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Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 1) 511

I was only talking about how I judge my actions, not those of others, and encouragement is not the same as tacit acceptable. But generally, yes. When considering whether I agree with an action or not its legality is not necessarily a deciding factor. For example most of the issues I have with the US are legal.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 3, Insightful) 511

I won't enter the US because I feel that doing so would be tacit acceptance of its government's behaviour, mainly regarding war and spying. My country makes many of the same mistakes but continuing to be part of it isn't acceptance, it's what gives me the chance to affect change. And anyway, "they do it too" is rarely much of a defense.

Comment whew (Score 2) 75

Lucky for the Turkish government there are no other ways to send documents over the internet. If only there was a way anyone could publish a document and have it visible by anyone with some sort of a document browser. If they could be linked together it would form sort of a web. That'd be awesome!

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