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Comment Opinion (Score 1) 141

Everyone has their opinion of course but all I can tell you is I fucking love my Vive. I've dedicated a room to it and while it's hard to find time in between work and family it's truly an escape like no other. Google Earth is almost enough reason to have it alone. Let alone exploring space, works real and imagined, and of course games. Why watch entertainment when you can be inside it? Everyone should try it.

Comment Re: None, except possibly PSVR (Score 1) 141

Ditto all that. I think VR is here to stay and I'm not willing to wait until some arbitrary level of fidelity is achieved. The Vive is an absolute blast today (omg Pavlov) and a stream of new hardware is going to make it even better over time. With sufficient space, rig and cash I don't believe anyone will regret the purchase.

Comment Re: Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1149

I agree with your sentiment; live and let live I say, really. I don't want to discriminate.

But I still have to disagree about religion. There are countless perfectly legal things people can do that I would consider a mistake. I consider it "not wrong" to consider these things if I need to evaluate someone for any reason.

That religion is legal, common and influential does not change that one bit. That its followers might be brainwashed doesn't either. That's hardly a pass.

We all judge people, there's no high ground here. But we're drawing lines and I'm saying there's what you're born with and there's your actions. Gay and black are the former, religion is the latter, as is every moronic thing you've ever thought someone was an idiot for doing.

I'm not making a call here saying religion is one of those. I'm just saying it's not wrong to judge them both the same way because they are both ultimately decisions.

Regardless even of what action is taken the decision itself can be judged without shame because it's on you. No one else can make it.

They can try. But you're always your own last word.

To suggest otherwise is to say that people are born into or beholden to religion on the same kind physical level as, say, being born gay. No way. Being Christian is not the same as being gay or black. Being Muslim is not the same as being trans.

It's a lifestyle, a choice. As such, fair game. Own it or fix it.

Judge not lest ye be judged, indeed.

Comment Re: Why Are There No Huge Leaps Forward In CPU pow (Score 2) 474

Most of Pascal's increases come from dropping to a much smaller node size which allowed them to add a lot more cores in a smaller thermal envelope. That's why it bugs me that they jacked up the prices and are fusing them off to create artificial tiers - it's mostly more of the same. And they'll continue to be able to do that because there is almost no limit to the number of cores you can throw at the types of problems GPUs are used for.

Comment Re: Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1149

No. I understand that people - all people - are born into belief systems with varying degrees of imposition. Nevertheless I believe, and laws tend to back me on this, that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions. If your religion tells you to kill someone you will be deemed a crimina in my countryl, for example. Why should my judgement differ? Your examples cite racism which I agree is unacceptable due to colour not being an attribute we choose.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 1) 514

I was only talking about how I judge my actions, not those of others, and encouragement is not the same as tacit acceptable. But generally, yes. When considering whether I agree with an action or not its legality is not necessarily a deciding factor. For example most of the issues I have with the US are legal.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 3, Insightful) 514

I won't enter the US because I feel that doing so would be tacit acceptance of its government's behaviour, mainly regarding war and spying. My country makes many of the same mistakes but continuing to be part of it isn't acceptance, it's what gives me the chance to affect change. And anyway, "they do it too" is rarely much of a defense.

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