cheap session.

Comment Re: Big surprise some jackhole Silicon Valley (Score 1) 242

I don't disagree, just guessing here, but if the algorithm has access to a lot of case law maybe it can find something quickly that would cost a lawyer a lot of billable hours. If true I wonder if it could end up being better for individuals as they are the ones who won't have a chance without access to large amounts of money.

Comment Re: Android did that about ten months ago+, yay (Score 1) 126

Yes the timing of that is rather interesting, isn't it? And there is the small detail of Google giving Android away for free...

Anyway the point is that it's disingenuous to group all Android devices together against Apple simply because they happen to run the same OS. Business doesn't work like that. Samsung is selling lots of devices but the rest are also-rans that barely appear on sales charts next to those two, and Apple's overall industry profits eclipse those of all others combined.

Apple is doing very well and Android is on a lot of devices. I'm not sure why you have to be upset about either of those things.

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