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Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 140

Just about anyplace you could safely land a "flying car" you could also land a helicopter.

Not true. A helicopter can't be moving horizontally when it lands. A flying car with wheels could potentially be moving at 70+ MPH horizontally when it lands. Assuming they can avoid any blades that stick out beyond the sides of the vehicle, that design difference completely changes the equation.

Ok,, why do you think a helicopter with wheels couldn't land with a forward momentum of 70 MPH?
It's obviously possible for them to go forwards while descending, I've seen it.

Yes, helicopters can take off or land while moving forwards. There is at least one helicopter that requires this if it is more heavily loaded. You usually don't see helicopters doing this because the big feature of a helicopter is vertical take off and landing! (Duh)

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

In New Hampshire, no proof of residence or pre-registration is required. On voting day, anyone may show up, sign an affidavit that they live at any address in NH, and then vote. There is no ID or residency time requirement. Nothing is verified or validated.

I personally know people who live in RI who also vote in CT and MA where they had previous residences. (All Dems, btw.)

I personally know illegal aliens who vote in VA using false papers.
(They work for outsourced IT on federal govt contracts, btw.)
They voted for Hillary due to the "immigration" issue.

My personal experience leads me to believe that there is a fair amount of voter fraud, and that it could affect election results in key districts.

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